Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey: “We Should Play”

Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey: “We Should Play”

A week after the Leon County Commission voted 4-2 to keep parks closed to sporting events except for cross country, the City of Tallahassee is scheduled to take up a staff recommendation that would cancel city sponsored fall sports which include flag football and baseball.

However, Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey has stated that he will vote against the recommendation.

During his monthly appearance on the Morning Show with Preston Scott on Tuesday, Dailey said that he has consulted with medical professionals, mental health professionals and others and he believes “we should play.”

The item before the Tallahassee City Commission on Wednesday recommends not hosting organized sports at City facilities this fall, including football, cheerleading, volleyball, baseball and softball.

Dailey said he is not sure where his colleagues are on the issue, but he plans to discuss an alternative recommendation.

Dailey addressed several other issues during his appearance.

Dailey said he approved of the handling of the recent protests by the local law enforcement while supporting the right to protest. He pointed out that we cannot tolerate behavior that impacts public safety.

Dailey also reiterated his support for the creation of a Children Services Council through a voter initiative which is on the November ballot. If approved, a new property tax would generate approximately $8 million per year for children services programs.

And finally, Dailey acknowledged a recent increase in violent crime in Tallahassee and stated that it is something that we must deal with in a very challenging environment.

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  1. Its a virus! we can’t stop it nor run from it. We have to build immunity to it and get on with our lives. Yes, some will get sick and some will die from it, but that is life. You have a better chance on dying in a car accident.

  2. If you can’t convince them with facts, baffle them with BS. Mayor Smiley believes he can prevail with bafflegab. Nice bow tie, part of the image of being likeable.

  3. He hasn’t dealt with it yet, what is he waiting on? If he raises my property taxes again, to pay for some worthless council I’m outta here. Tallahassee is going to hell in a handbasket.

  4. 10K cases over 7 months and Leon County is no longer a hotspot for several weeks. Outdoor activities are safe and important for physical and mental health. Stay home if you need to but don’t make it so everyone else has to.

  5. The way I look at it there is a crying need to help disadvantaged young people in this community grow into good citizens but I’m turned-off by funding yet another local government bureaucracy especially one likely to squander resources and have no real impact.

    1. I agree and empathize with you position, Rick, but may I suggest that there is a single word that better describes what you correctly described as “a crying need to help disadvantaged young people in this community grow into good citizens”… and that word is “parenting”.

      We will never truly solve or have any substantive positive impact on any societal challenge… unless we are willing to point to, name, and address the root cause of said challenge. A couple of notable quotes from President Ronald Reagan come to mind…

      * “Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.?“

      * “Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them.”

      * “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

      * “Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.”

  6. We have had over 10,225 cases and a rash of deaths recently. Tally is officially a hot spot. NO we should not be playing sports. Will just add to the spread. Mayor this is an irresponsible move.

    1. 10K cases over 7 months and Leon County is no longer a hotspot for several weeks. Outdoor activities are safe and important for physical and mental health. Stay home if you need to but don’t make it so everyone else has to.

    2. Did you see what the RECOVERY number was for children 0-19 years old??!!! It’s 99.997%!!! You people that are so scared to live your lives and also INFRINGE upon the lives of everyone else with this baseless, irrational fear of breathing the air or you will surely drop dead, need to STAY THE HECK HOME IN YOUR HAZMAT SUITS and let the rest of us live our LIVES!! My FREEDOM DOES NOT STOP WHERE YOUR FEAR BEGINS!! ?

    3. If I ever decide to start up a scam, my corporate motto is going to be, “For the children.”
      CSC is a conduit for tax dollars to the friends of city officials.
      Throw tax dollars at it, be sure the accountability is hazy, make your contributors loyal.

  7. ” Leon County Commission voted 4-2 to keep parks closed to sporting events except for cross country” …………………….. This is total BS. If you shut down Sports you shut them ALL DOWN including your Baby, the Cross Country Event.

  8. I happened to catch the interview this morning. Preston took a strong and valid approach towards the Mayor regarding the CSC. The Mayor tap-danced around Mr. Scott’s prescient point regarding lack of responsible and involved parenting… and pivoted back to the standard “it takes a village” rhetorical nonsense.

    Taxpayers should not be financing “non-profit” start-ups. These programs should prove their worth and efficacy using donations and fund raisers. However, should a downturn in the economy cause a shortfall – and the program indeed shows empirical data supporting their value and success – then; and only then should they seek some grant-style spot funding to temporarily cover the shortfalls.

    The most interesting comment from the Mayor (and don’t miss this) was when he spoke of the program’s oversight… and that if the program is not working as promised, “we will have to (pause) go in a different direction”. Translation: “We will simply rename the failure or take it over ourselves, and continue wasteful spending”.

    These social feel-good “it’s all about the children” programs are a disaster wherever they are sold and approved. The promises are never kept, the benchmarks are never achieved, and the results are marginal at best. Most of the funds are typically spent on a “friends and family” employment program, and the intended recipients only see pennies on the dollar.

    Vote as you wish, as is your right… but as someone who has had a hands-on inside experience with these programs here in Florida and elsewhere… this taxpayer will be voting no.

    1. Good take on the interview Edward. I was listening too and got the idea that after the local FBI investigation local unchecked spending to communitty leaders to deliver the minority vote has dried up. Therefore we have this new unchecked proposed spending called the children’s tax being pushed upon us to be used for delivering the minority vote. Basically, as an example, local leadership will be given say $150,000 per local minority Reverend to help the precious childern. $25,000 can be used to put on some sort of a shame show such as childern’s pizza parties with the Reverands giving sermons in the background. Then the remaining $125,000 is clear to spend on the Reverend’s new Cadillac car and diamonds for the wife…totally unchecked other than the shame pizza party. The Reverands and other local minority leaders then willingly begin guiding local minorities to voting Democrat.
      That basically in a nutshell is the whole intent of raising property tax to fund the “Childern’s Tax”.
      Also I got the feeling The Mayor tap-tap-danced around Preston’s inquiry about why the traffic camera got pointed away from the BLM city funded painting in the middle of the street. The Mayor pretended not to know about it.

  9. If you are for the CSC you have no credibility as a public servant. Stamp loser across your head and move on… all lemmings exit stage left.

    1. TRUE. The CSC is a Money Grab and a huge Boondoggle. Many Florida Counties have come out and said they regretted ever doing that and advises NOT to create a CSC. I for one am against it 100%. I feel that, if you raise my Property Tax, you better have done something that raise my Property Value in return.

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