County Commission Candidate Kelly Otte Says Man was “Motivated by Hate and Violence.”

County Commission Candidate Kelly Otte Says Man was “Motivated by Hate and Violence.”

Leon County Commissioner candidate Kelly Otte expressed her views about the recent altercation at a downtown protest on her candidate Facebook page.

Referring to the man who brandished a gun after being attacked at the protest, Otte wrote, “I can’t imagine any legitimate scenario where he is not charged with a crime.”

Otte went on to assign blame and motivation in the altercation which is still being investigated by law enforcement officials.

Otte wrote that the “gunman brought a gun to a peaceful protest and went out of his way to antagonize people – literally pushing a woman to escalate the situation.”

She said the man “was motivated by hate and violence.”

The Facebook post is provided below.

Otte is in a race with Carolyn Cummings to fill an at-large seat on the Leon County Commission. The election is November 3rd.


Kelly Otte Statement

The violence directed at the peaceful racial justice protesters this weekend was infuriating. The gunman brought a gun to a peaceful protest and went out of his way to antagonize people – literally pushing a woman to escalate the situation. That’s not exercising his right to freedom of speech – that’s using a gun to terrify and hurt people. What he did was motivated by hate and violence. I can’t imagine any legitimate scenario where he is not charged with a crime.

There is an opportunity for our leadership to reflect on how our local law enforcement evaluates risk and de-escalates aggressive situations. As County Commissioner I will work to increase awareness of how bias impacts actions, policies and procedures and work to enact positive change. It is clear we need to do better as a community. As your next County Commissioner, I’m ready to continue doing the work that I’ve been doing for the past 30 years — dismantling racism by naming it when I see it and holding others accountable for their actions and behaviors.

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  1. Bored with it. No one was hurt. Its a big nothing. Worry more about ghetto youths in gangs with guns. Or who isn’t wearing a mask! (Sarcasm)?

  2. Steve,

    Will you please remove the few “personal negative” comments? I don’t think those are fair and it is actually bullying.

    I am sure everyone commenting graduated from elementary school so they need to act like it.

    1. We reviewed the comments and removed a couple that contained profanity and personal attacks. Please commenters, be as aggressive as you want on your position without profanity and personal attacks.

  3. Ms. Otte made a conscious decision to put out a “public” statement of her position on the matter. However ill-informed and ill-advised it may be, it was her decision to make said “public” statement. Given the elected position she seeks, she should have no expectation of media protection from either accolades or criticism of her “public” statement(s) on any issue she chooses to lament.

    When considering the potential fallout or pushback – or criticism of said – I find it best to reverse the roles in each situation. For example… what might the reaction have been if Ms. Otte put out a “public” statement in favor of the gentleman who exercised his right to self-defense in that situation? What would the reaction be if she had stated that those who attacked the gentleman – thus causing him to exercise his right to self-defense – were “motivated by hate and violence”?

    If you expect to please everyone, or escape accountability for your words and actions… then elected office is not the career for you.

  4. Otto the tent maker is wrong. Every MAN (or woman) has the RIGHT to protect themselves with firearms when kicked down, assaulted, faced with grievous bodily harm or death, surrounded by violent protesters without repercussions or self-defense actions. Just like when these protesters broke the law of peaceful protesting. it made using personal protection firearms lawful.

  5. So, Kelly, you feel blocking traffic is not violence nor breaking the law. You, obviously, don’t believe in the 2nd Amendment, and you don’t feel you need to look at all the videos before making a rash judgement. Sounds like Seattle Commissioner 2.0.

    Hope you have another job opportunity /

  6. Blacks say, ” Don’t blame ALL Blacks because of the acts of a few” but, THEY “Demand we blame ALL Cops because of the acts of a Few”. Sounds just like Democrats to me.

  7. I can’t imagine any scenario where the big fat guy who kicked him while he was on the ground would not be arrested, but he wasn’t. This man was protecting himself and thank God he had the means to do so.

  8. Steve, I respect your involvement in our community….and you are one of its leaders…heck I consider you someone I’m friendly with, but I must cry foul on this. The reason is in a recent posting…I think on this same subject …that you agreed with, you closed out the comment section. But this, something you wrote on the same issue giving your point of view, you then open up comments to seek to skewer a good person. Why couldn’t you close out comments on this as you did the other?

    1. Mike,

      First, thank for your comment. Second, we have never closed off comments on a specific story. We did have technical issues with all comments after we had to upgrade our servers due to increased traffic. Third, this story is about Kelly’s point of view on a salient issue- in her own words. The only bias I may be guilty of is deciding her post is relevant to her candidacy. Obviously, I think it is. Choosing what to publish is a tough exercise. Again, I appreciate your comment and criticism. It keeps me aware of different perspectives and results in a better product. Sincerely, Steve Stewart

  9. It is as if she didn’t even watch any of the videos. Kelly, its called self-defense and its completely legal. What she should be asking is what would the violent (and illegal) protesters have done to him and gotten away with had he not a the gun to protect himself. And she should want to know when battery charges will be coming for the protesters who were the antagonists and intolerant of a counter view (and there illegally). Someone should remind her that counter-protests are just as protected a protests but she doesn’t seem to open to “other” perspectives, just like her buddy Andrew Gillum (who she supported for Governor- can you imagine!?!?)

  10. I wouldn’t vote for someone who supported Andrew Gillum and really believed that he did a good job or was a good influence. Nor would I ever support a candidate who thinks people have the right to cause panic by blocking traffic and abiding citizens from going about their way.

  11. This is an example of the reason Democrats are going to lose the election. For the record, I personally agree that the guy had no business showing up and causing trouble and I also plan to vote to remove trump from office. But I am not the police or the prosecutors and I cannot possibly weigh the evidence and the law to say whether he should be prosecuted. The protesters strike a tone that is completely dismissive of others’ views and directs disdain, rather than focusing on what should be their message – which is we should all work together to recognize and solve a problem that impacts our fellow citizens. We can agree to disagree but we must let the voices on each side be heard. Maybe then people won’t feel compelled to show up somewhere with a gun which puts everyone at risk. And yes, they should get a permit if they are going to block the streets. They can easily stand on the side of the road with signs to better make their point.

  12. The above comment by “Jay Bird” is despicable, but seems to be the general attitude of all the other people who responded to Ms Otte’s post (except one), since no one called him on it.

  13. Another idiot running for public office in Tallahassee. Do you people never learn? Kelly read upon the law in Florida, you sound so stupid.!

    1. So… you’re one of those “facts; investigation?… we don’t need no stinking facts or investigation”

      Guilty ’cause I said so… hmmm… not very “pragmatic'” of you Rick.

  14. I will not vote for this delusional woman who would rather appeal to her liberal base instead of waiting for the investigation to be played out. This type of person will welcome rioters into Tallahassee.

  15. Otte, like most liberals, believe they have psychic powers that allows them to know a persons mind set and motivations. Like most liberals, Otte is projecting what she is onto the guy who stood his ground and scattered a bunch of cockroaches who thought incorrectly, that they could beat him down.

    1. In Tallahassee politics it is quite common to have to choose between the feces or vomit candidate. Feel your pain Thomas. I choose not to comment specifically on the Kelly Otte statement as my fellow posters have already covered that so completely!!!

  16. If Kelly thinks this is a peaceful protest you have to wonder what planet she is from?

    Kelly is inciting the radicals and that is unacceptable. Ms Cummings just has to sit there and be quiet and the race is hers to win because Kelly just lost hers.

  17. An unpermitted protest, blocking the roadway, illegally, where a person was pushed, to the ground and kicked. Yes, of course, coming from you, that is peaceful. The gentleman, that was attacked, has a concealed carry LICENSE! His life was in danger. He did what he needed to do, to protect himself. As soon as the police told him, to drop the weapon, he did. Why don’t you take a concealed weapons class and learn, rather than spewing what you think is right. Just cuz it comes out of your mouth, doesn’t mean it’s right! You are so out of touch, with reality! You are exactly what this town DOES NOT NEED!

  18. Dear Miss Otte, The man you refer to was attacked, according to the video. Is he supposed to let his attackers keep attacking him? Don’t confuse your opinion with evidence. As for ‘bring a gun’ to a protest, he had a concealed weapons permit and may carry his firearm anywhere not prohibited by law. ‘Protests’ are not on the list of prohibited places. In addition, you’ve cleared it up for me as to who to vote for.

  19. SNOWFLAKE! Don’t know were she came from, were she is going, just drifting around! What a joke! Ain’t got a clue! The man would have gotten beaten bad! The gun served it purpose and deescalated violence! The women was pushed by her boyfriend into the man with gun!

  20. Lady if you are in the streets blocking law biding citizens from going and coming, that is NOT a peaceful protest, that is breaking the law. The people blocking the street should be arrested. I sure hope the citizens of Tallahassee reject you bid for public service

  21. Kelly why lie about the laws and order vyou claim to represent ?
    The law breakers are allowed to intimidate others….and this must stop.
    How long have you worked for a foreign marxist corporation ?
    I see a conflicted interests.
    You should resign now.

    1. We seem to get a revolving door of vendors and non profit liberals from commission to NP to commission. And back again. It is a club.

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