COVID Zip Code Report for Week Ending September 12

COVID Zip Code Report for Week Ending September 12

Last week TR’s COVID zip code report showed a spike of over 600 cases in 32304. Our latest report shows a spike of 479 cases in 32304 for the week ending September 12th.

The graph below shows the change in new COVID cases over a four week period for Leon County’s major zip codes.

Zip code 32301, with 111 new cases, was the only other zip code to report over 100 cases for the week.

Zip Code Map

7 Responses to "COVID Zip Code Report for Week Ending September 12"

  1. The behavior by the FSU fans on Saturday was selfish and reckless. Cases in ZIP Codes like 30209, 10 and 17 Have doubled since the “children” have come back to college. All the hard work in those local communities flushed away by selfish children who value a party over the health of their community. No more fans at games and go virtual. Sure the “students” will be fine, but there are many vulnerable folks in our communities who won’t. Shame.

  2. In totally unrelated news: “Brown U. epidemiologist finds zero hospitalizations from 26,000 positive COVID tests for college students.”

    And cue the scamdemic panic porn button for our Capital District Kommissars, lapdog media and clueless college administrators to furiously hit over and over and over and over and over and over.

  3. No mask > No Halloween > No Thanksgiving travel or shopping > No Christmas festivities including visiting xmas lights > No Church > No Grocery shopping > No bar hopping > Possible that FSU may switch to fully online and send students back to their parents’ homes.

  4. FSU, FAMU, & TCC back in session, football games, parties, & bars opening tomorrow. Any bets we will see a 2000 week?

    But then again, how many in hospital by zip codes? Come on TR investigate!

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