YouTube Removes Leon County School Board Meeting Video Over COVID Rules

YouTube Removes Leon County School Board Meeting Video Over COVID Rules

Tallahassee Reports has learned that YouTube has removed the 2-hour video of the June 29th Leon County School Board meeting from the LCS YouTube Channel due to issues related to COVID misinformation.

School officials were notified by “The YouTube Team” that the video violated YouTube rules.

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Specifically, the communication (provided below) stated that “YouTube does not allow content that spreads medical misinformation that contradicts local health authorities’ or the World Health Organization (WHO) medical information about COVID-19.”

The notice did not detail what part of the 2-hour video violated YouTube rules.

The June 29th meeting featured a large group of parents and supporters of the optional-mask mandate. More than 15 speakers addressed the Board. Some quoted the Declaration of Independence while others cited studies and statistics.

One speaker, Ashley Crosby, thanked the board for choosing the mask-optional policy, stating it “seems crazy that I am thanking you for giving me back the right to choose” what is best for her family.

The notice from YouTube also states that due to the content violations related to the June 29th video, the LCS channel now has one strike and will not be able to upload videos for one week.

TR has verified that the July 13th Board meeting video, which featured a robust debate related to masks, is also not available on the LCS YouTube Channel.

LCS officials have not yet received notice of any violations related to that meeting.

The YouTube communication noted that if violations continue to occur, the LCS channel could be “permanently removed from YouTube.”

LCS officials told TR that they “are aware of the issue and are looking into any possible solutions.”

The videos of the June 29th meeting and the July 13th meeting are still available on Facebook.

YouTube is owned by Alphabet Inc. Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) was originally founded as a search engine company in 1998 under the name Google Inc.

14 Responses to "YouTube Removes Leon County School Board Meeting Video Over COVID Rules"

  1. “The videos’ of the June…”

    That apostrophe denotes possession. The plural of video is videos. You are remarkably, and repeatedly, very bad at basic English.

  2. I agree with the below comments. The comments and the school board article compelled me to finally subscribe to Tallahassee Reports. We need to support Steve – he is one of the only reporters that gives us the facts!

  3. In District Court today, we saw the FBI film of John Burnett discussing Tally’s underbelly of corruption . Every Tallahassee’n should see this clip.
    Political porn……. and they were paid by you and me.

  4. It’s quite obvious YouTube did not like the public’s comments from that meeting. People opinions do not have to ‘factual’, opinions are just that somebody’s opinion. Sadly this just began to ramp up, it will only get worst with the White House now telling Facebook what they must take down.

  5. Wow, this is really disturbing. I never thought I’d see such a manifestation of a sanctioned thought police movement. Public opinion is being labeled as dangerous and the people labeled as untrustworthy…Sounds like everything that we were told was bad about communist Russia/China.

  6. It’s Bid Media’s new way of censoring the public. They don’t even tell you WHAT was false. The WHO and the CDC spread Misinformation all the time. It will only get worse.

  7. To be clear, YouTube wasn’t censoring the School Board meeting… they were censoring the public in a communist style attempt to suppress opposing viewpoints.

    Welcome to the new CCP-controlled Dementia Joe Biden America.

  8. I watched a you tube video on tiling my shower. The tile guy wasn’t wearing a mask…

    The Leon County School board can post the video on its own website for everyone to see. They wasted a million bucks on bus software, I’m sure they can find a few bucks for a top shelf website to host the video’s of their own meetings.

    Why is the Leon County School Board driving traffic to a dirty rotten pinko communist website like Youtube anyway?

    I swear to dog… they are the biggest bunch of buffoons, there is no way I’m gonna even feel sorry for those idiots, I hope Youtube bans them permanently.

    Don’t use Youtube.

  9. You Tube should not be allowed to censure an official school board meeting, or a city / county commission meeting. This is probably in violation of Florida’s sunshine law. This should be enough to wake everyone up. Why are we allowing these social media companies to have this kind of power? What happened to media companies airing these meetings on TV without any opinions? Shouldnt social media allow the same?

  10. The LCS should move their channel to Rumble and leave YouTube permanently. There may be other platforms to move their channel to as well, but they should definitely get out from the Marxist grip of YouTube.

  11. The CCP, WHO, and CDC all spread misinformation (that actually led to deaths) about the China Bio-Weapon Flu.

    Remember always… whatever the left accuses someone of, they themselves are guilty of.

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