Leon County COVID Cases Continue Trending Down

Leon County COVID Cases Continue Trending Down

The latest COVID information show that the number of news cases in Leon County is trending downward.

On July 19th we reported that new cases began to trend down from a 7-day average peak of 123 on July 6th. Then on August 5th we reported that the trend of new cases had flattened.

The chart below – using data through August 20th – shows that the 7-day average of daily new cases began trending down again around August 7th, when the 7-day average was 92 cases. As of August 20th, the 7-day average of new cases is 58. The number of new cases has not been this low since late June.

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  1. From aiding and abetting lawlessness and treason, to voter intimidation, to producing “how to” movies for their malleable sleeper drone maniacs, Judicial Tampering, unfettered antisemitism, orchestrating a coup d’état , and stolen valor… these people offer nothing but hatred for America, Her President, and We Her Citizens.

    As a NPA Super Voter… I do not at all want a 1-Party government. I want free expression and diverse ideas and thoughts brought to the table. But I must say… that you Democrats have given me no confidence in casting my vote for any Democrat at any level of government… you have left me – and I can assure you, many others – with no other choice but to stick with a winning President.

    Your senile, Dementia-med-dependent, old Democrat Party leadership has lost it completely… and your newbies are racist, bigoted, intolerant, ignorant, and filled with hate for this Great Nation and what She stands for. For God’s sake, your darling of the future was a marginally-qualified ex-bartender, who won a race due to apathy and thinks we can land on the sun… if we go at night.

    I cannot in good conscience, and for the sake of my children and my Country, cast a vote for any Democrat at any level of government in 2020.

    1. God Bless you Edward Lyle!

      You just stated what should be the keynote address at the Republican National Convention!

      That was beautiful!

  2. Thanks Steve for providing this forum to allow for the expression of views.

    Hope – The Grifters/Trumps have learned their is a certain mentality of certain voters who can be easily played while they milk the system for every dime they can because all those voters care about is whether their political party wins for the 1 or 2 specific policy issues they support; regardless of the integrety or capabilities of that person representing the party. Trump use to say he wss a Democrat but changed to saying he is Republican because he realized he could have more grifting success by saying so.

    Don’t buy American-made Goodyear tires while wearing your China-made MAGA hat.

    Trump 2020 – Promise Everything, Deliver Nothing, Accept No Responsibility!

    Trump doesn’t really care for the day-to-day role of being executive leader he just likes to perpetually campaign.

    Looking forward to the upcoming Freak Show.

    1. I love the company Goodyear… in fact, I have family who has owned several locations for many many years.

      The problem is not with Goodyear per se, it is with a policy that they have that is derogatory to some and doesn’t support others. I believe this issue will be cleared up.

      It is good that Trump sees the potential for a policy like this to get out of control and cause more problems.

      I believe because of Trump’s intervention things will be better than before with Goodyear and a more fair policy – for all – will evolve.

  3. Here’s a stat. 5700ish total proven cases in Leon. 28 deaths. 89 currently hospitalized. That means 5600ish recovered or mild so far = 98%+. Plus unknown number of asymptomatic.

      1. There is NO evidence that mask mandates work. For every article that say they work there is one that says they don’t. The virus will not go away, we will become immune and another will take its place. That’s the way nature works. The only thing different with this virus in that Trump is President. Look up the response for H1N1 by Obama and Biden. Our Commissioners are on a power trip. Wearing a face diaper does very little, given that people do not wear them correctly (wear them under their noses, touching them constantly then touching other things and contaminating those things, wearing the same mask without washing it for days or weeks on end, pulling them down to talk, etc. etc.). Making the leap that the number of cases going down is because of the masks is not provable by any metric. Check out the cases in California where they have always had a mask mandate.

        1. Wow trying to deal with you non-science people is exhausting ( however I will concede to you the point about people who can’t figure out how to wear a mask) but hey the earth is flat, the moon landing didn’t happen and the Tri-lateral Commission is winning. Sad very sad!

  4. Hope – Here is the truly saddest part about Trump; the reason he allowed so many Americans to die of the virus by deliberately ignoring warnings by Health Professionals is because his buddy Putin put a bounty on American lives… Why else wouldn’t he had immediately condemned Russia other than he is owned by the KGB?

    1. HaHa now THAT’S funny, Trump allowing Americans to die……….. Way back when it was first known, it was TRUMP that wanted to BAN Frights from China and it was the DEMOCRATS that BLOCKED him. It was the DEMOCRATS that has been blocking Trump every step of the way. Look at their Relief Packages, they are full of crap that will HURT America, which is why they were for several $TRILLIONS of Dollars. If you HAVE to Blame someone, it is the DEMOCRATS, not Trump. The Death Tolls would be a lot higher if not for the actions that Trump was able to do. Trump better win in November or we are doomed.

    2. John,

      You are misinformed. While Trump was saving lives and closing off travel to protect us Nancy Pelosi and the Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight were on the Vendetta train to impeach Trump; — that derailed and failed miserably.

      All to draw attention away from the Joe Biden and Hunter Biden Ukraine episode where they both committed treason.

      A vendetta that was so politically motivated that it is unconscionable that so much energy could be expended into something so ridiculous at the expense of humanity.

      Happy to correct your mistaken recollection.

  5. Hope – The only thing Trump has taken away from China is the virus responsible for over 100,000 deceased Americans which could have been significantly reduced could he have found some time to get off a golf course.

    How much money did you contribute to build the wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for and instead lined the pockets of Trump’s buddies and, probably the entire family of Trump Grifters just like their phony charities? Trump trying to distance himself from it but as they say about a sinking ship, “The Rats are the first to leave”.

  6. How many millions of dollars has Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the rest of the Biden family profited from China?

    How many millions of dollars has Donald J Trump taken away from China and brought back to America?

  7. Good news indeed and this will be totally ignored by our County Kommissars. They’ll keep the mask mandate in place and will not be happy until there are zero Covid19 cases (unrealistic). In the meantime they’ll help increase the amount of patients with antibiotic resistant pulmonary staph infections and respiratory acidosis for those poor Leon County souls that have to wear masks all day long. Those “anti-Covid” masks are warm moist “stews” of bacteria ready and willing to make you sicker than any Covid virus. Great job County Kommissars for choosing hysteria over real science. Look at places around the world, like Hawaii and L.A. they’ve had mask mandates from the beginning and they also experienced significant spikes in cases. Masks. Do. Not. Work. Stop. Lying. To. Yourselves.

    1. Interesting take on real science, would love to see some support. In the meantime, we probably should start warning all those mask pushers in the environmental health sector and at OSHA to stop recommending/requiring masks for all sorts of non-covid related potential exposures….you know those pesky harmful dusts, fogs, mists, gases, smokes, sprays or vapors. Do.Not.Quit.Your.Day.Job.

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