COVID Spikes in Zip Code 32304, Stable in Others

COVID Spikes in Zip Code 32304, Stable in Others

Over the last week, new COVID cases have significantly increased in Leon County primarily due to a spike in cases reported in zip code 32304.

TR reported last week about a decline in COVID cases before students returned to Tallahassee. Now that students have arrived, the number of COVID cases have spiked in 32304 and increased in other zip codes.

During the weeks ending August 22 and August 29, zip code 32304 averaged less that 100 new COVID cases. However, for the week ending September 5, zip code 32304 reported over 600 cases.

The graph below shows the change in new COVID cases over a three week period. Along with 32304, zip codes 32301 and 32310 showed significant increases during the week ending September 5.

Other zip codes during this three-week period remained stable with lower numbers or declined.


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  1. Disregard the Q responses on here, and wear your mask, get tested as need be, and read the science. We know what delivers results, without bringing politics into it. Long term affects is what needs to be a big concern. Scientists, in the lab, recently found Covid can slice up the long fibers that hold the heart together, and they saw big, black holes where DNA should be. The study has not been peer reviewed, but was alarming enough to release the results anyhow. Possibilities like this, should be your prompt to protect yourselves, and those around you. After all respecting yourself and others, doesn’t involve politics.

  2. Did you know that a cloth or surgical mask on a person WITHOUT the virus does absolutely nothing? You do now.
    Did you know that the virus is now prevalent in the U.S. population–making “contact tracing” nigh impossible, and masks on normal people, while idiots without them are at the same time screaming in each other’s faces, ridiculous? You do now.
    Did you know that you can still contract the virus while waiting for your test result? You do now. So you’re “negative”… or are you “positive”? Or are you positive that you’re negative? Did you know that you can still get it the day after a ‘negative” test result? So testing beyond a spot result for something other than food service or admission to a clinic or hospital is… Yep! You guessed it.
    There is a reason why the same people that advocate for abolishing the 2nd amendment want you to wear a mask: because someone with a gun may be irresponsible or criminal, no one should have them; because someone doesn’t know how to behave responsibly, wash himself, and maintain social distance, everyone should be treated as if they are infected.
    Why was it again that hundreds of asymptomatic people lined up and idled the gas out of their cars for five hours in the Florida sun for one of these precious tests? Who were these people—exactly–and what was their real motivation?

  3. Counting cases is irrelevant. It’s like counting cars on a California freeway and saying “look how many cars could get in an accident”. Even the CDC has exposed the numbers ruse.

    This is no longer about a health crisis (if it ever really was at all), this is about politics. When Andy “Auschwitz” Cuomo can get away with killing thousands of New York’s elderly – and receive praise from the Media PACs for his malfeasance – then you know all you need to know about the Great Covid Scare of 2020.

      1. Breathing just fine, thanks… and thinking for myself too, you should try it sometime.

        “How do you know who your daddy is?… ‘cause your mama told you so”


  4. 32304 is where the ‘block parties’, large crowd gas station parking lot gatherings, and other such ‘gatherings’ occur.

    1. It is also the area where tons of students live who are most likely not following the guidelines to keep themselves and others safe. They’re going into restaurants and stores after going to their house parties when there shouldn’t be any large gatherings.

    2. You do know there are 4 sites that you can be tested for the CV19.
      Right? All require appointments except ONE! Home Depot N.W. is a walk in, which is in the 32304 area code. I’m pretty sure they are using the #’s, going by location site. These people can live anywhere in Leon county? Not just 32304.
      It’s always flows down hill Again!! French Town, FSU, NW area, Betton Hills, of LC . Wait! What? Oh yeah! Betton Hills is part of the 32304 zip, you may see a change of their zip codes or the locations for the Faux walk in’s and the numbers Soon. Frank you might better get on those folks for having Block parties in Betton Hills their a bad group of party animals over there.

  5. So, when is FSU’s President Thrasher going to say something Publicly to enforce distancing and prohibit large gatherings? Or, does he just go public for removing statues and renaming buildings?

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