Lawsuit Filed to Stop Leon County Mask Mandate

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  1. Hello, I thought this was all political until recently.

    Can anyone point me to a reliable and recent source of party affiliation and age? Or party affiliations and “Co-Morbidity” percentage? I don’t have a party affiliation but always thought (perhaps due to propaganda) that (republicans/Country folk) were more likely to be older/more mature/white and unhealthy and (Democrats/City Folk) were more likely to be younger/minority/inexperienced and active/healthy.

    If those assumptions are true then shouldn’t the republicans be telling their voters to wear mask (so they don’t die and can continue voting),and democrats telling their voters to go out and spread (covid/KungFLU/ChinaVirus/BoomerRemover/RollyPollyReducer) since they are less likely to die themselves and more likely to take down the opposition?

    Any replies are welcome, because everyone is acting completely opposite to how I thought they would, so it seems likely I’m completely wrong about something.

    EDIT: Sorry if this is kinda morbid I’m in the Army and preconditioned to think of who is killing who.

  2. I’m blocking Tallahassee Reports from my Google news feed because of its partisanship. TR is not a credible news source. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but you proved me wrong for doing so.

  3. I want to thank every one for commenting: the pro mandatory masks, the anti-mandatory masks, the voluntary mask advocates, humorists, angry folks and the non-voluntary mask wearers. Cabin fever is an old ailment. Proof positive Tallahassee Reports has multiple opinions in its readers.

  4. Wearing a mask to prevent a viral infection is like wearing a t-shirt to prevent a bullet wound. As always, follow the money… find out which politicians are connected with the supplier(s).

  5. How about if we push requiring onsite oximeters when masks are required?

    All places mandating wearing masks should be required to provide an easily accessible oximeter station that allows any person to check their blood oxygen level and heart rate. Since mask wearing reduces oxygen to the body and brain and increases heart rate by constricting airflow, on-site oximeters should be mandated by OSHA as this is clearly a safety issue.

  6. There is nothing “new” coming about now. What is going on has always been out there. The only difference is the Lord is tired of the rejection, and showing you what happens when He removes His hand of protection from a people. Check your history, every age ends in “apostacy.” There is nothing new, your just beginning (beginning) to see what is really out there without the Lord being welcome in a country. You don’t want Him, He don’t want you! “LAODICEAN” “The Peoples Rights” Nothing new folks. Just the Lord changing His mind on a few matters. Wait till the whole curtain gets pulled back!!! 2 Timothy 3:1-7 Read it! If you dare.

    1. Lol. Every life is precious… until god decides it isn’t. What did all of the 60-80 year olds do recently to piss god off? Vote fro trump? Continued intergenerational theft through unfunded social security liabilities, budget deficits, and monetary policy geared towards recklessly reinflating asset prices ?

  7. Masks are for the few hypocondricats and the many Biden presidential dreamers.
    Yeah masks are about 95% political.

  8. You could always catch something and you could always run into someone who would be in enhanced danger by something you caught due to their age or pre-existing conditions. We only know the next threat is here once enough of the population becomes symptomatic.

    So, if you are a masker now, and you are not in an enhanced risk category, you can NEVER take it off and be intellectually honest. You must remain masked out of respect for others and self preservation for the rest of your life. That is your new normal. Have fun with it.

  9. It should be up to individual businesses. Government dictating what goes on in private properties is way over the line.

  10. I am astonished at the number of people who are pretending not to understand that masks protect others from YOU, and are willing to allow others to die rather than appear to be sacrificing “personal freedom”.

    Honestly, pull your heads out of Trump’s ass long enough to get a good look around you…thousands of Floridians are DYING DAILY due to this virus and YOU could play a part in slowing the growth of that number, but it is more important to YOU to look like an independent tough guy that is NOT BUYING INTO THE LIBERAL PLOY to RUIN THE COUNTRY.

    And yet, it is the liberals who are wearing masks, trying to social distance and SLOW the virus spread.


    1. The average death per day from COVID-19 is now about 45. This is the problem…people like you who listen to MSM propaganda and scream it from the rooftops. Get the facts

    2. Deana
      You said it correctly, a mask protects others from me, so you wear a mask to protect yourself from ME, and let me decide if I want to wear a mask to protect myself form YOU. A mask protects it’s wearer far less than it protects others. Also, your statement about thousands dying daily is significantly incorrect, as of 1:00PM June 27, 2020 the number of deaths in Florida was ONLY 3390 out of 132,545 confirmed cases, if your statement were the truth, then there would have been over 90,000 deaths so far.

  11. Is is obvious that many of you have too much time on your hands? Spend some of that time helping & volunteering instead of wining. No one knows how to overcome the pandemic, so let’s try another approach as in mandatory masks.

  12. The problem with all of you idiots is you are making a disease into something political instead of figuring out how to work together… drop politics or of life for 5 minutes and learn to grow up. It’s amazing how people can be complete friends until politics are brought up. The problem with America is the ignorance of all of us refusing to look at all the angles, not just at your own”party affiliation”.

  13. Maybe if everyone went to Victoria’s Secret and bought Thong Panties and pulled those down over their Head and used them as Masks. I saw a Meme of a Guy who did this and it fit perfectly as a Mask. I wonder if the Commissioners would then enact a “Commission Approved Mask Only” Agenda? LOL

  14. Just curious, but you think anyone would have any heartburn if my face covering apparatus of choice was a three hole ski mask? I mean I doubt I’d stand out much in Tallahassee but just wondering if I’d be meeting the standards of the ordinance?

  15. “Uuuuuuuhuhuhuhuhhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh……..but mommy I don’t want to wear a maaasssk!!!”
    Mommy: “But honey its for your saftey because of the old nasty bug going around that makes people very sick. You don’t want to be sick do you?” Little CHILD: “No, but the man that has his rights that is suing the county says he don’t have to wear one, how come I have toooo, uuuuhhhhuhuhuhuhuhu? Mommy: Come here baby and let mommy pull up your DIAPER.”

    1. That’s right Kids…….if you get Sick, you will have to stay home from School………….. oh wait……….LOL

  16. These comments are a trash fire and some of you should be ashamed of the way you judge and make assumptions about your neighbors based on their politics. We just don’t need that especially right now. The lawsuit is fine, it’s why we have the courts and we also have a Constitution. The courts are the appropriate venue for something like this. The mandate is fine as a temporary measure. Relax and stop attacking each other. Wear a damn mask if you are able. It won’t hurt you and it’s easy. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

    1. I believe there is a substantial amount of evidence to suggest wearing a mask does harm you and can cause serious health conditions.

      1. Your belief does not make it true. There is no credible evidence suggesting harm from wearing a mask. Ask a biker if wearing a gaiter or helmet affects their breathing. Ask a surgeon if they passed out during surgery. Ask a firefighter if wearing a respirator causes them disease or affects their immune response. The only harm from wearing a mask is your pride, and I am sorry that it is more important than our health.

        1. Have you forgotten about all the children falling ill every Halloween from ‘serious health conditions’ as a result of their carelessness?

          Think of the children.

  17. Why didn’t they ban protesting instead of regulating mandatory masks? Do they think they uptick in cases are due to the protests? I think they are.

    Vote all incumbents out.

  18. @FBI Informant…I really dont think the lawsuit is necessary either….for now anyway. I doubt if enforcing this mask mandate will be a priority with Leon deputies, or Tallahassee police.

    I’m sure they have much better things to do…as sworn law enforcement officers than hanging out all day inside retail establishments being the “Hall Monitor” for people not wearing masks.

    If they do have time to do that, then I suggest they dont need the number of new officers they say thats needed, and probably 25% less than what they have. It would be a waste of resources to task sworn law enforcment to do this.

    1. I am sick of this I am pregnant and due to give birth any day. This is my right to chose if I want to go out and be exposed to germs. This is such a double standard. They say it’s our right to chose to abort an innocent baby but we have no control in saying I don’t want to wear a face mask. I am not against them, if you feel uncomfortable going out into public by all means wear one, I don’t care, but don’t sit here and tell me that this stupid mandate, I have no choice but to wear one. No. I will do my shopping etc elsewhere. This is out of control. This feels like another attempt to keep us all at home. And I am sick of it…

  19. I agree with this lawsuit, saw something from the CDC saying that masks shouldn’t be required and that they have little effectiveness against catching the disease. I also read that wearing the masks makes you breathe in more carbon dioxide and increases the chances of damage to your health and brain due to that

  20. Just went to Publix and Wal Mart without wearing a one at either store said a thing..saw a LCSO at Publix and he said nothing as reason to file a lawsuit as Police won’t enforce laws they know are not constitutional

  21. The mask wearing should have been a “Highly Recommend” (Resolution) approach by the BOCC, not a “Mandated” Ordinance (Law) approach. The opposition to the “Ordinance” is not one of an ignorance or of anti-science premise… it is personal responsibility and liberty premise. The left always professes that medical matters should be left to the Doctor/Patient relationship (aka: Abortion, et al…) But for some strange reason (sarcasm) they are all-in on the Government forcing medical decisions on the masses in certain circumstances… its a slippery slope to be sure.

    I wonder what the reaction would be if the Leon County BOCC passed an Ordinance (Law) that required everyone – under penalty of law – to get a flu shot, or loose weight, or stop drinking, no more Mc Donald’s or KFC, no soda, or God forbid… have teenaged girls inform and involve their parents in her decision to abort a child…

    … you know… ’cause its all about your health… and the kids… oh, and don’t forget, “we care about you”… so, do what your told… or else

    1. Excellent post, Mr. Lyle.
      But that would require the Kommissars to do something they cannot:

      Think Critically.

      You see, we have NO diversity on either the City or County Gestapos. Not a single one of them is capable of Critical Thinking.

    2. “ The left always professes that medical matters should be left to the Doctor/Patient relationship”

      It’s not a medical decision, it is a clothing decision.

      It’s strange that so many readers think the above post was “logical” or reflects “critical thinking” … it’s comparing a contagious disease to a bunch of non-communicable things. Our public schools have really failed us when this passes as logic and critical thinking.

  22. I read the injunction in its entirety and our County Thugmissioners probley wont actually read or understand it but the County attorney will tell our elected nannies they can not defend the injunction in public court without looking like fools. And they can not win in court.
    Most likely our elected nannies will drag it out as long as possable then quietly drop the mask order in hopes you sheeple will still vote the fools back in office.
    Thats what I got out of reading the injunction.

    1. Clarification: the term “you fools” refers to the majority of our local lock step mindless Democratic party voters. And is not directed at individual commenters here at T. R.

  23. For the hell of it, I went to the Library to get the free County masks. Was given two and told that they must be washed first. After washing they shrank so much they would not fit our cat. This is nothing but a SHAM, by our Comm. Thanks Evan for your efforts.

    1. Tallahassee Reports,

      Who is the Leon County mask vendor? How much is Leon County paying the vendor?

      Thanks Alex for the info.

  24. What about privacy issues. There is an exemption for not wearing a mask if you have a medical issue that precludes you from doing so. So a person not wearing a mask will be subjected to questioning as to why and ridicule for not doing so. Revealing private medical information is subject to HIPAA and the privacy laws of the state. So are constitutional guarantees and federal laws no longer applicable because a County Commission declares it thus. Is a person’s right to privacy exempted “for the greater good”. If a business refuses to serve a customer for not wearing a mask, even though they fall under one of the exemptions,aren’t they violating ADA?

    1. I have a health issue that’s not obvious but limits my ability to walk more than a couple of hundred feet, so I’ve looked at this. Businesses have the right to prevent you from entering if you are a “direct threat” to the safety of the employees or other customers, and the Covid panicdemic means you are seen as a hazard. You can be asked to provide medical information to substantiate your disability, but there are rules the business has to follow like limiting who can see your information, where and how it will be stored, and you have to authorize the release of the info (HIPPA), etc. I have zero trust that any of this would be adhered to, so I’ll go to Thomasville to shop.

    1. I respectfully request that you wear a CDC-Approved PPE mask while attempting to take my guns. Thanks for your cooperation!

    2. I completely understand why you’d have no desire to watch Biden speak, but obviously you haven’t watched Biden speak.

      1. As soon as abortions start causing people to spew out fetal material that causes others to have abortions they didn’t want, then you’ll be right.

  25. Spank ’em Evan J
    Everyone knows the mask order is 99.9999% political and .000001% health related.
    Spank ’em my man Evan J

  26. It is as if Republicans are in a competition among themselves to be the dumbest person in the room, or if nothing else, to pander to the dumbest people they can find. So much winning.

    We make, and follow, rules for the benefit of society, at the expense of the individual, *all of the time*. Want to open a liquor store next to a school? You can’t! Does it infringe on a morons ability to run a business, and seek life, liberty and pursuit of happiness? Sure does. But those are the rules. We don’t allow strip clubs in Tallahassee for moral reasons, and yet, this clearly keeps some people from having their personal freedoms to strip. Want to have the freedom to blast your music at 3:00 am? If you live in town and near neighbors, you can’t, no matter how your fifth grade reading of the Constitution tells you that your pursuit of happiness is the most important thing in the universe, ya big baby. You have to wear pants to go into Publix, but no one is trying to bring a case to the Supreme Court over it! Your ability to have freedoms stop when you start infringing on someone else’s and people with actual educations, actual expertise all are telling us that wearing masks helps reduce the spread of this disease.

    “If you don’t like me driving drunk, just stay home and be safe! It’s my freedom that is the most important thing ever!”

    And how hilarious is it that this idiot wants to use a single, retracted WHO article as evidence that masks don’t work? I’m sure Mr. Power is a big fan of the WHO and not a total hypocrite. Right.

    Meanwhile, Europe is going to disallow US visitors because of how ridiculously haphazard our response is; though it is unlikely to affect any mouthbreathers who breathlessly cheer on this type of lawsuit, seeing how as while the constantly pine to live someplace not controlled by liberals, yet years later they still cannot seem to muster the gumption to move out of Leon county, much less imagine travelling outside of ‘Merica.

    Meanwhile, hospitals in Texas and Arizona are beginning to see surges of hospitalizations, in an outcome only predicted by anyone with a tenth of a brain. Florida man is coming next, with Evan Power at the front of the moron train.

    Rick Scott has come out in favor of everyone wearing masks, but I imagine it is only because he knows he won’t be able to scam Medicare out of another few billion dollars by servicing COVID patients. Low energy. Rubio came out in favor of everyone wearing masks. He has family in South Florida, or maybe he’s smarter than a houseplant. Tough call.


    1. The only part of that screed that has any coherence at all is the last 4 letters. I agree completely with all 4.

      1. Great job at counting, Mike! And you did it twice! Impressive.

        Maybe you should apply to be Trump’s campaign manager, seeing how his current one kept having Trump tell people that they sold a million tickets (LULZ) to his Tulsa disaster when barely seven thousand showed up. Seems like they could use some help in the counting department, and you are clearly one of the higher level thinkers in the Repubican party these days. Good luck!

    2. The place I’d draw a line is if the government tries to tell you have to wear a mask walking down a public road. If we can’t get someone to pull their pants up, no way you can tell me I have to wear a mask. I’m aware that this ordinance doesn’t do that but again that’s where I’d say too far.

    3. Epic. The Rick Scott line at the end was like finding a bonus Oreo in what you thought was an empty bag.

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