Virtual Town Hall on Children’s Services Council Set for Tomorrow

Virtual Town Hall on Children’s Services Council Set for Tomorrow

Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor and Tallahassee City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow are hosting a virtual town hall on the proposed Children’s Services Council (CSC) tomorrow, Sept. 10. The CSC, which has been controversial, is on the ballot this November.

According to a press release, “The proposal is estimated to levy approximately $96 million in property taxes over a 12-year period to fund a Council that would administer the proceeds to nonprofit agencies.”

Attorney Jon Moyle and lobbyist Barney Bishop have confirmed that they will be participating in the panel conversation. Moyle is a supporter of the CSC, and he serves as chairman of “Our Kids First,” a political committee focused on children’s issues.

Bishop, on the other hand, serves as chairman of Citizens for Responsible Spending and has voiced concerns over the CSC’s spending plan.

Following the panel discussion, the town hall will include the opportunity for the public to ask questions about the CSC.

The town hall will take place tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. via Zoom. The event will also be live-streamed on Facebook.

10 Responses to "Virtual Town Hall on Children’s Services Council Set for Tomorrow"

  1. Son’t waste your time with Matlow’s town halls. They don’t actually welcome diverse opinion, its just an echo chamber of their preconceived opinions. School reopening townhall was just a promotion for the teacher union point of view.

  2. Bryan Desloge supports the CSC. He is listed as a supporter on the “Our Kids First” website. Our Kids First is being funded by Washington DC swamp lurkers. Bryan Desloge issued a ridiculous mask mandate, an unneeded curfew that hurts local business and is being funded by the developers that are destroying his district. He is not a conservative.

  3. It’s said that over $200 million is already spent in Leon County on children. The CSC group has never responded how this is spent badly and why they think even more is needed.

    Also, Leon County leads other Counties across Florida In children metrics who already have CSC programs! Thus, we don’t need it!

  4. Bryan Desloge has written a nice article on just how BAD this would be for Leon County. ANY County & City Commissioner that is in favor of it should be voted out of office. It is a FACT that several Florida Counties tried it and REGRETTED it soon after. It is a HUGE Boondoggle and Money Pit. And once it is in place, there is NO Accountability on any of it or on ANY of the Members. They can Spend the money any way they want and raise your Property Taxes ant time they need more money. DON’T DO IT.

  5. You may think its not logical for Democrat politicians to tax us 96 Million Dollars over a 12 year period just so they can get 10 – 20 thousand extra in campaign contributions per year from the favored vendors of these not needed child services.
    But thats exactly what is happening.

  6. Am I the only one who finds it interesting how a “non-profit” is granted an exemption from having to pay taxes… but seeks to be funded by our tax dollars?

    The CSC should not be funded by confiscated earnings. Those who support this organization and its “cause” have every right to write a check to support it. The organization itself should, and does, have every right to hold fundraisers it support of its cause and operations. If it is a good cause that shows beneficial and measurable results, then people will support it of their own volition.

    In these challenging fiscal times, hardworking citizens should not be forced to finance social feel-good pilot programs. History shows that once these types of programs are launched using tax dollars, and all the fanfare and photo ops have concluded… the accountability tapers off, promised benchmarks are not achieved, measurable results are manipulated into a nonsensical but nifty annual PowerPoint presentation, and the tax dollar ask grows exponentially year-by-year.

    Start and grow your “nonprofit” with charitable donations, prove your program efficacy with empirical data and measurable results… and we’ll reassess the possibility of some level of taxpayer support at some later date.

  7. Sink it like an old ship. It is a money drain with no accountability, that will not be allowed to stop. If John Moyle is for it, count on $$$ wasted.

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