MetroNet Gives Update on Tallahassee Fiber Network

MetroNet Gives Update on Tallahassee Fiber Network

Tallahassee Reports recently reached out to MetroNet for an update on the company’s work in Tallahassee. MetroNet has been constructing a fiber-optic network across Tallahassee since early 2020.

In October 2019, the City Commission voted to change the City’s Joint Use Agreement to allow fiber attachments on the City’s utility poles. This made it possible for companies to being constructing fiber-optic networks in an effort to cement Tallahassee as a 21st-century city by increasing Internet speeds and enabling growth in business and education.

Metronet began laying fiber in March 2020, beginning with an area near West Tharpe Street and Old Bainbridge Road. The company has a multi-year construction plan and expects to eventually serve around 70,000 homes and businesses in Tallahassee. MetroNet’s total investment in construction and installation is estimated at $75 million.

“We are proud of the progress that we’ve made on construction in Tallahassee so far,” MetroNet market manager Wayne Kight said.

MetroNet’s construction map shows that much of the northeast, northwest and downtown Tallahassee is currently under construction.

An important aspect of MetroNet’s work in Tallahassee is protecting the tree canopy. Kight said MetroNet will not be cutting or trimming any trees during construction.

“We heard from many that the city is very protective of their tree canopy and its part in making the city beautiful,” Kight said. “We hired engineering students from FSU and Florida A&M as well as local arborists to help guide our construction in the area so that we could make every possible effort to help protect the scenery.”

Kight said MetroNet expects to start installing new customers in the first quarter of 2021, with construction continuing through the next year.

“When we are finished, Tallahassee residents will have the option to choose 100% fiber television, internet and phone with better service, better speeds and at a better value to them,” he said.

He said the best way for a resident to know if their neighborhood is ready is to search their address on MetroNet’s construction information site.

10 Responses to "MetroNet Gives Update on Tallahassee Fiber Network"

  1. Has anyone looked into their contract with the city? Allowing use of our utility poles is a big deal and increases the weight on the poles for hurricane damage. Also look at their adds and cost. This will not be a good deal for us to switch from bad to bad. They do not show the thigh taxes on their pricing adds. They leave off local, state and federal tax cost. Will not be any less expensive! I agree same circus and city getting free tickets to the show.

  2. Thank GOODNESS we now have a decent choice from the horror that is Comcast. Please, just have decent internet speed and TV and I’m there. ANYthing to get away from the “we don’t believe our customers” (as I was told when I NEEDED service. They said I did not….6 weeks of daily phone calls and threats, I FINALLY got a service tech. Turned out I did need service. Oh, and the flyer they left on my door starting the whole drama meant nothing to them either)….I’m constantly shocked they stay in business.

  3. I wonder if Metronet will carry ACC Network? That alone will be enough to get me to switch from Xfinity – tired of having to pay an extra ~$40 to sling just so I can watch FSU Sports during Football / Basketball season.

    1. Johnny, cut your cable and stream with Hulu for about $60 a month. Save your self $100 a month and watch all the FSU games you want

    1. 5G is a lie to part you from your money. 4G is still faster in most areas and the fast 5G Mmwave cant even transmit through glass so itll never work indoors.

    2. It depends on how fast your 5G will be in your area, and how well it works inside. Too early to tell. I would stick with Ethernet for now.

  4. Google them. They pride themselves on having no offices then they become a billing nightmare with no way for you to get a refund. This is a terrible company with close to zero customer service after you pay.

  5. Iv read their ads – same circus with different owns. No games? But you do a 1 year lower entry rate, then increase the cost on next year… That sounds like a “game” to me.

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