TPD Sergeant Suspended and Demoted Over Social Media Post

TPD Sergeant Suspended and Demoted Over Social Media Post

On August 4th, Tallahassee Police Chief Revell issued a statement related to the results of a recent internal investigation stemming from a social media post made by TPD Sgt. Gavin Larremore.

Chief Revell’s statement:

“Today marked the conclusion of a thorough Internal Affairs investigation into a questionable social media post made by a member of the Tallahassee Police Department on July 9, 2020. The findings substantiated violations of TPD social media and rules of conduct policies. Based on this conclusion, the officer has been placed on an 80-hour unpaid suspension and is being demoted. Additionally, he will be required to undergo counseling.

As Chief of Police, I called for this investigation because I hold every representative of TPD to the highest standard, whether on duty or off. As we work to strengthen our relationships within the community, I am committed to ensuring we serve all citizens with trust and respect.”

The Incident

In July, the Tallahassee Police Department announced that it had placed an officer on leave because of a social media post concerning the recent protests. TPD’s internal investigation found that the officer violated two TPD policies.

According to a previous Tallahassee Reports article, the officer, Sgt. Gavin Larremore, wrote a Facebook post about the recent Black Lives Matter protests. In the post, Larremore referred to the protesters as a “mob of thugs.” He also brought up the Black Lives Matter mural painted at the intersection of Railroad Avenue and Gaines Street.

“By painting a huge BLM ‘mural’ in a major intersection and calling it ‘art,’ the city declared its support for an organization that spent the last month disrupting the lives of hardworking Tallahassee citizens,” he wrote. “That gang of loudmouths damaged businesses downtown, unlawfully restricted the free movement of the city’s law-abiding citizens, attacked civilians and officers (including me personally)…all while changing ‘F*** THE POLICE’ and promising to find out where we live so they could harm our families.”

A TPD internal investigation found Larremore in violation of TPD’s rules of conduct and social media protocols.

General Order 46, Procedure III, Section B, states that TPD officers cannot take actions that impair the operation of TPD, must treat associates and the public with respect, and must be civil in their relationships with the community.

General Order 78, Procedure III, Section D outlines TPD’s social media protocols. Prohibited actions on social media include discrediting the City or the Police Department, jeopardizing the safety of another member, damaging a function of the Department, and damaging the Department’s professional relationships.

The investigation found that Larremore was not in violation of the discriminatory conduct policy (General Order 46, Procedure III, Section E).

Larremore pushed back against the proposed violations in a letter to TPD Chief Lawrence Revell.

“My private conversation did not violate any policies,” Larremore wrote. “My statement was made off-duty as a civilian and was fully protected by my First Amendment rights.”

“I merely discussed how officers and civilians were attacked and LEO families were threatened by numerous members of a violent political group. While there are certainly some law-abiding members of Black Lives Matter, there are nonetheless numerous individuals associated with that organization nationwide who are intent on being destructive and violent. I was both a witness to and a victim of the criminal actions perpetrated by that faction of the Black Lives Matter movement. To deny that there is a violent and destructive element within the Black Lives Matter political movement to exalt fantasy over truth. As I stated in my interview, many of the people responsible for these actions were Caucasian, so race was never an issue,” he said.

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  1. He wasn’t speaking the truth when he committed perjury in 2005 he’s no saint he has ruined lives also he is guilty of some of his same claims

  2. When are people going to park their egos and realize that most people in the world don’t care about your opinions. Your opinions should matter to your close friends and family. It baffles me that people put themselves at great risk by publicly sharing opinions just to get some sort of validation/attention from strangers. Sure it’s your first amendment right, but in the real world there are consequences for everything even if you’re not on a payroll funded by taxpayers.

  3. BLM is a racist terror organization… who has declared fatherhood and capitalism to be verboten.

    City of Tallahassee allows Graffiti on city street from said terror group…


  4. The punishment doesn’t fit the crime, just another knee jerk reaction.
    It will be interesting to read your take when more investigations are opened up to the public and you see what light punishment was given to other officers.
    This story is far from over, he deserved better from his Chief. A officer with 17 years of service, no issues in his file needs to be on a force that appreciated what he gave.
    As I recall there was a big to do about Chief Revell’s past, but someone was in his corner. Too bad he didn’t offer the same grace to Officer Larremore.
    We are praying for him.

  5. Respectfully, the question about who should occupy this particular city commission seat is, will the occupant, whomever she may be, continue to sit there and go along or actually roll up her sleeves and get to work? Pardon my “terrible French,” but screw it: it’s not about left or right or Republican or Democrat anymore. It’s about who is going to wade into this mess and help fix things in a way that does not demoralize either the people of this city or the police sworn to protect us. I will no longer condone the silence of any elected city or county official who does nothing and expects to get a pass.

    Regarding Officer Larremore, he knew or should have known, first, that public statements about police work, including those who are policed, reflect on the entire police force and could be construed as policy, official or otherwise. Thus, the disciplinary action from his employer should be no surprise. Second, that anything posted on Facebook does not stay private, anymore than private conversation in any other public place, among dozens, hundreds, or thousands of friends stays private. Failing to recognize that could be for any number of reasons, so the decision to require counseling for Officer Larremore, in my opinion, is appropriate.

    Having said that, I am exceedingly worried about the level of stress in this city on individual participants in civil society movements like Black Lives Matter AND individual police officers. I see no trust and no movement. All I can see is people lining up on sides, making threats and feeling hurt, dragging us all in after, if we allow it. I keep wondering, when are BLM and the police going to start talking to each other–other than in the middle of the street. Because that is what it is going to take. I’m not interested in a truce here; I want a solution. This is our city, our home. So, where is the leadership? When do start?

  6. this is very sad when the truth is told. so much for freedom of expression. I thought the incoming would have a backbone but turns out to be spineless. time of this officer to sue.

  7. Reply to Hope’s question regarding Sgt. Larremore’s ability to appeal the suspension.

    Yes Hope, he can. There are very strict time constraints on both sides and if the sergeant does not have a prepaid representative via the PBA or FOP, he will have to pay out of his own pocket for an attorney. Because the discipline is so severe, it will allow him to go further up the disciplinary appeals process than had it been a lesser written reprimand. Once the appeals process gets outside the TPD hierarchy, an independent arbitrator will be appointed. It is at this stage and beyond that he will have the best chance for a fair and impartial hearing. My experience is that arbitrators reduce the severity of a substantial number of employee disciplinary awards.
    As I considered the TPD order that Sgt. Larremore receive counseling it occurred to me that Chief Revell was using the counseling as a intimidation weapon. Depending on the counselor’s report, (fitness for duty report) the counseling may later be used as a means to disqualify Sgt. Larremore from the capacity to carry a firearm. No firearm, no job. If Sgt. Larremore does not acquiesce to the counselor, admitting that he is a racist, bigot, etc. The counselor will report that the sergeant is resistant to positive correction.
    I would urge Sgt. Larremore to: start a gofundme page, appeal this to the fullest extent possible, and even if he prevails (and I think he will, easily), file suit against the TPD and city for a variety of actionable torts. Additionally, he should file suit for damages against every supervisor in the chain of command that signed off on the discipline. Where was their courage? They should be named separately, as individuals. This may allow interested parties to notify lien holders and banks holding mortgages and loans on these supervisors cars, boats and homes that the supervisors are defendants in litigation that “endangers” these loans. The banks will then make an assessment of their risk and potentially “call in the loan”, a demand for immediate payment in full. I know that this individual’s suit will likely be dismissed early in the process. But, it is important to make the city and TPD officials aware that there is a con$equence to their malfeasance.
    George Orwell didn’t live long enough to see how correct he was.

    1. excellent. I hope he goes all the way. I can’t imagine how most of the officers feel -.bad enough all the STUFF they’re having to deal with “out there”, but to not have the dept. behind you is unacceptable. Let’s remember: he did nothing wrong!

  8. Officer Larremore, leave Tallahassee and come to a small little town out of Florida, where you will be respected, free to express your views on your own time and the residents will buy your lunch.

  9. Mr.Larremore needs us to get behind him with a GOFUNDME account and raise some money for what he has lost. And WE ALL NEED to get out and vote!!!!!

  10. Disgraceful treatment of Officer Larremore!
    I’d express my feelings on this directly to Revell and to each and every member of the city council if I thought it would do any good, but it wouldn’t.
    Just know, good citizens of Tallahassee, you are not alone.

  11. Preston brought this and many more topics up with Mayor Flintstone in this mornings interview.
    Flintstone was stammering and yammering and doing his best leftist spin and pivot non answer techniques.
    Congrats to Preston on his first non-cupcake interview with Mayor Flintstone!
    Good radio!!!!

  12. TPD is a disgrace. That officer told the truth! If the TPD wants to side with the rioters that’s fine, but they won’t be getting any support from voters like me.

    The brass at TPD are creating an environment where the truth shall not be spoken. Revell’s support for BLM should disqualify him as a law enforcement officer. He’s a joke.

      1. I bet he is doing what the deputy city manager, Cynthia Barber, is telling him what to do.

        She has no experience in law enforcement and therefore why she is in this position I just don’t understand. The rising crime rate seems to coincide with when she was put in this position.

  13. What do you expect from a 80% socialist county/city? Can’t wait to move out of this clown show of a town/county. I hope another law enforcement agency reaches out and hires Sgt. Larremore. The punishment is indeed excessive based on my experience.

  14. Remember everyone – his initial post was in the private settings of the social media platform. If someone had not brought this outside that group and run up the chain with it, a total of perhaps 35 or 40 people, many of whom do not even live in Tallahassee would have seen it.
    The only reason the public is even aware of this post is because someone at TPD ran it to Goad and the NAACP, Goad ran it back to Revell claiming it came from the NAACP then Revell put out a press release to appease the NAACP. This is 100% manufactured outrage on the City side.

    Hank is tracking this correctly. They could not prove the racial / discrimination element of the complaint yet they used it as a multiplier to enhance the discipline. A basic social media post they don’t like gets an oral counseling note in a permanent evaluation for a first violation. A conduct unbecoming that is not a dereliction of duty or a criminal act gets perhaps a written reprimand or a day off without pay. Even if you use them both in sequence to create a progressive discipline scenario you get no more than a week without pay. He has a 17 year career with zero prior discipline events. Model officer, multiple community and high risk assignments.

    They have reduced his rank, his pay, he will never be re-promoted, and his lifetime pension will be reduced. The 80 hour suspension is the highest they can give without termination.
    So if there is another even minor sustained policy violation in the next five years, he can be fired. This impacts him personally and financially for the remainder of his career and life.

    I would suggest it is far more severe than anything levied against the protesters he encountered who broke a car window and started beating the passenger of the truck trapped in the crowd. That is the BLM he met and the BLM he commented about. They committed a burglary with person assaulted – a life felony. The City gives them a road mural and gives the officer who helps save an innocent driver this for throwing up the BS flag.

  15. I have no problem with the officer’s point, I do have a problem with a law enforcement officer spouting political views in social media.

  16. I agree with what the officer (seargent)said..he was right on with his comments..but the problem is that when you work in law enforcement and make comments such as this..he has now lost his credibility..Meaning if he makes an arrest..this will be brought up and be held against him, no matter what the circumstance.

  17. The Miami-Dade police department had similar policies when I worked there. As a supervisor involved in numerous disciplinary procedures involving consultation with the departmental discipline coordinator, the discipline awarded to Sgt. Larremore is very excessive. Similar actions in my experience would have resulted in a written reprimand. Would a two week suspension for a TPD officer’s post critical of Christians painting Jesus Saves in an intersection been awarded by Chief Revell? Unlikely.
    Civics class taught me that bureaucracies rot from the top down.

  18. Wow! Finally a LE officer with brains and Balls- and all in working order done ?
    This man is ? correct and needs a raise. Hasn’t the City of Tallahassee is embarrassed themselves enough with unapologetic and blatant racism against Whites, Asians, Native Americans and Hispanics? That video of the abomination “protest “ blocking the intersection of Apalachee Parkway and Monroe at the Capitol went viral statewide and garnered disgust at the MotoCop who pushed the man trying to stop the insanity and allow the BLM thugs and hoodlums to continue holding up traffic, and the average comment wasn’t about how BLM has the right to block an intersection highway but how they would press on and drive right through the idiots who clearly should have been whining off the side of the road

    1. The Chief is just dancing at the puppet strings being pulled by City Manager, Reese Goad. The city commissioners are just as responsible for allowing TPD to be run by political decisions, not professional law enforcement standards.

  19. So when Chief Revell calls for his Christian prayer will Jewish, Muslim and others be offended? BTW BLM is a private corporation does McDonalds get an ad
    Painted at Monroe and Tennessee?

    1. Stanley, follow your own advise! Get your butt off your knee and go to work. Hanna bought you a new car with HAA HAA money for supporting him and then would not hire you. Grow up Kid.

  20. I have to stand WITH Larremore as he is 100% RIGHT. Revell has lost my Respect. ALSO, WHAT kind of Counseling will he have to undergo? This is all BS in my Book.

    1. Indeed. This city has gone right into the crap basket. We thought Revell would do good. apparently wrong. Too bad all of these brave officers don’t have the resources to walk off the job, permanently. NOW! I am former LE & my husband is retired TPD , and we say this is hogwash.

  21. These two policies are just a pair from many that establish an unattainable standard. Unattainable because they afford a high opportunity subjective level of review. Essentially anything anyone says or does can offend anyone else and thus be deemed “uncivil” or “damaging.” They are applied when nothing else can be substantiated.
    Imagine a Florida law that said “it shall be unlawful for you to say or write anything that may cause the State, any business in the State or a citizen of this State to feel lessened or potentially be impacted by the statement. Factual content is not exempt from this prohibition.”
    Tallahassee Reports would not exist. This comment section would not exist.
    The City, like all Government must be challenged to remind them from where there money is taken. Who better than a whistle-blower?

  22. Jack Porter is left of Elaine Bryant. She is endorsed by Ruth’s List. Read her position on law enforcement on her website.

  23. If telling the truth and/or offering a non-offensive opinion is a violation of a policy, anyone’s policy… then I’m proud to be guilty of violating said policy… this is nothing more than a collision at the intersection of misguided white-guilt and the cancel culture mob mentality.

    Ignorance abounds in these days of our Lord.

  24. It’s a policy. He violated it.
    You can’t spew “law and order” and then make an exception to give the sergeant a free ride when he violates a department rule.

    Can’t have your cake and eat it, too, buckaroos.

    1. Haha. And as usual, the people crowing about their first amendment rights the loudest are the people who understand it the least. The first amendment is about not being arrested for saying something unpopular, not about being free from any consequence whatsoever. And in what universe is posting something to Facebook private? He might be a good cop, but he isn’t too clever.

    2. General Order 78, Procedure III, Section D outlines TPD’s social media protocols. Prohibited actions on social media include
      discrediting the City or the Police Department, = NOPE!
      jeopardizing the safety of another member, = NOPE!
      damaging a function of the Department, = NOPE!
      and damaging the Department’s professional relationships. = HOW, With whom, the marxist elements? please explain the violation. So I disagree, NO, no violations. Just following orders instead of following the law!!

    1. Totally agree Mr. Elwin.
      The promo to the highest level puts our brave Sergeant right into Reese Goad’s position. Then of course our brave Sergeant will have total authority over Police Chief Revell.
      Revell wont be able to go to the toilet without our brave Sergeant’s blessing!!!

    2. I believe what the City and Commissioners did was the action that should be addressed not the reaction to the action.

      First, the city manager was approved by a corrupt commission without doing a nationwide search which was to the detriment of the public at large. The corruption that engulfed the city Commission looked for someone who would further their agendas and look the other way at the corruption.

      The executive over the police department, deputy city manager is a detriment to the public at large as she has no experience in law enforcement and the crime rate is the worst in Florida.

      Painting graffiti misusing taxpayers money to make a political statement that fuels violence was wrong..

      I believe the suspension with pay should have been the extent of the Sgt’s admonishment.

      The city manager and deputy city manager should be removed and replaced and the incumbents should be voted out.

      The mayor kowtows to the Democratic-Progressive party liberal agendas and corruption and should be voted out if not removed sooner.

      If the citizens want to initiate substantial gains to improving the quality of life in Tallahassee citizens must vote for:

      Vote Schack, Jack, Tommy Mills, and Scott Flowers on or before August 18th.

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