LCS Meeting Briefs June 29, 2021

LCS Meeting Briefs June 29, 2021

Listed below are notes from the June 29th Leon County School Board meeting. 

  • During the Tuesday evening Leon County School Board meeting Superintendent Rocky Hanna recognized Sue Kraul who retired as the Director of Elementary Schools.
  • The Board approved the 2021-2022 School Resource Deputy Program Agreement with the Leon County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) with a fiscal impact of $1,509,806.
  • The Board awarded three contracts to companies to provide temporary staffing services for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year.
  • A large group of parents and supporters attended the school board meeting in support of the optional-mask mandate. More than 15 speakers addressed the Board . Some quoted the Declaration of Independence while others cited studies and statistics.
  • One speaker, Ashley Crosby, thanked the board for choosing the mask-optional policy, stating it “seems crazy that I am thanking you for giving me back the right to choose” what is best for her family.
  • Vice-Chair Darryl Jones addressed the speakers. First he thanked them for coming and speaking and continued, addressing the parents he said, “as you realize we are a school board made up of five persons representing five geographic areas found in this community. It might work to great advantage as we talk about disparate issues, that we reach across and move beyond our own neighborhoods and silos and get compelling voices across the expanse of our community to join any particular message that we should espouse.” He continued stating there does not seem to be anyone representing his own community or demographic among the speakers.
  • During the Vice-Chair Jones’ comments, the group of speakers began to interrupt causing him to take pause. The group was quieted by attorney Opal McKinney-Williams and shortly thereafter they exited the room.
  • Upon the exit of the parent speakers, Board member Alva Striplin gathered her belongings and she too left the meeting declaring “there is no longer quorum in this board meeting.” She did not return.
  • Board member Rosanne Wood commented on the parent speakers from earlier in the meeting, expressing she understands that some feel quite strongly about the mask mandate, however, she did not propose to do away with the current mask directive. However, she does feel the board has an obligation to listen to the parents who are scared, and the need to protect everyone.
  • The Board approved the Nita M. Lowey 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant. The grant approval applies to seven schools in Leon County.
  • Superintendent Hanna pulled items for consent regarding extensions for construction contracts until the next meeting, because of the inability to vote on the items due to an absence of quorum.

4 Responses to "LCS Meeting Briefs June 29, 2021"

  1. The only racist individuals are the ones speaking- these same individuals thrive on victim status and reparations.
    And to parents that are “scared”:
    1) Go hide under a blanket, immediately!
    2) Don’t bother living- it’s too fraught with danger and unpredictable variables
    Or MAYBE just NOT send your kids to a PUBLIC school!!!!!!!!

    Pathetic woe-is-me snowflakes….

  2. Kommissar Jones, you are the shining example of today’s true racist. You clearly judge folk by the color of their skin and NOT the content of their character. You should resign immediately because of your racist comments. Shame on you!

  3. Like a PTO, School board members should be required to have a current student in Leon County Schools.
    * Speaking of “not seeing my demographic” I don’t think a single school board member is a current LCS parent!

  4. “Board member Rosanne Wood commented on the parent speakers… she does feel the board has an obligation to listen to the parents who are scared…”

    How amazingly condescending and dismissive. She should resign and/or be recalled immediately.

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