Case Against LCS Principal David Solz Dismissed by Administrative Law Judge

Case Against LCS Principal David Solz Dismissed by Administrative Law Judge

In a 30 page order dated September 21st – based on an administrative hearing held July 27th and 28th – Florida Administrative Law Judge Gary Early recommended that a complaint filed against Leon County Schools Principal David Solz be “dismissed in its entirety.”

After Leon County Schools Superintendent Rocky Hanna issued Mr. Solz a letter of reprimand on August 31, 2018 related to a relationship with a LCS teacher, the Florida Commissioner of Education issued an Administrative Complaint against Solz.

The complaint, filed on September 5, 2019 after an investigation, alleged that:

During the 2017/2018 school year, Respondent engaged in a sexual relationship with Brooke Jahn, a married teacher who was a direct report to Respondent. During the course of their relationship, Respondent afforded Teacher Jahn preferential treatment as compared to similarly situated employees thereby creating a hostile work environment. Respondent’s preferential treatment of Teacher Jahn included but was not limited to:

a) Jahn was provided training not offered or made available to other teachers;

b) Respondent had Jahn accompany him on at least one school related out of town trip without making the opportunity available to other teachers; and

c) Rules regarding supervision of students were relaxed for Jahn as compared to other teachers.

A hearing was held on July 27th & July 28th via Zoom and testimony and exhibits were presented. Both parties filed proposed recommended orders.

Based on the information submitted, Judge Early wrote in his recommended order that the “evidence in this case demonstrates that Respondent did not engage in a sexual relationship with Ms. Jahn during the 2017-2018 school year while Ms. Jahn was a direct report to Mr. Solz.”

Early also concluded that the evidence demonstrated that Mr. Solz took reasonable measures to notify the LCS Superintendent of his interest in Ms. Jahn before engaging in a relationship and that Mr.Solz was willing to transfer from Gilchrist Elementary School to avoid any appearance of improper conduct.

Early’s recommended order stated the “Petitioner failed to prove, beyond clear and convincing evidence” for eight different allegations.

Mr. Solz is currently the principal at Astoria Park Elementary School.

The Florida Commission on Education was represented by Attorney Ron Weaver and Mr. Solz was represented by Attorney Stephen Webster.

9 Responses to "Case Against LCS Principal David Solz Dismissed by Administrative Law Judge"

  1. Here come the armchair investigators who want to step right over the system and its analysis of the evidence, because you filthy creeps think that picking over the salacious gossip makes you experts.

    Get a hobby.

    1. It wasn’t an analysis of the evidence, it was a kangaroo court. And there is much he has done that didn’t make it in that is disturbing. Salacious gossip? I think not. No other place besides Tallahassee does a person like this get placed in charge of elementary school children. And to address your comment, most would view him as the “filthy creep” not the people who were appalled by his behavior.

  2. There are many awfully nice cars parked in the ALJ spots at DOAH. They sure do seem to stretch that $120K a year pretty far. I wonder what it takes for add ons like “wonderful.”

      1. Haha. I don’t know many people who make that salary that get a stipend that puts them in a jag. But I guess there are many good leases out there right now with the low interest rates. Still, it must be hard to be the lowest paid “judge” in town. Can’t imagine the pressure.

  3. In closing the court stated even though it may not seem right to…well just about everyone…we are chalking this one up to the “boys will be boys doctrine” and confirmed with Rocky their weekend fishing trip on the river was still on.
    Bangs gavel “CASE DISMISSED”!!!!!!!!!

  4. “evidence in this case demonstrates that Respondent did not engage in a sexual relationship with Ms. Jahn during the 2017-2018 school year while Ms. Jahn was a direct report to Mr. Solz.”

    That has to be some interesting “evidence”. Exactly what “evidence” would on present to show that nothing happened?… and unopened condom, some unused product(s), a motel receipt that shows one single bed? A dinner for one receipt?

  5. Yes, let’s move on to more important issues such as holding the mayor and city commissioners accountable for their Black Lives Matter fiasco.

    The mayor and city commissioners held an out of the sunshine meeting to determine that they would misuse city resources and personnel and destruction of public property to paint a controversial political message tied to a terrorist organization.

    Curtis Richardson is up for re-election and he must be held accountable at the polls. Not only was he a coward and participated in illegal activities to put citizens in a dangerous situation he misused resources and he did it in secret.

    Then when the Black Lives Matters illegally protest came about Curtis hides under cover of a family funeral.

    Curtis has had the opportunity for years to mentor to our young people but he has nothing to show for that and instead our young people are at a crisis regarding the crime rate.

  6. So many lies!!!!! Solz and Jahn lied OVER AND OVER in their testimony! Solz made life miserable for so many teachers! Jahn was proud of her relationship with Solz and flaunted it… even telling “friends” about how they had kinky sex. She was bragging long before Solz self-reported.

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