MetroNet Announces Tallahassee Grand Opening

MetroNet Announces Tallahassee Grand Opening

On April 29th, MetroNet announced the grand opening of the Tallahassee market with a ribbon cutting at the first MetroNet storefront in the state of Florida. The Tallahassee storefront is located at 1779 Apalachee Parkway, Suite 109, Tallahassee, FL 32301, and is only a few steps away from other large retailers such as BJ’s Brewhouse and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The storefront will allow customers to learn more about 100 percent fiber optic connections to their home or business with incredible bandwidth allowing for faster internet speeds.

An October 16th, 2019 decision by the Tallahassee City Commission to change the City’s Joint Use Agreement related to fiber attachments on City utility poles opened the door for companies like MetroNet to begin creating fiber optic network infrastructure.

“This past year shined a great light on how vital internet access is, as more people than ever before worked and learned from home,” said Mayor John Dailey. “I’m proud of the action we have taken through the City Commission to help increase broadband availability in Tallahassee and boost economic development, which has led to innovative solutions that attract new business, support existing ones and benefit local residents. MetroNet’s continued investment in our community shows the progress we are making, and I’m proud to celebrate with them as they reach this next milestone.”

The Evansville, IN.-based company began constructing its state-of-the-art fiber network in 2019. MetroNet builds fiber to the premises networks directly connecting homes and businesses to high-speed, symmetrical internet that allows users to upload as quickly as they download over fiber optic strands. Customers may learn more and sign up for MetroNet’s services at

“We are thrilled to announce the official grand opening of MetroNet in Tallahassee, and to provide high-speed fiber optic internet to Tallahassee neighborhoods,” said MetroNet Executive Vice President Kevin Stelmach. “The Tallahassee community has been incredible to work alongside. We are excited to provide this community with services that will continue to support remote working, online learning and local businesses.”

MetroNet noted that they were “able to make progress through the $75 million build while protecting the Tallahassee tree canopy…MetroNet was able to survey and protect every single tree throughout the build of the 100 percent fiber optic network.”

MetroNet provides customers with a future-proof fiber optic network that allows businesses and residents to have access to the fastest internet speeds available in a time when access to reliable internet is necessary. With MetroNet’s symmetrical speeds to and from the home or business, customers can conveniently stream, work and learn from home. For more information visit

11 Responses to "MetroNet Announces Tallahassee Grand Opening"

  1. Your office person was rude and curt while we waited fifteen minutes to have a chance to discuss possibly dropping Comcast. If they are all like this , no way! By the way as we waited with one chair in the room we were informed we can’t use the restroom so we left. Thanks Metronet! We left!

  2. Early adopter. Low introductory pricing with increase, but “no contract”. No equipment rental fee, but “technology fee” that roughly resembles modem fee with competitor. Install required new, obtrusive indoor wall mount and fiber optic cables that can’t be bent or pinched or anything – replacement not covered by fee. Own wifi router doesn’t play well with their network and customer service is sparse.. Overall up/download are good and better than competition at same speed. Consistent speed but mesh router range and speeds seem weak and slower. Regular pricing similar to competitor after intro pricing.

  3. In reviewing comments from other Metronet locations, the majority of negative comments are of the installation. They need to do figure out how to solve this. Their service seems to be a positive alternative to the inconsistent or lack of service we currently experience.

  4. They have very sorry installers. The tore up the lawn and broke my sprinkler system. They put out hay with seed that I asked them NOT to put in my yard, because most of the workers do not speak English. They broke the comcast line after all the digging to SEE where existing utilities were. So then the yard was dug up again by Comcast to fix their line. So far MetroNet has cost me $260.00 in repairs in addition to a large water and sewer bill. I wouldn’t use them if they were free. The city should be ashamed for allowing them to tear up the lawns and in Killearn they also have torn up the sidewalks. I know nothing will be done but it’s not right!

  5. I can’t even express how excited I am about Metronet coming in, besides the Much faster speed, I hope they put the others into the difficult position of pricing that the public can afford! I’m sure I’m not the only one with nightmare stories about Comcast or Century Stink…I mean Link.
    The map must make sense to their business model I guess, but Lakeshore area (Sharer Rd) constructiion not planning to begin until October.

  6. October 16, 2019…hmmmmm…what was going on in the Capital City PRIOR to that date?
    Well now such an ambitious public service such as underground fiber optic Internet did not just spring to life on that date of October 16, 2019.
    No Sir a project of this scope would have to have been in planning, blessed, and green lighted a few years prior to October 16, 2019.
    Do you know what that means?

    That means MetroNet paid for and got the backing of or what ever Scott Maddox and Paige What’sHerName called their scam back in the day.

    Should we overlook this? Maybe it is not a bad thing in a Democrat run town and Snidely should just shut up his pie hole and mind his own business.

  7. Excited for this. They did a great job running fiber in Betton Hills. Can’t even tell they dug up a few areas in our yard. Hope the service is good and the customer service can’t be worse than the competition.

  8. I concur that the competition that MetroNet brings is great. However, their installation, at least in Killearn, is far less than great. Wide swaths of front lawns are torn up and thereafter covered with hay. Perhaps the hay is to cover grass seed, but it is not working. Homeowners are required to replant, reseed with matching grass, or re-sod to correct the mess. Attempts to contact MetroNet to properly remediate the damage the caused get no response.

  9. They do the classic low intro year rate /escalate beyond. Honestly thought that model died, but here they are. They advertise no pricing games – and literally do a pricing game to introduce themselves. The product may hold its escalated value – but metro is using an underhanded tactic to introduce themselves.

  10. I was shocked when I found out about this. The Capital District Kommissars actually allowing free market competition. Good on them for once.

    They have laid the fiber lines in my area. I checked the internet pricing structure and for what I’m paying the woke crony capitalists of the mega corp. Comcast/Universal/NBC, it looks like there can be considerable savings with significantly better upload speeds. As always buyer beware.

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