City Terminates Tallahassee Ballet Lease with $383,647 Settlement

City Terminates Tallahassee Ballet Lease with $383,647 Settlement

Tallahassee City’s Commissioner’s approved the lease termination of the Tallahassee Ballet in order to move forward with the redevelopment of the Northwood Centre for the building of the new Tallahassee Police Department headquarters.  

The Tallahassee Police Department has occupied its current location on Seventh Avenue since 1972. As the department has grown in size, both in number of employees and its services it offers, there has been great constraints on the space that is nearly 100 years old. In January 2020, the City Commission unanimously decided to redevelop the Northwood Centre as the location for the new TPD headquarters.   

The Ballet is the only existing tenant within the Northwood Centre that is not scheduled to vacate the property before June 2021. The approval to terminate the lease, which expires June 2023, proposes a settlement in the amount of $383,647. The settlement includes an abatement of rent payments for February 1 through May 31, 2021, which equates to $17,275.

Some concerns the Tallahassee Ballet raised with the City, regarding the request to end their lease early included finding a similar location and securing a lease, as well as rent increases and constructing/equipping the new space. However, the settlement with the City allows Tallahassee Ballet to build out and occupy a new location and allows the City to move forward with single-phase demolition and construction without delay, and any additional costs which could exceed the settlement amount.  

8 Responses to "City Terminates Tallahassee Ballet Lease with $383,647 Settlement"

  1. What has John Dailey accomplished for Tallahassee other than publicity stunts, a free day off, ID cards for illegals, and potential salaries to his voting base? He has accomplished nothing but setting up for his next re-election campaign. A selfless self-promoter who misuses his office to buy votes using taxpayer dollars.

    People can either get off the plantation and thrive or be misguided and accept poverty and be downtrodden for the rest of their lives. Vote Dailey and Williams-Cox out!

  2. John Dailey’s northwood mall boondoggle continues to cost tax payers millions of dollars and has nothing to show for it

  3. Did you have a point, Sam… or just defending ignorance and the waste of taxpayer dollars?

    … btw… “beyond June of 2021” could also mean July 1st, 2021… and wasteful spending should NEVER be common

  4. @Sam…….Yep, I misread it. It would have been helpful if TR would have included how many Months and/or Years was left on their Lease.

  5. I am guessing that reading is not a fundamental as we would all like to think…or maybe it is comprehension?! The lease does NOT end in June 2021. Of all the tenants in the Northwood mall, the Tallahassee Ballet is the only tenant with a lease that extends beyond June 2021. When you have a long term lease, it is common to buyout the lease so that you can begin the construction earlier.

  6. I want to vacate my city lease six moths early… that equates to north of 3/4 of a million dollar windfall paid to me at taxpayer expense… where do I sign up!

    One has to wonder who’s sister, brother, uncle, aunt, et al… owns this Ballet. Which by they way, hasn’t been operating for over a year due to the China Bio-Weapon Scamdemic. Add in the PPP funds and these folks have made out like a bandit.

  7. You paid them $383,647 to vacate TWO MONTHS Early? Are you serious, you couldn’t wait just TWO MONTHS for their Lease to end? This is what I would call “Wasteful Spending”. That place is huge, you could have started construction in other areas with out touching their space for several Months.

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