DeSantis Administration Responds to Leon County’s “Reminder” Letters

DeSantis Administration Responds to Leon County’s “Reminder” Letters

The Florida Department of Health (FDOH) has responded to the reminder letters sent this week by Leon County Government informing employees that without proof of a COVID vaccination they would be terminated on October 4, 2021.

In response to Leon County’s communication, the letter from FDOH Division Director David Woodlief to County Administrator Vince Long seeks information about those impacted by Leon County’s vaccine mandate policy.

Specifically, FDOH is seeking the names of employees that received the letters and the names of employees who submitted documentation as proof of vaccination.

In addition, the letter states that Leon County must immediately rescind its policy and refrain from terminating any employees who refused to provide proof of vaccination.

The letter from FDOH is below.

The Vaccine Policy

In July, Leon County Administrator Vince Long notified all Leon County government employees that vaccinations against COVID-19 would become a condition of employment with the county, citing a “resurgence” of the virus in the county.

According to the communication, all County employees were required to get vaccinated by October 1.

The employee notification stated:

“Today, as vaccinations stagnate and the delta variant has created a resurgence of the COVID 19 virus with the state of Florida at its epicenter, vaccinations against COVID 19 will now become a condition of employment at Leon County Government for new and existing employees under the supervision of the County Administrator and the County Attorney.”

In September, Governor Ron DeSantis notified Florida cities and counties that require COVID-19 vaccinations as a condition of employment will be fined $ 5,000 per violation.

During a press conference, DeSantis said government agency vaccine mandates violate state law that prohibits private companies from requiring “vaccine passports” for customers.

“We are going to stand up for the men and women who are serving us. We are going to protect Florida’s jobs,” DeSantis said. “We are not going to allow people to be fired because of a vaccine mandate.”

On September 23rd, Judge Monica Brasington of the 8th Judicial Circuit Court issued a temporary injunction against the City of Gainesville’s COVID vaccine mandate.

Brasington said in her ruling that the city did not provide ample evidence showing a vaccine mandate serves “a compelling interest through the least restrictive means.” She also said the city bears the burden of proof to determine that the mandate is in the best interest of the public.

Following the decision, The City of Gainesville rescinded the policy that required employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

16 Responses to "DeSantis Administration Responds to Leon County’s “Reminder” Letters"

  1. Thank you, Ron DeSantis. He respects the constitution and Americans’ rights to freedom. This town is DISGUSTING. I won’t leave Florida because of our AMAZING governor, but this town? I’m out of here as soon as I find a job elsewhere. That is another hard-working taxpayer GONE!
    No wonder Leon County is a cesspool of crime and poverty.
    Leon County, the armpit of America. (literally, check it out on the map)

  2. So wrong! What happened to our freedoms? If the science is showing this is not a vaccine but Gene therapy why must it be required? Why is there no FDA approval? Why is the manufacturer not held accountable for injuries and deaths? Why are there covid cases increasing for those with the “vaccine”? Why do we not know what is in the “vaccine”? Why have other alternatives for treatment been suppressed? How much money is flowing into the county and/or state due to covid if certain conditions are met? Thank you Governor for fighting for our rights.

  3. County Administrator Long does not follow policy, procedure, science, or the law… He follows politics and publicity… Very dangerous and compromises the lives, livelihoods, and liabilities of the people of this county. The Leon County Commissioners are derelict in their duty if they do not terminate him immediately for cause.

  4. Thank you Governor De Santis for honoring, protecting, and upholding people’s right to choose, for providing wide spread monoclonal treatment, and for protecting the lives of your constituents. If you run for president, you’ve got my vote.

  5. I wish he had a brother, we would love him in Georgia. Only reason Kemp is trying to be a wanna be Ron is because he is up for re election.
    You all should thank God every night for him, and how he cares for the residents of Florida. Just ask all the people that moved from New York and the clowns Governor and Mayor they had and still do!

  6. Mr. Long’s explanation in the democrat. That 98% of employees were vaccinated is most likely a true statement. But, the poor reporting by the democrat. Did not ask how many took the shot unwillingly to be able to keep their job and provide for their families. That is the story….

  7. As one of the few that decided not to get the shot. It appears that the county administrator wants me terminated.
    Now, I am NOT Terminated at this point. According to the counties policy and procedures manual. The county has not followed their own policy. I will be at work on Monday.

  8. @ Snidely… the Leon County Board of County Commies made their collective position clear when they ignored their sworn duty, dismissed their Oath of Office, and failed to do their job by immediately terminating their direct hire, Vinny “The Tyrant” Long, for cause and with prejudice.

    Leon County employees do not work for Long. They are employees of the county taxpayers… just like the BOCC and Long. Vinny The Tyrant is a direct hire of the BOCC and tasked with “administration” of the taxpayer-owned and financed County Operations as overseen by the citizens’ elected representatives. Only two possible scenarios exist that would explain the BOCCs inaction.

    One: They were made aware (as a collective) of his tyrannical intent and were/are in complete agreement with it and further approved it – which would indicate that a probable violation of Government in the Sunshine occurred behind closed doors… or…

    Two: They were in fact unaware of his intention to take an unauthorized, discriminative, unconstitutional, tyrannical, and unilateral action – and thus their silence and lack of appropriate action against Long for said, simply confirms that they are in violation of their own elected duties and unfit to hold or remain in office.

    Either scenario requires the same response… recall and/or remove the unfit for office members of the BOCC and fire Vinny “The Tyrant” Long. It is way past time to return Honor, Duty, Integrity, and Order to our local, state, and federal elected offices… and be unapologetic about it too.

  9. Thank you Governor DeSantis for making the little dictator wanna be’s feel the awesome power of which they thought they were immune from due to so many of Florida’s past Governors having taken a hands off approach to local county affairs.
    Look out Vince Long an your crew of County tyrants. And furthermore Bill Proctor and the other elected weasel County Commissioners…what’s your problem? If you disagree with Vince Long you have sure done a good job at keeping your feelings to yourself. If you commissioners dont know which way the wind is blowing I’ll tell you – if you want to get re elected you better support those 45 workers being terminated. If it looks like you support Desantis get over it this is a right and wrong issue. Stand up for the Leon County 45 Bill Proctor and the remaining sheep Commisioners will follow you!!

  10. If the County Administrator does not comply with the law and the Federal government pays the fines, the Governor should suspend the county commissioners for malfeasance.

    The Governor must use all the legal authority he has to enforce his laws. This is just a trial run for the leftist. If they get away with this, the tyranny will have just begun and sadly, the Governor’s political career will probably have ended.

  11. Spank ’em Governor hit ’em so hard that Resident Biden/Obama cant bail ’em out.
    Yes Resident not President.

  12. It seems that the State may be preparing to sue the Leon County Board of Comies and their hired gun, the County Tyrant… on behalf of the “targeted” employees who hopefully have educated themselves and exorcised their rights as protected by Federal Law.

    I repeat: “I hope these employees are smart enough – when asked about their vaccination status – to exorcise their right under Federal Law to keep their personal medical information private. Answer only that, repeat if necessary, and say NO MORE. Then, when this communist tyrant Long fires them for “not disclosing their personal medical information”, which is their right under existing LAW… they quickly contact a local Dewey, Screw’em, and How… and sue these commie clowns to the hilt.”

    A Governor who has a set, knows our Constitution and our Laws, and doesn’t bow to the science-denying Woke Supremest wakcos… how sweet it is.

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