Mayor Dailey’s Week on Twitter: Voting Rights, Mask Mandates, and Southside Investment

Mayor Dailey’s Week on Twitter: Voting Rights, Mask Mandates, and Southside Investment

“Mayor Dailey’s Week on Twitter” is a feature designed to give readers a quick look at the priorities of Tallahassee’s Leadership Mayor, John Dailey, by reviewing his social media posts.

Politicians are now using social media posts in place of press releases and press conferences. TR will include links to background information to provide context to the posts when possible.


Voting rights, Tallahassee Awards. August 28.

“It was an honor to bring greetings at The Tallahassee Commitment Rally this afternoon and join my voice with countless others calling on Congress to do its job and pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.”

“Have you submitted your nominations for The Tallahassee Awards yet? Deadline is August 31.”

COVID testing. August 27.

“Tallahassee, as @FAMU_FB prepares for another amazing season, please note that the COVID-19 testing site will no longer be at Bragg Memorial Stadium. Starting Monday, the new testing location will be 2507 Wahnish Way.”

Southside investment. August 26.

“Did you catch the latest edition of The Dailey highlighting $1.6 billion being invested in the Southside? If not, you can read it here.”

Mask mandate, home rule, Tallahassee Bystander. August 24.

“This morning I joined local faith leaders to ask the Governor to uphold the constitutional principle of home rule authority & allow the governments closest to the people to make the best decisions for our communities when it comes to combatting COVID-19 without fear of reprisal.”

“I fully support Superintendent Hanna’s decision to require masks for our children who are not yet eligible for the vaccine, and I’m asking everyone to do their part to protect our neighbors and our children.”

“Today we launched Tallahassee Bystander, a first-of-its-kind voice-activated app that allows citizens to record their interactions with law enforcement and send them directly to TPD and up to three emergency contacts.”

Passing of Agnes Furey. August 23.

“Sad to hear about the passing of Agnes Furey. She has left an incredible mark on the Tallahassee community through her fierce advocacy for restorative justice.”

22 Responses to "Mayor Dailey’s Week on Twitter: Voting Rights, Mask Mandates, and Southside Investment"

  1. @ Lena… you should stop demonizing and insulting people who exorcise their God given right to make their own decisions with respect to their person. I realize the Progressive ideology is irrational and hypocritical, but you cant have it both ways in the real world.

    “My Body; My Choice”… remember that one?… it’s not just for killing innocent babies anymore.

    …oh, and good luck with your Pfizer stock

  2. Democrats don’t care about their grand kids. Let’s borrow some money, rewrite history, slap a mask on them then deposit some checks. As long as TLH is full blown liberal, watch your pockets. Let’s just tax the crap out of people then spend it all on French Town. We need better candidates.

  3. Today, unemployment is far more lucrative than honest work. Employers cannot find workers. Combined that with Biden’s rising inflation and businesses are closing. For example, The Hobbit in Havana, FL closed because food costs have more than doubled (if and when they could get food) added to being unable to get help. It is all Biden’s fault shared with all of you that voted for him. The problem with Socialism is, sooner or later you run out of other people’s money. And to think, democrats want to pass a law giving $3500.00/per child tax credits to “the poor” even if they are not paying Federal Taxes. When does it end?

  4. @ Lena: calling people stupid doesn’t make a persuasive argument, but it does make you a vituperative shrew. Its also not very neighborly…

  5. For those of you who are concerned about the people who are sick and dying from covid and never stop talking about mandates on U.S. citizens, how come we never hear you lament that the CCP is not being held accountable for unleashing this virus onto the world? How come we never hear you demanding that the southern border be secured? Are you not aware that hundreds of thousands of people are flooding into our country many of whom are sick with covid and are the source of this latest outbreak? Do you have anything to say about the Afghans who will now be entering our country and the possibility of them having covid and adding to the problem?

    The politics of this is deafening.

  6. Everyone who thinks that being vaxxed doesn’t matter and masks don’t matter should read today’s story in the Democrat. It’s a first-hand account of a TMH nurse who has witnessed people “overflowing” the COVID wing at TMH.

    This pandemic is happening here–in this town. I know a lot of you try to dismiss it as only affecting large cities like Miami, but it’s here and everywhere else in Florida.

    People are sick and dying from COVID right here in Tallahassee. In August, TMH said 67 people died there. Two were children. There are about 45 others in critical condition–three are children. Many were perfectly healthy before and had no underlying conditions.

    These are the people who could have avoided critical illiness and death and if they were vaccinated and masked.

    TMH’s people have been clear as to the fact that no vaxxed people have died there.

    So, stop the stupidity.

    Get the vaccine, wear a mask and limit your exposure or you can end up in the COVID ward like those who thought they knew better than actual doctors.

  7. Did the Mayor have anything to tweet about fixing potholes?… or dealing with aggressive vagrants?… or trimming the budget of wasteful spending?… you know, important local things like that…

  8. “This morning I joined local faith leaders to ask the Governor to uphold the constitutional principle of home rule authority & allow the governments closest to the people to make the best decisions for our communities…”

    What is more “home” than an actual home? The PARENTS are the government closest to their community (their family). If Mr. Dailey and Mr. Hanna believe in this principle, then why not apply it at the family/household level? Why would it stop at local government, where he resides?

  9. From where I sit in Indian Head Acres the south side of Tallahassee sounds like the Ok Corral almost every night. And that Nimrod is tweeting about south side investment? I’m sure he’s got his own J.T. Burnette lined up ready to build another fancy brothel already.

    They went to Amelia Island because they can’t meet in Tallahassee… then they denied anyone has ever done anything wrong with an obnoxious indignance that only proves they are as corrupt as ever. Now they’ll all come back to town and the Chamber of Commerce will spend money to convince you to meet in Tallahassee instead of Amelia Island!

    These people are running a racket.

    P.S. That 600k dollar bus stop at Orange Avenue and Meridian rd. is over run by drug dealers, drunks, homeless and prostitutes. I can do without that kind of investment Mayor Tweets.

  10. If only there was a local reporter who attended the Amelia Island party fest retreat who would be willing to share the real dirt on what goes down there when our leftist Nannies get a little loose there after happy hour…sigh…if only.

    1. For the record, I was registered to attend the Chamber conference but did not go due to personal reasons. Steve Stewart

  11. TR…

    Why was the link to removed exposing Vancore Jones and Mayor Daliey’s interactions?

    Also, I believe it would be beneficial to report data on how many small businesses did NOT attend the Tallahassee Chamber event in Amelia Island. I believe it would open up a discussion why so many small businesses are possibly disenfranchised and what they could do to make it better to involve more businesses.

  12. “I fully support Superintendent Hanna’s decision to require masks for our children”.

    I will never vote for John Dailey. Rocky Hannah is a liar and a criminal and if John Dailey hasn’t figured that out yet? He’s just as bad.

  13. Just imagine if The Mayor of Tallahassee’s Twitter feed, was full of information about the issues facing Tallahassee. Where is is tweet about solutions to our still out of control Crime problem? Remember that homeless issue that is still a crisis? Got a tweet for that or just a magic wand that clearly doesn’t work? Maybe a tweet about how he feels about about the revelation that his Political Consultants have been lobbying this City, yet never registered as lobbyists. Oh sorry, they were “strategically communicating”, not lobbying. Want to be ethical Mr. Mayor, drop them as your Campaign Consultants for your re-election. We know you won’t, and yes Hope, someone who runs for Mayor will be given a gift. However, I think his failure to the real issues in this City, and his desire for our City to be like NY or LA, should be reason enough.

  14. As an out-of-towner who enjoys watching college basketball in Tallahassee – I urge that the local public transit to system operate buses that connect TLH to downtown. If you want to truly have a “multi-modal” connection to downtown, that piece needs to be included. It would spur economic growth in SW Tallahassee and truly unite all communities.

  15. There are as many studies saying Masks aren’t effective as there are that say they help. Given Kids are not at risk the Parent should have the right to determine if they should wear one. Adults living in fear should not be able to affect our children. All citizens need to work on their individual health, take vitamins, exercise and eat right.

    The unvaccinated should be responsible for their own health/ignorance. If you feel like you have a symptom, immediately go to the Monoclonal Treatment Center.

    To imply people aren’t capable enough to get a government issued ID is racist.

    All Lives Matter and finally “Be Not Afraid”!

  16. On each box of the ‘day to day’ masks, there is a statement that says, ‘non medical’. It’s a fact that no one has bothered to bring up.

  17. When it comes to Kids and Covid, it seems that Parents are more concerned about the Masks than Clean Hands. Watch your kids, they are always touching their Face, Mouths, Picking their Nose, etc., Send them to School with a container of Disinfecting Wipes and a small Bottle of Hand Sanitizer so they can clean their Desks and their Hands often, and I do mean Often. Between doing this and the Mask, you shouldn’t need to worry about the Kids NOT wearing a Mask. Schools should have the Wipes and the Hand Sanitizers in every Class Room accessible to all the Kids.

  18. Marxists principles – people serve the government. Here are two examples:

    1.) The John Lewis Voting Rights Act which will result in a one party government system. (You can guess which party).

    2.) “I fully support Superintendent Hanna’s decision to require masks for our children”.

    Under Marxism, you do not have any rights, not even parental rights (that’s the saddest and cruelest of all).

    Judeo-Christian principles – government serves the people. Our country was founded and made great upon these principles. That’s a fact.

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