City Painting BLM Mural at Gaines Street and Railroad Avenue

City Painting BLM Mural at Gaines Street and Railroad Avenue

It appears the City of Tallahassee is moving forward with painting a Black Lives Matter mural at the intersection of Gaines Street and Railroad Avenue.

Greg Tish, a radio host with RealTalk 93.3, posted a picture of the intersection yesterday.

In addition, upon an inquiry from WFLA 100.7 host Preston Scott, Mayor John Dailey confirmed the move. Dailey said, “Yes, we had a discussion at the last meeting and we were all in support of the project. Reese Goad could provide the details.”

TR reviewed the meeting minutes from the last City Commission meeting and discovered that both Commissioner Williams-Cox and Commissioner Richardson addressed the issue.

Commissioner Williams-Cox stated “that she has been working with the City Manager, Deputy City Manager, and the Communications Department regarding the placement of some type of signage located in the downtown area that reflects “Black Lives Matter.””

Commissioner Williams-Cox “voiced the need to ensure people know that “this is our new normal.””

Commissioner Richardson noted a partnership between the Refuge House and the Anderson Brickler Gallery and their proposal for a mobile mural design with the “Black Livers Matter” lettering. Commissioner Richardson stated there may be other local artists that wish to submit a concept that could be used.

Also, at the meeting, Mayor Dailey announced that he was in favor of creating a “Black Lives Matter” statement in our community.

The issue has not yet been voted on by the City Commission.

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  1. A MAGA intersection should be painted.
    Not allowing would show just how raciest the mayor & city commissioners are. If tax payers monies can be used for the blm painted intersection it can also be used for MAGA.

  2. This was complete fraud, waste and abuse. Also, the BLM is a hateful, corrupt, racist organization that promotes violence, so why would a government condone their message? This is scary people! With this reasoning, they may as well paint a KKK mural, since the city officials are proponents of hate and violence, it appears. Any lawyers on here that care to start a class action suit against the city for this unjust waste of taxpayer money?

  3. Bet the folks at BLM – (fed) Bureau of Land Management are getting a kick out of this. Or not. As a family history buff, when I see those letters I think Land Records.

    BlackLM needs to re-think things….better yet STOP DIVIDING US.

  4. Read BLM’s website, history and mission statement. A racist, fascist organization bent on destroying our republic.

  5. Time to move. Tallahassee, is a joke. Zero sense of doing what they were elected for, but pandering for the next vote.

  6. Williams-Cox ‘s lack of intelligence is no excuse for her flagrant and immoral use of city funds to promote the racist & race-war-inducing painting of KKK BLM or any other race bait initials on the street!

  7. Painting anything on a public road that does not comply with the Code of Federal Regulations and the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices is against federal law, and for good reasons. Last month, it was called graffiti and vandalism. But now, it’s ok to create roadway hazards, under certain conditions. Under those conditions, it’s labeled a mural. If the words “white” or “all” are present, it’s rightfully deemed vandalism, but escalated to a hate crime, which is a felony. But when BLM or DEFUND THE POLICE is painted, it’s glorious. And, if tire marks are discovered on the mural, the police consider it defacing property, vandalism, and call it a hate crime too. Huh? Tire marks on the pavement? Guess y’all need to avoid the murals and start driving on the sidewalks.
    I imagine POTUS will withhold Federal Highway Administration funds from any municipality that allows this traffic safety issue to continue. Is Tallahassee prepared to find other funds for their roads?

  8. Thousand Currents(TC) funds BLM. TC is ran by Susan Rosenberg, a member of Weather Underground(WU) – the leftist(Marxist) terrorist group from the 70’s.

  9. Some paint for Vicki Sims and Oluwatoyin “Toyin” Salau. How about it?

    Can we get intersections painted with the names of all those murdered in Tallahassee?

  10. This is flagrant and abusive racism. Racism, Discrimination, Prejudice whatever you want to deny calling it. This logo is the symbol of an organization that is blatantly pro Marxist and anti family. These are the stated goals as published on the BLM website. Statements issued by the founding members of this Marxist cult also make it clear that their intent is to disrupt and destroy.

    If this is “the new normal” then Welcome To The American Gulag, formerly known as Florida. Do visit the Disney-Keapernick Re-Education Center on your way to your new home on one of the many fine Farming Collectives. Where you check in is where you check out.

    For the record, I am not a “snowflake”. I am a human being who happens to have been born and raised in Florida. I am a person, not a pos.

  11. If their lives don’t even matter to them… why should they matter to me?

    State sponsored taxpayer funded Marxist graffiti is all.


  12. IF Black Lives really Matter, WHY do the keep Killing each other DAILY? If the BLM really care about Blacks, why do the NOT protests for the Blacks to Support their Families? To Stay in School, Study Hard and Graduate? To put down their Weapons and STOP committing Crimes and Murder? To Respect the Laws and Law Enforcement? To NOT become Argumentative and Combative when Stopped by Law Enforcement? to NOT RUN? Is it because THAT doesn’t fit your Agenda?

  13. Side note: Paint over asphalt dramatically reduces the coefficient of drag. Normally .8 is the standard for paved roads. Painted surfaces reduce that by 50%. Add rain to the paint and we can reach the equivalent of ice over asphalt, which is .1. It is also very likely prohibited by DOT laws as yellow is for specific indicators and depending on who maintains the road not allowed in any color.
    So, painting on a great big slip and slide into the middle of a busy intersection surrounded by bars is patently stupid and likely illegal regardless of the message.

    1. Exactly… Tallahassee taxpayers need to prepare to write some checks. It portends a big payday coming for Dewey, Screwum, and Howe.

  14. Kim – The BLM organization IS Marxist. One of the founders states in videos: “We are trained Marxists. We are super versed on ideological theories.” Watch:
    Not only is BLM for improvement of the situation of blacks in this country, they are also for abolition of police and jails, destroying the nuclear family, religion and capitalism and basically destroying Western Civilization.
    The BLM website uses the word “comrades” to describe a new order: “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and villages that collectively care for one another.”
    Karl Marx himself taught their violent methods, starting with their attack on history in these words: “Take away the heritage of a people and they are easily destroyed.”
    George Orwell wrote in “1984”: “Who controls the past,” ran the Party slogan, “controls the future: who controls the present controls the past, which had not been merely altered, it had been actually destroyed…Everything faded into mist. The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.”
    “During the French Revolution there were attacks on statues. Of course, that devolved into attacks on people,” notes Jarrett Stepman, author of “The War on History.”
    These radicals have no belief that an intact family, personal property, personal wealth, and achievement are healthy rights. So, your property, possessions and accomplishments mean nothing to them, regardless of your skin color. That’s where you get their riot statements that it’s nothing for a store or person’s business or home to be destroyed.

  15. At the next City Kommisars meeting, I expect them to take up a proposal to erect a statue of their inspiration Karl Marx in front of City Hall.

    The motion will be made by his distant descendant, John Marx.

  16. Wow! What a bunch of racists! And amazingly, wow, all white! There were what, two intelligent people who commented. BLM are NOT Marxists. The rabble rousers at the protests were from groups like the Boogaloo Movement and white nationalist domestic terrorists. Try listening to other news besides Fox, if you call they news. ?? Funny that it’s “vandalism” and “partisanship” because it’s black-oriented. Why don’t you check out this year’s State budget line item vetoes and the ? DeSantis DID approve. But tax cuts for the wealthy, no biggie, right? Cuz they’re white. ? And for the a’hole that said he is going to work because he has to, POC and migrant workers, etc., they’re working too. They are working those shit jobs that none of you snowflakes want to work: fast food, retail, picking your food (!), etc. Many of them don’t have healthcare so can’t take off from work even though everybody’s kids were out of school. Get over yourselves! Bill Schack, you’re part of the problem—Kearney Center ??? How about we work to Really do something about homelessness, poverty, racism, prejudice??

    1. Here’s a thought…

      Get a job!

      Get an education!

      Then maybe you could get a job with benefits and good pay. Give me give me give me!

      Go to church that doesn’t have rabble-rousers like Curtis Richardson and Dianne Williams Cox!

      All the street painting does is imply that that is now a ghetto zone brought about by ignorance.

      Go spew your ignorance elsewhere.

    2. Kim, go look at the history of local government and who has served since 2000. The have not done squat except drag this city to near shi%&)#@ status. Corruption, paybacks, screwing the working people and the poor. Making speeches and promises in return for votes and power.

      Please for gods sake, educate yourself.

    3. Boogaloo Boys are as compromised as BLM- two sides of same coin, much like the Repub/Democrat Dialectic for so many decades. What do you have against African-Americans being wealthy? You are sowing Division, something every True American despises.

  17. BLM is a Terrorist/Marist group! Nothing good will come from this – really bad stupid move by the mayor & city commissioners.

  18. The WTXL and Democrap Facebook pages are lit up like Christmas trees. I wonder who will sue first. This is a huge waate of money and I’m sure illegal.

  19. For both Tallahassee and Leon County:


    I’d say no Democrats, but then I would have no say in local politics. Oh wait….

  20. I’m not sure if I’m just going to avoid the area like the plague or drive over it a gazillion times!!

  21. Wouldn’t the money to be spent on materials (even if already in stock, will have to be replaced) and labor and gas to get to the vandalization site be better spent to fix potholes in the roads, let alone the inappropriateness of painting a political slogan name of a Marxist group bent on destroying Western Civilization, by force if necessary. Judicial Watch is taking NYC & Washington DC to court re: not being allowed to paint their slogan on the streets (First Amendment rights only if you agree with the message???). Maybe they would also like to paint on the Tallahassee streets as well. . . (PS Happy to see a vast majority of commenters are also appalled/dismayed by these actions.)

  22. Just watched the story on WTXL noon news. Diane Cox should be ashamed of herself. Unintelligible racist.

    1. She says you will get over it. Followed by comments from an airhead gender neutral FSU student who was unable to express a thought. Yep, these people think they are in charge.

  23. People, Black Lives Matter was created because there was plenty of evidence that police didn’t think so. It was obvious that white lives matter. Nobody needed to be told that white lives matter. Get it? If you don’t agree that blacks are systematically abused, at least understand what the words mean.

    1. More white people than black people are killed every year by cops. And if you’re going to tell me a greater percentage of black people are killed, that’s because blacks commit crimes and a far greater rate than any other race.
      blm are racist, marxist terrorists

    2. David… there is a BIG difference between the phrase “black lives matter” and the ORGANIZATION Black Lives Matter. If you think the organization is only about the phrase, you are very mistaken. Don’t take my word for it. Take a look at the BLM website and listen to what the BLM leadership has to say.

  24. There was a similar article in the Tally Democrat so I emailed that reporter about what she knew about the costs of this mural. Her reply was “I was told by the city that it is being paid for internally with supplies they already had. They are also using their own staff to do the work. I have yet to receive a total amount from the city about the costs but hope to sometime soon.”

    1. Meanwhile our Mayor announced there is a $23,000,000 budget shortfall for fiscal 2021 because of Covid-19. They wont disclose the cost of this “artwork” just as they didnt allow any public discussion on this before they unilaterally chose to force their politics into public view.

      1. Thank you Vernon for making that point. I was going to after reading the budget shortfall story, then I saw you beat me to it.
        The tax money WASTED on this street scribble should be Exhibit A in an Executive Order by Gov. DeSantis on why our City Marxists are UNFIT FOR OFFICE and SHOULD BE MADDOXED.

  25. Why are taxpayer’s dollars being used to promote particular political groups? I’m not going to comment on BLM……we all have seen what they are up to throughout the country, but the city is overstepping its mandate to manage this city to the best of their ability. People, and cities have to stand up and not cave in to political pressures, no matter what ideology is currently popular.
    All of us could think of much better ways to spend this money in neighborhoods, on infrastructure or individual grants to people of integrity who have contributed to the betterment of Tallahassee. In addition, I would expect one or more lawsuits to arise out of this misguided
    muralgate” and hopefully straighten out the thinking of our city “leaders”.

  26. This might be the final nail in the coffin of the small business places on Gaines and Railroad Ave and Railroad Art Park…more area for crime on the Southside…not good for us who live in the old part of Tallahassee and still go to work every day, because we HAVE to.

  27. You can bring change to the City Commission starting in 2020. Elect someone new, unconnected, and unbought.
    The problem is not the mural or the message. This idea was presented on June 8th, voted on, and put in place in less than a month. Minimal discussion, no in person citizen comment, and not much thought about the implications of doing this. That is not the way OUR elected leaders should act. You can send a clear message by voting out a career, go along to get along politician in August.

    1. Bill Schack City commission 2020!

      Curtis wakes up every morning goes outside sticks his finger in the wind to determine which way the political wind is blowing and goes on his way.

      Curtis doesn’t stand for anything except the black caucus and keeping his people down so they look up to him for leadership. He has kept his people in decline, in the ghetto, poverty and crime.

      Curtis is a rabble-rouser who doesn’t stand for anything and doesn’t stand up to wrongdoing such as a fellow commissioner’s Facebook page calling our president of the United States a virus. Curtis has no leadership skills and Curtis is a snob. I do not know what he has to be snobby about?

      Curtis endorses, promotes, and looks the other way at corruption therefore making himself a participant in the long years of corruption in Tallahassee.

      The black pastors need to stand down and forbid Curtis from using their houses of worship for his political rabble-rousing. Tallahassee has had enough Tallahassee needs to move forward and Tallahassee needs to vote Bill Schack City Commission!

    2. I’d believe you Bill but you sold out to The Mask Brigade like the rest of them, no matter what your stated reason. You gonna wear a mask the rest of your life? Doubt it. Will you repeal this nonsense if you get elected? You’re so quick to wear the Face Diaper, leads me to think you will force us to take the Gates Funvax, too. No thanks.

      1. Anon,

        Let’s see…..Bill Schack or Curtis Richardson? Hmmmmm.

        Curtis Richardson who in a public meeting when one citizen when asked a tough question about policing in Tallahassee said, “Well, if it’s gonna be like that, I’ll just leave”

        Curtis Richardson who along with Mayor / Commissioner Andrew Gillum and the illustrious John Marks led our city to the coveted ranking of the most violent city in Florida and one of the most violent in the United States of America. (we are still top 10)

        Curtis Richardson who served alongside convicted federal felon Scott Maddox and was apparently oblivious to any hint of wrong doing.

        Curtis Richardson who exclaimed in the midst of an FBI investigation that “there is no dark cloud over The City of Tallahassee”?

        Curtis Richardson who along with Mayor / Commissioner Andrew Gillum and the illustrious John Marks led our city to the coveted ranking of one of the most economically segregated cities in the United States?

        Curtis Richardson who championed the Blueprint sales tax extension that morphed from infrastructure to include an Office of Economic Vitality complete with a staff and advisory board made up of vendors and lobbyists?

        Curtis Richardson who championed the Blueprint sales tax extension that had a co committee member that somehow managed to purchase property along the right of way before the blueprint funded plans for the Welaunee extension were public?

        Curtis Richardson who after the woman was assaulted on Dunn St. by TPD promised reform and body cameras for law enforcement and never delivered?

        Curtis Richardson who gave us a property tax for public safety that looks like it was spent on a reorganization and raises engineered by then vendor now fellow commissioner and mayor appointed and approved commissioner Elaine Bryant?

        Curtis Richardson who with help somehow pulled the rug out from under a decent minority hire for TPD chief from St. Petersburg?

        Curtis Richardson who was oblivious to the probable acts of corruption by Scott Maddox, DIA head Paige Carter-Smith, the CRA, Adam Corey, the team of city hall lobbyists?

        That Curtis Richardson? Sorry, I have met Bill Schack. I will take Bill Schack all day long, with or without mask.

        1. Thank you, Edward. Will take into consideration. Perhaps you, and Bill, will forgive my jaded outlook. To be fair, I doubted Trump in 2015. Mind changed.

  28. Past time to leave Tallahassee. It has been destroyed by our leadership?(if you can even call them leaders). Guess they are trying to run everyone out, lets see how well that goes after we leave! Totally incompetent Mayor and his cronies.

  29. There is something very telling about the Mayor and the Commssioner’s lackey status in Mayor Flintstones statement: “Reese Goad could provide the details”.

    What kind of leader would deflect like that in an interview?

    I submit there is your proof positive Mayor Flintstone is a follower NOT the leader you $hit for brains leftist voters in Tallahassee thought you were electing.

  30. Hi hello, pretty please look up the Four Steps of Idealogical Conversion. (Yuri Bezmenov)

    It’s a scarily accurate explanation/prediction of our current social, and political climate.


  31. This should be a surprise to no one…Does this mean that the City Commissioners are openly supporting a Marxist political organization that is willing to use violence, and terrorism to throw out our constitution?

  32. Having a “Black Day” & “Black Lives Matter.. Painted in the Road is About as Racist as you can get. You are just keeping everyone in Chaos. Now everything is going reverse Racism.. When will this STOP???

  33. First let me state the unimpeachable facts here; I never owned a slave, and you never were a slave; I owe you nothing. We are ALL people of color, ALL lives matter, and we are ALL privileged.

    We are ALL privileged to live in the most gracious, forgiving, inclusive, tolerant, giving, and free Nation on this planet. We are ALL given the identical opportunity to pursue our own path toward life, liberty, happiness, and success. What “you” deem to be success in your life, is on you. What path in you choose to take in order to achieve that success, is on you. If you choose to accept the lie that someone else is responsible for your successes or failures, that too is 100% on YOU. Live your life as your own, and accept your responsibilities as your own… but make no mistake about it… if you choose to try and take from me my life, liberty, happiness, and success – you will be met with a fury unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and you will NOT succeed. These terms are not negotiable.

    If these realities are not acceptable to you, then you are free to surrender your alliance and allegiance to this Great Nation, surrender the opportunities presented to you by this Great Nation, surrender the freedoms that this Great Nation offers – that so many of Her men and women of ALL colors have fought and died for – and take your leave of Her. We’ll be ok, and we’ll wish you well and Godspeed in your chosen path.

  34. Morgan and Morgan is salivating for their first client who is injured in an auto accident due to the reduced friction of the painted surface, the increased glare of the paint and the distraction caused by the symbolism of the appeasement concession.

  35. FYI: I asked the City Manager, City Attorney, all Commissioners, and the Mayor about precedent of allowing public streets to become public forums (which this does). Not one reply. I have asked for information on funding for labor, materials, and security. Not one reply. I also asked if the message of a group of denominationally mixed, ethnically mixed pastors who were photographed on the old State Capitol steps with the message “We Are All Equal” on matching t-shirts would be a message which could be painted on another intersection in town. Not one reply.

  36. ALL LIVES MATTER. Why do we have to specifically note that Black Lives Matter? They do, but not in preference to ALL LIVES MATTER.

  37. Since when is it acceptable to use public funds to promote a partisan political message? Someone tell me.

    Someone tell me that you cannot get sued for using public funds to promote the Republican Party, The Democratic Party, The Green Party. How about the Communist Party USA? How about a message that says the Klan is okay? Do we not have enough red and black paint for a Hammer and Sickle?

    Someone tell me where in the City of Tallahassee Charter that is says we can spend taxpayer money on a partisan political message. For God’s sake, tell me.

    1. Black lives matter. That is why it is so tragic that 40% of all abortions are black. Without a doubt black lives matter. That is why the slaughter of innocent children on the streets of Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland and Washington DC is so senseless. The paint won’t dry on the pavement before more black lives will no longer matter.

  38. BLM is a marxist, lesbian-centric, anti-traditional family organization, as others have pointed out in comments, above. It’s in black and white on their website. In reality, the black community desperately needs a stronger nuclear/traditional family structure to fix some of their problems, and everyone knows that to be so. Ask any black minister that actually believes the gospel, (of course, excluding the pulpit hucksters).

    The issue is not that black lives don’t matter, because they do. The issue is that the organization called Black Lives Matter, intends to undermine this country and its laws, and advance an agenda that is detrimental to the black community and forward progress.

  39. If its all truly about “equality” and colors, then at which intersection and when will the “White Lives Matter” artwork be completed?

    Furthermore, which intersection will be utilized to pay homage to Asian lives, and what “color” will be assigned to them? How about the Native Americans?… which intersection and what color? And don’t forget the Hispanic and Middle Eastern “communities” … which intersection(s) and what color(s)?

    We need a an advertised Public Hearing, public input, and a formal Resolution offered and entered into the public record for consideration and proper vote.

  40. BLM is a racist organization. They hate poor white kids. They hate poor hispanic kids. They are Evil. Resign dupes!

  41. This is NOT what leadership looks like.
    Deuces on you City Commissioners.
    And the biggest pile of smelly deuces on Mayor Flintstone.
    Oh and deuces on each and everyone of our local citizens who plan on voting for any of the incumbents.

  42. Great job City of Tallahassee Leaders! You’re right Times are changing and think it not strange that you all was place in position for such a time as this! His appointed time! God bless you all and America!!!??

  43. Time to vote all these idiots out of office. This is absurd that you would allow this. You are opening a can of worms. What will you politicians do when they start burning your town? You need to address all the concerns that we are posting. Maybe you will wake up.

  44. The Mayor’s bowtie is too tight. Needs more oxygen to his brain. What is next? Burn down Goodwood Plantation! Glad I live outside the city limits. Plan to stay outside the “Matter” zone.

  45. If Marxism is “the new normal” then resistance is “the new normal”, defacing THEIR statues and murals (as they do) is “the new normal” , and a Second American Revolution is “the new normal” to overthrow ALL political “leaders” and parties, and groups, that support the shredding of the Constitution of the United States of America. They are enemies of that Constitution and many of us have sworn to protect it, and will follow the guidelines laid out in The Declaration of Independence when government becomes tyrannical. So, be careful what you wish for…


  47. Painting BLM on our streets will absolutely help all those in need of assistance. When they are hungry they can just walk by and feel better. Maybe they can do more paving and pot hole repairs next. Stand for our flag!!

  48. Maybe Some of the blacks will support the businesses in the area of this signage, but I know I will not. Nor will I support the politicians that fail to oppose this.

  49. I would like to know if the City Commission realizes the distinction between the phrase Black Lives Matter and the well funded organization founded by trained Marxists whose stated goal is the destruction of our freedom loving way of life!
    This organization is against the family structure, the free market system and all of the freedoms and constitution protections that most Americans hold dear. Maybe you’d like to explain your actions to the families and loved ones of the soldiers and police officers who have sacrificed and died in order to preserve these freedoms. Wake up America!

  50. Cost? Who is funding this? If BLM is a 501c3 non profit, as they claim, are the 400+ other non profits in this town entitled to the same courtesy?

  51. Please publish the mission statement for BLM. If it is a Marxist statement as we have heard there’s is no way we should endorse.

  52. It’s good to know that our mayor and city commissioners are fully on board with the BLM mantra which in part says

    “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.”

    So, when is the next election?

    1. How do I petition the Komissars to have “MAGA” painted in RED right in front of City Hall? I think that would be fantastic!

  53. This is a Marxist group. So now are they saying the new normal is we support “Marxism”. This is insane.

  54. City propaganda machine trying to strengthen Elaine Bryant down south. Republicans should give Jack Porter a chance, at least she will help clear out the corruption.

  55. ~ Commissioner Williams-Cox “voiced the need to ensure people know that “this is our new normal.””

    I’d like to know what Commissioner Williams-Cox means by that statement. Exactly “what” is our new normal, and who are the “people” that need to know it?

    The statement (as presented) almost seems like a threat or a warning.

    Please ask her to clarify her statement and update the story. Thanks

    1. Breaking news!

      This should be denounced and withdrawn immediately due to the vulgar, inappropriate, racist, and hostile Facebook post by one of the city commissioners involved in this mural. This is a disgrace to humanity and she must remove the post and apologize and this mural must be withdrawn because we can’t have it backed by our public officials who post such racist vulgar hostile propaganda.

      I am calling on the mayor of Tallahassee to publicly denounce the post and withdraw the mural and our public officials must not kowtow or negotiate with mob mentality and this is what this is.

      Read their website.
      Therefore, the Tallahassee City Commission IS ANTI-SEMITE.
      Anyone at Temple Israel gonna speak up about this?
      You should be protesting in the middle of that intersection. Cops cannot arrest you for that – it would be “selective prosecution” since they let the KLANTIFA do it on Monroe.
      Meanwhile, I’d hate to see a big can of paint thinner fall out of someone’s car “accidentally” at this

    3. USE OF PUBLIC FUNDS to promote a partisan political message? REALLY? Let’s see where else has this ever been done? Based on the DEMOCRAT pictures there were a LOT of City Workers, trucks, equipment, paint sprayers. I’m sure this didn’t actually cost but a couple of dollars….. Who designed this Alison Faris? Wow – ya’ll are such idiots at so many levels….

      1. By this action, the city management has authorized the expenditure of public funds for The political Support of a political group. Having established that precedent, how can they refuse a similar demand from other political special interests? Will we have VOTE DEMOCRAT on Tennessee Street, or RE ELECT THE MAYOR on Monroe?

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