City Commission Votes to Introduce Citizens Police Review Board Ordinance

City Commission Votes to Introduce Citizens Police Review Board Ordinance

After three officer-involved shootings this year, the City Commissioners unanimously voted to introduce an ordinance creating a Citizens Police Review Board (CPRB) at their meeting today.

The City Commissioners approved the creation of the CPRB in June after weeks of nationwide protests against police brutality.

The CPRB will be tasked with reviewing investigations of excessive or deadly force by police. Staff reports that citizen involvement in policing is intended to increase trust between law enforcement and the community.

City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox said the CPRB is not a perfect solution, but it is a start.

“I just wanted to say to the citizens, I’ve heard you. We’ve looked around the country, and this is the best that we can do with our current law right now, and so I’m asking you to just ride with us and work with us,” Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox said.

The proposed ordinance, Ordinance No. 20-O-31, outlines components of the CPRB. According to the ordinance, the board will be made up of nine volunteer members appointed by the City Commission, four of which will be appointed from nominations by community organizations. Members will serve three-year terms.

Members of the board cannot be City employees or relatives of TPD employees. Members will receive training on TPD policies, attend the TPD citizens academy, and participate in a ride-along.

Notably, the board will perform “after the fact”—after TPD’s internal investigations or grand jury proceedings have concluded. The board will have the authority to review and provide recommendations on investigations.

The board will also be required to prepare an annual report to the City Commission, the City Manager, and the Chief of Police.

According to the ordinance, all CPRB meetings will be open to the public in compliance with the Sunshine Law. Meetings will be held at least once per quarter.

A public hearing for the ordinance will be held Sept. 23, 2020.

16 Responses to "City Commission Votes to Introduce Citizens Police Review Board Ordinance"

  1. Since you plan to do this no matter what…….. AT LEAST make it where EVERYONE on that board MUST do 2 Nights every other week as a Full Shift Ride Along on the South Side and other Crime Riddled areas.

  2. Two points… if I may…

    1. If this is an “after the fact” board – meaning after TPD’s internal investigations or grand jury proceedings have concluded – how exactly can they review and provide recommendations on investigations. And further… what’s the point?

    2. “According to the ordinance, all CPRB meetings will be open to the public in compliance with the Sunshine Law.”… and this will be voted on by a City Commission that held an illegal “out of the Sunshine” meeting to approve and allocate taxpayer time, money, and resources to paint a huge “Marxists Welcome” sign in the middle of the city.

    … oh yeah… this is gonna work

  3. Just what they need! A Police review Board. The Pizza slinger Matlow wants to know how much the Police presence cost and they used to much force. He needs to stick with making Pizzas and leave the policing to the Professionals. The Law is the Law! If these protests are not stopped and controlled Antifa will infiltrate and really start some destruction so at what cost. Do they want to see Tallahassee burned and looted, Hopefully not!

  4. As long as city government appoints the members of the police review board, it’s just another fake “independent” voice of the city. In reality it’s a political arm of the city commissioners.
    Are the findings of the board published without review or editing by the city? You don’t think their reports go to the media without prior review by the mayor and city manager, do you?
    Imagine what would happen to the board if it found city government has intervened inappropriately in TPD operations.

    1. Having non law enforcement trained/experienced citizens reviewing police actions makes as much sense as having non managers reviewing the contracting process or personnel actions of the city,
      It’s never a good idea, or even logical, to have amateurs evaluating experts. Egos, politics, and bias prevail.

  5. The political meddling of city council in police matters is a big concern. How about we consolidate law enforcement under an elected sheriff and save money at the same time?

    1. To be clear: You’re in agreement to abolish the TPD and defund the police. Thus, freeing up City dollars for other much needed human services and vesting all law enforcement for the county under the purview of the elected Leon County Sheriff. Let’s get this one on the closest ballot possible!

  6. Following this logic we will also need another board to review the decisions made by The Esteemed Citizens Police Review Board. And if anyone complains then of course a third board to review the decisions made by the second board that just reviewed the decisions made by The Esteemed Citizens Police Review Board.
    Sheer genius local elected nannys!!!
    And as a plus our local elected nannys will be insulated from making any uncomfortable decisions by 3 layers of Boards.
    Thanks a lot local elected nannys!

    1. Let’s have a citizens city government review board. It could be organized the same way as the police review board, except the appointments would be made representatives of law enforcement agencies in the city.

  7. This board funnels money into Tiger Bay, the mayor makes TV commercials misusing his position as mayor, a previous commissioner was indicted on felony corruption charges and will be going to federal prison, the previous mayor was recently exposed in a sex drug orgy, they paint controversial political messages misusing their resources, tax dollars which incites violence and the list goes on and on.

    They fail to lead and are only constantly pandering to their political base.

    There already is a process in place. Between their junkets to Costa Rica, Sandestin, and Amelia Island what do they do other than misuse their positions and participate in corruption… or covers it up?

    We have a process in place and it seems to be working… it’s called the Grand Jury.

    What they should be doing is calling for a nationwide search for a city manager and a deputy city manager. When the police have to report to the deputy city manager who has no experience in law enforcement then we are skating on thin ice.

    Again, only one commissioner is for this Nationwide search and the other Commissioners need to come around and that would serve the citizens best at this time.

    1. I have always liked the idea of a constitutionally elected Sheriff to oversee law enforcement in the entire county. A sheriff answerable to the citizens, not a board or committee.

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