Ethics Complaint Filed Against Nikki Fried

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Nikki Fried

Days after Tallahassee Reports broke a story about Nikki Fried amending her financial disclosure forms ahead of her gubernatorial campaign announcement, an ethics complaint has been filed with the Florida Commission on Ethics.

The complaint is focused on Fried’s failure to report lobbying income she received from a marijuana client in 2017 & 2018.

Read the 23-page complaint here.

10 Responses to "Ethics Complaint Filed Against Nikki Fried"

  1. @S.DEM,

    Follow Newsmax to get the truth, the extortion attempts, and lies so as not to embarrass yourself. Have a nice day!

  2. Oh I forgot:
    A lot of big name Republicans invested in cannabis companies hopefull of getting richer off Nikki’s scams.
    Apparently The Governor, Evan Power, and maybe a few other Republicans did not invest.7
    Trust me folks you can tell which Repulicans invested by their silence in all things Nikki.

  3. I just reviewed the entire complaint on WCTV website and noticed all the signatures don’t seem to match on all the filings. Could that be a cause of concern? I thought NF was an attorney yet everything about her is a cause of concern. I sure hope she does not got any further in her political career. She is a typical democrat, never talking about what she can do for the state of Florida or its people, just bad mouths her opponents.

  4. @Lorry,

    Old news and does not negate anything from the fraud Nikki Fried has perpetrated. She will lose her law license over this and have to resign and her political career has come to an end. Have a nice day!

  5. Thank you Evan Power and Governor DeSantis for being the Republican leadership on the front line of what’s fair and correct for all Floridians.
    The rest of you that call yourselves Republicans seemed content to let this latest Nikki Fried blasphemy of honesty go under the radar, without comment, without any action on your part. You guys and girls are what’s wrong with conservatives in Florida. A bunch of nervous nellies molded in the Low Energy Jeb Bush styled Florida Republicans…do better slackers…yeah I’m talking to you!!!!

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