Mosaic Sexual Health Clinic Aims to be Alternative to Planned Parenthood

Mosaic Sexual Health Clinic Aims to be Alternative to Planned Parenthood

In August 2020, across from Planned Parenthood on West Tennessee Street, a new pregnancy center opened: Mosaic Sexual Health Clinic. Mosaic is operated by A Women’s Pregnancy Center (AWPC), a local nonprofit focused on Christian ministry and providing alternatives to abortion.

AWPC Executive Director Jamie Brown said Mosaic’s location across from Planned Parenthood was a strategic decision. Planned Parenthood is a known abortion provider — a service not offered by AWPC.

“We placed Mosaic next door to Planned Parenthood because we feel that men and women should have true options in deciding the future about their pregnancy,” she said.

Brown said the clinic intends to help people facing unplanned pregnancies to explore all three of their options: parenthood, adoption and abortion.

Mosaic also offers many free services — including pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and counseling — and low-cost STD testing.

“As a ministry and nonprofit we have the luxury of being able to provide most of our services at no cost to our client, which means we don’t profit from whatever their decision is,” Brown said.

According to the AWPC website, Mosaic’s mission is “to be the front line against the abortion industry” and provide an experience that contrasts Planned Parenthood’s “costly services and industrial feel.”

Brown said she hopes that people walking through Mosaic’s doors for the first time will feel warmly welcomed.

“We want to be a contrast to other entities in that way,” she said.

Brown said AWPC continues to grow, and there is a wide variety of volunteer positions for people interested in getting involved. She said a focus of Mosaic is helping people facing the daunting experience of an unplanned pregnancy to feel comfortable and cared for.

“As a ministry, we want to have the opportunity to love on them to care for them in their moment of crisis, and I’m not sure they’re going to get that elsewhere,” she said. “We want to be that soft place for them to land.”

4 Responses to "Mosaic Sexual Health Clinic Aims to be Alternative to Planned Parenthood"

  1. What a refreshing alternative! AWPC empowers women by providing vital information, compassionate care, and life-honoring alternatives. I am so glad Mosaic Sexual Health Clinic is an option for women in Tallahassee facing unplanned pregnancy.

  2. How eye opening! I hope many will understand the statement about Mosaic not profiting off a client’s decision. In other words, Planned Parenthood makes BIG money off of terminating baby’s lives. Very sad really. And most of them brown & black..

  3. The NaziCrats have sadly co-opted and bastardized the term “Pro-Choice”. In reality, it is the complete antithesis of their MO. When your only option, proclamation, and offering is murder/death, then there is no “choice” at all.

    Real “Pro-Choice” is what organizations like MHSC offers… a “choice”… options in life if you will. I’ve spoken to both left and right political establishments about this, and even encouraged “the right” to proclaim itself the “real Pro-Choice” Party with the simple claim that NaziCrats want you to simply commit murder/death… period; no “choice”… we hope you will consider all options and perhaps “choose” life, parenthood, adoption, contraception, even abstinence, et al…

    They refuse to see the forest through the trees

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