Leon County, Florida COVID-19 Numbers, UPDATED October 22nd

Leon County, Florida COVID-19 Numbers, UPDATED October 22nd

October 22nd

The latest information shows 11,854 positive coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Leon County since reporting began. This means there were 84 new cases reported since the last DOH COVID report.

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There have been 101 deaths reported in Leon County.

As of October 22nd, there were 41 COVID-19 patients hospitalized in Leon County. The chart below now shows current hospitalizations rather than cumulative numbers.

With regards to testing, the report indicates that 96,424 people have been tested and 84,427 of the tests were negative in Leon County. This translates to a 12.29% overall positive test rate. The 7- day average positivity rate in Leon County is 4.43%

The state-wide overall positive test rate was reported as 13.18%.

Positive cases in Florida increased from 762,534 to 768,091 since the last update.

Current hospitalizations decreased from 2,125 to 2,073.

Deaths increased from 16,210 to 16,267.

You can review trends of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths here.

Previous data tables can be viewed here.

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  1. I would like to see how many ACTIVE cases we have at the present, not the cumulative totals. I thought it was on here at one time. Where can we find that info? Thanks.

    1. Best that can be tracked is hospitalizations. Most people tested positive with COVID stay at home, therefore those cases aren’t tracked past the test. Hospitalizations would show the number of serious ‘active’ cases.

  2. If I have diabetes and I die in a car wreck my death is by an automobile accident. Likewise a person with COPD who dies during cancer treatments dies of cancer. The list could go on. If you have athsma and die on a ventilator with COVID, it’s a COVID death. The numbers are real. We take cancer and automobile safety very seriously as we do other causes of death. No one tries to pretend auto accidents are the result of infections or cancer is a myth.
    I suspect the people screaming that COVID (and calling it the china flue) are buying into political hype that is playing it down for political reasons. Four times the number of US soldiers that died in combat in Viet Nam is a very real number and worth taking seriously. We tend to live in information bubbles or echo chambers that repeat what we’ve heard over and over and again and like believing. Outside of the echo chamber a million (surely an underestimate) people in the world have died from this virus. The world is genuinely fighting a lethal pandemic. It’s real. Or so the overwhelming majority of scientists, health workers and humans on the planet believe.

  3. 10,500 cases, 69 people unfortunately lost their lives. Math says that’s a 0.6 percent chance or mortality. Can we get a cancer counter like this or a flu counter I’d love some context.

  4. Worrying about the number of China Flu “cases”, is like worrying about the number of cars on I-75 that “could” get into an accident. Even the CDC has confirmed that only about 11,000 have actually died “from” the China Flu.

    This no longer has anything at all to do with public health, and everything to do with manufacturing fear and blame in order to impact the November elections.

  5. A lot of political fear mongering out there but according to the Florida Health department tracking site the death rate in Florida just hit single digits for the first time in months. 9/15 listed 6 deaths. Obviously, if it’s a family member it’s more than a statistic but it does look like, at least to me, this first wave is coming to an end. Doesn’t mean people should stop following social distancing guidelines but it does mean we should all turn off 24/7 news and look at the data ourselves. Ignore the political hype on both sides of the spectrum.

  6. President Trump said to take hydroxychloroquine which was not proved in scientific trials to be effective. He suggested maybe looking at drinking disinfectants like Chlorox and people actually did it and got sick (https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news/articles/2020-06-05/cdc-some-people-did-take-bleach-to-protect-from-coronavirus). Let’s go further on the state’s right deal. So when a hurricane hits Florida should not seek federal assistance right because it should just be the responsibility of the State to fix that. I see. Let’s talk about no mask and social distancing while the President is tested daily and he sits on a stage socially distanced yesterday while all of his loyal supporters are sitting next to each other with no mask. Let’s see: He said it is what it is and meanwhile almost 200,000 people have died and as Tallahassee started off with almost no infections, we are now consistently at a test positivity rate in the double digits…Get outta here with all that

      1. Sir nothing is fake about Covid 19. I am a survival of it. I’m 60 years old and never in my life have I ever experienced or been sick with a cold or flu no longer than 3 to 5 days. With the Corona virus sick for over 14 days and after feeling well inhaling still hurt. So no it’s not fake news. Ask my sister in law who husband died after granddaughter came home infected. Ask the Als family who lost 2 family members. Ask the Pride family who lost 4 family members. Ask my customer who lost her brother and bestfriend. In Tallahassee Florida. Ask my sister’s God daughter who tested positive and on the same day her boss ( a doctor) died from Covid. Sir I can continue with the deaths?? also know some survival. Co-workers father released after 72 days in the hospital in Philly.. thank God he’s slowly getting better. My college friend brother was the 3rd METRO driver in Miami to from from Covid. IT IS REAL!!!?

  7. Vicki, your premises are flawed, therefore, your post is not well taken. The truth is, the economy is only devasted in “blue states”, where democrats continue to be on severe lockdown. Also, it is factual that President Trump acted in accordance with Dr. Fauci’s recommendations–every time! It is also true that President Trump closed incoming traffic from China and Europe, above almost EVERYONE”s disdain(including candidate Biden), at the time, thus saving hundreds of thousands of Americans from contracting COVID, when we knew so little about it. Also, he downplayed it early for our benefit, so a national panic would not happen. It also, was a great move for President Trump to allow each state to handle Covid in their own way. That’s’ what states rights are all about. Now we have 50 laboratories, that can be used to replicate successes in other states. In addition, President Trump provided everything EVERY governor asked for, even though the requests resulted in massive waste from non use from those states, like New York, Washington, and California. Plus while the democrats and media are busy trying to scare us to death, we find out from the CDC that there have only been around 9,200 deaths that can totally be attributed to COVID. Couple that with the hundreds of reports of deaths being reported as Covid, that weren’t, even confirmed by Dr. “scarf” Birx, it is likely that the actual COVID death count is WELL under what is officially reported. In short, President Trump, who I did not vote for in 2016, has done a very admiral job with Covid, and 20-20 hindsight can be attributed to anyone occupying the White House when Covid hit. Nobody, anywhere has gotten it totally right or wrong.

    1. Every single thing Detfan posted is a blatant lie. Please disregard all of the misinformation in Detfans post. Please listen and follow the information being provided by your local health experts and disregard this kind of stupidity.

  8. “Thank you, President Trump” as someone below wrote. We are so happy to know that you deliberately downplayed the seriousness of this virus so that it could spread throughout the country and devastate our economy – and people’s lives. We don’t yet know the long-term effects that people who have tested positive might have in the future (like the chickenpox virus of our childhoods later causing shingles as people grow older). He touted it as a hoax and his ignorant followers fell for that lie – when he KNEW it wasn’t a hoax, but was a serious threat to all Americans.

    1. If you’re scared of a virus that has a 99.97% recovery rate then STAY HOME AND PUT ON YOUR HAZMAT SUIT… FOREVER! 200,000 deaths out of 330,000,000 people is NOT enough to scare me and will NEVER justify trampling my, or any other American’s, freedoms or liberties. How did we ever live through & survive the Swine Flu, SARS, H1N1, etc without a mask?! ?
      Like I said, if you’re so scared to live your life, then STAY HOME! And while you’re at it, you can research The Spanish Flu which killed 50 million people! That WAS a Pandemic… this is NOT! Not even close.
      You may want to stop eating food in case you get food poisoning and die! You may want to stop driving in cars bcuz you could get killed in a car crash! You may want to stop flying bcuz you’re plane could crash! You may not EVER want to step out of your front door bcuz an Asteroid may land on you and kill you! ?????

    1. Agreed…the Great China Flu Scamdemic of 2020. It’s really a simple matter of 1+1=2 folks… It’s all about the destruction of America, Her President, and Our Republic. Ask yourself;

      ~ What impedes China’s goal of world economic and military dominance, power, and control?… America’s economy and President Trump’s “America First” policies.

      ~ What impedes the Democrat’s goal of returning to dominance, power, and control of America?… America’s economy and President Trump’s “America First” policies.

      ~ What do the two aforementioned entities have in common, in order to achieve their respective goals?… the destruction of America’s economy and President Trump’s “America First” policies.

      If you think that China, Democrats, Media PACs, and even Establishment RINOs are above colluding to achieve their mutual goal – no matter the cost to life and liberty – then you’re dangerously naïve. Wake up America. It’s happening right in front of our eyes.

  9. First, our prayers for those afflicted with Covid and other diseases. To that end, Those vulnerable need to quarantine and the general public need to get on with our lives. Managing personal relationships with kids and grandparents shouldn’t afflict the entire community.

    Man was not meant to live in fear or hide in our homes.

    1. The school district reports fewer than 10 cases discovered in the public schools, whereas FSU reported 123 on Monday, 31 August (a week after classes started).

    1. Click the link provided for trends. Hospitalization has been steadily decreasing it’s peak in the third week of July.

  10. We, too use this chart for guidance and thank you very much. We remain isolated except for necessities, about once in two weeks. Please continue using this method to keep us informed.

  11. I’ve seen the Bond neighborhood health bus tooling around, setting up in parking lots in midtown, Frenchtown…

    DHS summary cites studies suggesting low probability for children under 10, and low transmission by them. YMMV Other reports show reoeated introduction of cases across borders. One of the first bits of news I saw today was about another CBP officer who had been infected & died.

    Was looking at CDCP & Johns Hopkins numbers & doing percent of population calculations. Haven’t been looking at “new” nor “change” nor “percent change”; too much to keep up with. Don’t have a good source for current state populations, either, so that results in some WAG factor.


  12. What do the negative numbers in the new hospitalization column mean? Do we know what the current number of hospitalizations for Leon County is?

    1. “As of August 17th, there were 85 COVID-19 patients hospitalized in Leon County. The chart below now shows current hospitalizations rather than cumulative numbers.”

  13. It would be nice if anyone get exposed or come in contact with COVID do the right thing in reporting themselves.

    It’s not up to Schools, Government, President, Department of Education to send our children to schools or campus. It’s up to us parents. We as parents have choices FLVS, eLearning, Home Schooling.

    If your not ready to see your child suffer or die from COVID from a decision you think is the right decision then parents it’s our decision to keep our children safe alive with us for as long as we can.

    Family friends community leaders pastors please help families who need assistance with their children but please exit out sending children to schools or campuses.

  14. I read people were complaining there are not a lot of places to test well there are. In leon county you can go to FSU stadium free no symptoms and walk in, FAMU walk in free testing no symptoms, Home Depot parking lot, free no symptoms, walk in also CVS minute clinic and Patients First Magnolia has 15 minute results, not free but there are a lot of places to test that are free and short wait times. Thank you President Trump,

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