The Jeff Cameron Show Moves to RealTalk 93.3,

The Jeff Cameron Show Moves to RealTalk 93.3,

It was announced today, that beginning in August the Jeff Cameron Show (JCS) will air on RealTalk 93.3, Monday through Friday from 1-3 pm.

In addition, Cameron announced he will be joining The radio show will be streamed live via Warchant media platforms.

Also, Seminole Headlines, a popular weekly show featuring Cameron, Warchant managing editor Ira Schoffel and senior writer Corey Clark, will air on Real Talk 93.3 and will be featured on all Warchant platforms.

Tallahassee Reports was the first to report that the Jeff Cameron Show would be looking for a new home after the sale of WTSM 97.9 ESPN in June.

At the time, Cameron told TR that he would remain on terrestrial radio in Tallahassee in the future, but could not be more specific at this time. 

Cameron announced the recent developments on his Wednesday show and commented on the move at

“First of all, I feel a strong sense of gratitude,” Cameron said in announcing the move. “In my 20-plus years of covering Florida State athletics and sports at large, I’ve never taken it for granted. It’s a dream come true. I’m thankful to Gene Williams, with whom I’ve had both a professional and personal friendship the entire time. To have the opportunity to continue, ‘The Jeff Cameron Show,,’ with my dear friend and producer extraordinaire, Tom Lang, while also expanding our FSU coverage through multi-media platforms is immensely gratifying.”

Jon Jopling, the General Manager of RealTalk 93.3 said, “We are excited to be adding more Live and Local programming to our line-up at Real Talk 93.3. This move, in partnership with the amazing team at Warchant, is part of our commitment to provide the very best locally relevant content to our listeners, and we can’t wait to welcome The Jeff Cameron Show to our studios every weekday from 1-3pm.”

“I’m so incredibly excited that Jeff Cameron is joining the team,” said Gene Williams, founder and administrator of “Being one of the iconic voices in Florida State sports, he completes the ultimate dream team at With his passion for FSU, great sense of humor and two decades of experience covering the Seminoles, his addition to the team is a tremendous boon for our subscribers.”

Cameron started his broadcasting career as a sports talk host with Clear Channel in Tallahassee in 1998. He joined ESPN-Tallahassee in 2012.

12 Responses to "The Jeff Cameron Show Moves to RealTalk 93.3,"

  1. Someone should tell Jeff Cameron that every time he says “Jesus!” or uses his broadcasting platform to dishonor or disparage Christ and/or Christians he is making himself an enemy of God and deeply hurting the cause of Christ.
    Jeff should remember that he will be broadcasting on an FM frequency whose audience is primarily conservative, Christian and who actually read the Holy Bible, the Word of God.
    93.3 FM partnering with Cameron and broadcasting the Jeff Cameron Show is bizarre; I really don’t get it.

  2. Sports talk ? Try Jeff and Tom talking about their personal lives and listen to commercials, not much sport talk. He could take some lessons from Chuck Oliver. He is switching to 93.3 but I will not be.

  3. Wow, a lot of you people don’t really care for the show. That’s not entirely surprising; while it’s definitely focused on primarily sports, a lot of its content is not really suited for idiots.

  4. Shocked that the show is still on the air. It is so painful to listen to him and his stooge that is on with him. 97.9 plays the stupid promos for his show over and over and over.

  5. A sports program right in the middle of the day, five days a week on a conservative radio station? That sounds like a “winning formula” to loose a lot of regular listeners. Or, perhaps it’s the start of a move away from being a conservative radio station.

    They may want to consider changing their name from “Real Talk” to something like “Sports Talk.”

  6. Pretty sure even though this is coming to a conservative talk radio station, no politics will be discussed. The only politically incorrect things he will discuss are the Canes and Gators.

  7. As a Gator fan you may be surprised to hear I think his show is great and is a Tallahassee treasure. Glad to hear he will stay local.

  8. Mike L. If you are only commenting on Jeff for his radio talk that is very very shallow. He tells it like it is and by the way I am pretty sure born in Florida? I know him and his family personally, what he has done for this city, FSU, and local charities is amazing. He was a client of mine when I was a caretaker for his children. You could not ask for a better devoted parent and respectful of what I did for his family. If you do not like him don’t listen, pretty simple concept.
    Please do not bother responding to me , no chance you will EVER change my mind about Jeff. He will do great!

  9. Cameron mocks southerners and Christians relentlessly while he brags about being a thief and a liar in his radio promos’. We’ll see how that goes over on 93.3, maybe he can keep the transmitter up and running better than his old station?

    I gotta believe the degenerate gambler in him was placing bets on whether he was going to broadcast or not. It was a push…everyday!

  10. Interesting news. Wonder how Jeff will fit in on the conservative talk radio 93.3 Real Talk. Glad Tom Lang will be back.

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