Leon County Commission to Review Waste Pro Status Update

Leon County Commission to Review Waste Pro Status Update

The Leon County Commissioners will review a status update on Waste Pro’s services in Leon County at their next meeting on Nov. 17. Waste Pro has been servicing Leon County since 2014. The Commissioners voted 4-3 to renew its contract in February 2020.

Waste Pro collects commercial and residential solid waste, recyclables, yard debris and bulky waste. The company services approximately 27,200 residents in unincorporated Leon County. In the past, Waste Pro has received customer complaints for a variety of issues, including missed pickups and vehicles leaking hydraulic fluids on roads.

In 2020 so far, Waste Pro has received 21,715 customer complaints compared to 25,138 complaints in 2019. Staff reports that the most recent recurring complaints have regarded missed collection of bulk and yard waste.

Under Waste Pro’s agreement with the County, the County can levy liquidated damages to address customer complaints. The status report shows that as of September 2020, $19,755 had been levied compared to $201,780 in 2019. The monthly average for liquidated damages in 2020 so far is $2,200 compared to $16,000 in 2019.

According to the report, the dramatic decrease in liquidated damages is indicative of the enhanced efforts from Waste Pro management. These efforts include adding a position responsible for yard debris and bulky pickup, reducing truck leaks, requiring daily mechanical checks and more.

Staff reports that the County will continue to monitor Waste Pro’s performance. The Commission receives a status report on Waste Pro each quarter.

10 Responses to "Leon County Commission to Review Waste Pro Status Update"

  1. Waste Pro allowed us to put our account on vacation status. We were told there would be no charges until we returned and again started services. I have received three calls stating our account was past due. On the first two calls, reps cleared the account to a zero balance. Not the last clerk. So we literally paid for nothing.

  2. Waste Pro isn’t getting better, its more like the county is letting them get away with murder. Those trucks leave a trail of trash in the neighborhood, When they do the bulk pickup they grab more dirt than debris, leaving a giant hole on the shoulder of the road. Its like they don’t care how they do their job.

    I think there is a cozier than normal relationship with our county… It certainly wouldn’t be abnormal knowing what we know already.

    1. I think a weekly report of complaints should be publicly published.

      You are correct debris piles are not their forte; if they don’t pick the debris up the first time, when they do pick it up they spew debris across your yard and into the street.

      They spend more time trying to find a reason not to take your debris then if they would just take it in the first place

      The top management has a strong aversion to picking up the debris and it has become instilled in their culture. The county needs to strongly address this issue.

      Gary Yordon and Scott Maddox were behind the county Waste Pro deal so of course that explains a lot.

      The county should have disqualified Waste Pro with Scott Maddox being involved. It was illegal for him to do so hence his soon-to-be new home in federal prison.

  3. I have called to complain that my trash had not bee picked up. I had this problem three weeks out of five. Each time that I called I was told that they were putting in for a missed pick up and someone would be by before the end of the day. Didn’t show up until the following week. Didn’t appreciate being lied to by these ladies (3).

    1. Yes, you’re wasting your time calling Waste Pro, you have to call in to the county and the county usually will have it resolved the same day.

  4. I would add that they need to step up the training for Waste Pro employees. I believe those employees are shortchanged regarding training and that is unfair and a safety issue. Those rank-and-file employees work hard and they deserve exceptional training.

    Also, there needs to be more focus on maintenance of the trucks. I often see a Waste Pro Trucks being towed through Tallahassee.

  5. Trying to understand why inside the city limits they pick up any and everything but outside the city limits you need to separate everything. In the city limits I’ve seen them pick up furniture, tvs, just about any and everything but outside the city limits it’s a different story.

  6. I stopped putting out the recycling bin they just wouldn’t pick it up and I guess since I am at the end of the road they will skip my garbage so I have to call and then there’s the leaking hydraulic fluid!!!!

  7. Finally we have turned the corner so we can report on stuff like the statistics and facts above and pretend Waste Pro is an honest non kickback and bribery company. And write articals like this…sniff….sniff I smell bribery and kickbacks at a higher level than before.
    Judge Hinkel might just spank Scott and Paige so you local crooks can keep getting paid…good on you!!!

  8. I learned that they don’t miss collection of bulk waste, you have to CALL them EVERY TIME. What’s sad is, I called them for pick up some that I had and my Neighbor had a few pieces in his pile that was only 12 feet away. They didn’t pick it up for weeks until he called them. They come thru every other week for the Bulk stuff so WHY do you need to call them?

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