Weekly Report: Leon COVID Numbers Continue to Fall

Weekly Report: Leon COVID Numbers Continue to Fall

TR’s weekly report (September 28-October 4) on Leon County COVID cases, hospitalizations, and testing positivity rates shows declines in all three categories.

TR’s September 27th weekly report can be reviewed here.

The Leon County 7-day average (yellow-line) of reported COVID cases declined from 78 cases on September 27th to 51 cases on October 4th, a 35% drop.

The Leon County 7-day average (yellow-line) of reported COVID hospitalizations declined from 47 on September 27th to 45 on October 4th, a 4.3% drop.

The Leon County 7-day average (yellow line) COVID positivity rate declined from 4.97% on September 27th to 3.67% on October 4th, a 26.2% drop.

11 Responses to "Weekly Report: Leon COVID Numbers Continue to Fall"

  1. Hey Lena,

    It isn’t possible to stop the spread, just maybe slow it, and that train has already left the station. Time to move on like Sweden…lose the mask and get back to normal!

  2. Parents put trust in parents who claimed to be so concerned that schools open. They need to be jailed for sending virus sick kids to schools so law abiding parent’s kids can get sick and possibly die. The politicians who let it happen careers should end soon.

  3. I have had months of arguing with people to wear their masks in our workplace.

    Wear your masks! Ok?


    It isn’t over with and no matter how the Republicans are trying to sugarcoat it, over 10,000 Leon County residents have been confirmed sick and over 80 have died so far.

    The virus is NOT going to magically go away. It goes away when people stop spreading it.

    1. Wuhan coronavirus/covid-19/SARS-cov-2/ncov/novel Betacoronavirus/Pelosi/BiteMe/Cuomo disease goes away when large numbers of people have developed immunity to it… just like poliomyelitis, rubeola, rubella, smallpox…

      WHO has reported that, after a year, only 10% of world population has been infected (though Johns Hopkins says only 0.46% of world population infected, 0.014% died). CDCP reports today that 3.323% of Floridians have been infected, 0.068% have died. It’s still a lot of people, but nothing like the historical plagues/pandemics.

      Oh, and CDCP retracted their retraction… the aerosols remain suspended and infectious for hours. Without masks, the droplets & aerosols can travel nearly 30 feet from a sneeze; with masks, they travel only a couple feet…but remain floating in the air after you have moved on. OTOH, UVA slowly clobbers it, UVB a bit faster, & UVC in less than 2 minutes, so, outside in the sun is a whole different matter from indoors with incandescent. Fluorescents have fair amounts of UV. LEDs… well, it depends on the specific device; some have a higher UV option.

      FSU? Check TR’s zip code reports. It’s being both under- & over-reported everywhere. Mostly unavoidable.

      Wear your glasses & wash your hands.

  4. Thank you TR for reporting on this. Sadly none of these statics will influence Leon County that would like us to be in panic mode for the foreseeable future.

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