City Commission Candidate Profile: Geraldine Seay

City Commission Candidate Profile: Geraldine Seay

Geraldine Seay filed to run for City Commission Seat 2 in October 2019. Trish Brown, Lynette Halter, Bill Schack, and incumbent Curtis Richardson are also running.

Seay worked as the owner and executive director of B Sharps Jazz Society in Frenchtown. She has also worked as an associate professor at Florida A&M University, an assistant professor at Virginia Union University, a special education and english teacher, and a bank teller. She has a Ph.D. in English from the University of Florida. Seay says unique features of her campaign are focusing on truth and finding solutions to issues that are often ignored. Key focuses are quality education and economic equity.

What motivated you to run for local office?

“Quite frankly, the refusal of the city to act in the interest of the citizens is my main reason for running.”

What unique perspective would you bring to the position?

“I’ve lived in several different economic strata, many different cities, have attended many different universities or taught in them. These experiences allow me to use different perspectives in making decisions.”

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing Tallahassee?

1. Quality education
2. Economic equity
3. Affordable Housing
4. Private prisons
5. Public transport

What is your plan to address these challenges?

“In each case the answers are fairly straightforward. Everyone knows what the solutions are, but there seems to be no WILL to actually fix the issues. It’s time to put the solutions on the table.”

Responsibilities of the City Commissioner position include setting City policies and setting tax rates. It has a four-year term length and annual salary of $39,588.00. The primary election date is August 18 and the general election date is November 3.

Campaign contribution and expenditure information is available here.

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