Leon County Terminates 14 Employees Due to COVID Vaccine Policy

Leon County Terminates 14 Employees Due to COVID Vaccine Policy

At the end of Friday, October 1, 2021, 14 Leon County employees were terminated from their positions due to non-compliance with Leon County’s vaccine mandate.

In a letter sent to all county employees on Saturday, October 2, Leon County Administrator Vince Long thanked those 700 employees who did become fully vaccinated and the 30 who submitted an accommodation.

“I want to thank all of our employees for doing their part to minimize the very serious health risks to coworkers and their families and for helping to ensure our organizational readiness to provide essential services and to respond to the needs of the community we serve,” Long stated in the letter.

“As we have done throughout the pandemic, Leon County will continue to do everything reasonable and responsible to protect our community, to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees…” he wrote.

On Friday, October 1, a letter from the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) was sent to Leon County Administrator Vince Long. In the letter, Director Doug Woodlief asked Long to “immediately rescind its policy (in no event later than 11:59 p.m. on October 1, 2021), which violates Section 381.00316, Florida Statutes, and refrain from terminating any employees” who did not submit proof of vaccination.

The letter from the FDOH threatened Leon County with fines for each employee who was required to submit proof of vaccination. The fines would be $5,000 per employee, totaling $3.5 million for Leon County.

In his letter on Saturday, Long vowed to fight back, “there is a genuine disagreement about the applicability of the statute and rule, and the County will enforce its rights using any remedies available at law, if necessary.”

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  1. 14+ county employees chose to defend residents’ health & rights & liberty. A handful of power-mad, anti-science county kommissars chose to risk residents’ health, & violate our liberty (more than they already were). Local prosecutors in the last 40-50 years refuse to defend rights explicitly recognized in USA & state constitutions (& laws).

    EL asked: How would they know who to attack? The same way the Nazis knew who were their 5th column agents & operatives vs. opponents in Austria, France, Poland, etc. in the 1930s. The immoral tech tyrants, via the Orwellian, anti-Hippocratic HIPAA, electronic health record (EHR) dictates (imposed in 2009), & their own privacy violation tools… impede communications of non-collectivists, but funnel info they should not have themselves to their conspirators.

    Now, now, CS. Don’t you know that using a weapon to punch holes in people’s skin (& insert potentially toxic substances) is aggravated battery? (But somehow power-mad elitists are exempt/ immune from conscientious prosecution?!)

    So, how many signed petitions does it take to get the offensive oath-breaking, power-mad scum recalled?

  2. “Tallahassee faith leaders criticize Gov. DeSantis, surgeon general..”

    “Faith leaders” is the same dog whistle term as “the community”. Funny how “leaders” of the “community” that is the most hesitant to get the vaccine have the gall to criticize one of their own in any was as it relates to COVID.

    I’m beginning to think that all of this is political.

  3. So far as of today, October 7, 2021, there has been NO legal implementation for this “mandate”, and as far as anyone is concerned, the announcement requiring employees in companies over 100 persons (except the Fed govt, Phizer, Moderna, 8,000,000 Chinese college students, the CDC, NIH) to be vaccinated is simply a PRESS RELEASE. I sure hope the ones fired from Leon Co. SUE SUE SUE: https://thefederalist.com/2021/10/07/joe-bidens-vaccine-mandate-doesnt-exist-its-just-a-press-release/ https://t.me/SergeantRobertHorton/4178

  4. Funnily enough, the Nazis actually relaxed compulsory vaccination laws that had been in place under the Weimar Republic. Hitler knew that by doing so, more people he found ‘undesirable’ would die of preventable diseases. Here’s an interesting quote from the man himself:

    “In the field of public health there is no need whatsoever to extend to the subject races the benefits of our own knowledge. This would result only in an enormous increase in local populations, and I absolutely forbid the organization of any sort of hygiene or cleanliness crusades in these territories. Compulsory vaccination will be confined to Germans alone, and the doctors in the German colonies will be there solely for the purpose of looking after the German colonists. It is stupid to thrust happiness upon people against their wishes. Dentistry, too, should remain a closed book to them.”

  5. @ Anon…

    I heard they were cutting staff, access, and downgrading the quality at the library. Hopefully someone will look into this.

    Where are the funds going that should go to the library?

  6. I worked for Leon County for 4 years. My last evaluation was extremely positive and high. I left the county because of totalitarian attitudes like Vince Long’s. Those of you who visit your library no doubt have noticed that the books are vanishing…. I know what happened to them. Trashed. Shameful. The county is shameful.

  7. Nazis. I’m ashamed to live in a county where this insane repression exists. If the Vax works why force it on people? If it doesn’t work, why force it on people. It’s all about totalitarian power.

  8. Vinny “The Tyrant” Long should not only cave… but should be fired for caus and with prejudice. And the Leon County Board of County Communist should also be fired for aiding, abetting, and approving of Long’s tyrannical and unconstitutional act.

    They ALL suck, and they ALL need to go.

  9. @ John thanks on the info on Gainesville caving to the awesome power of our next President DeSaintis.
    Vince Long should cave soon as well.
    Still somehow I feel sad for the mindless leftist tool Vince Long in that he did not get some on air time on CNN over his Hail Mary attempt to help the left in their evil plans.

  10. “in every well ordered society charged with the duty of conserving the safety of its members the rights of the individual in respect of his liberty may at times, under the pressure of great dangers, be subjected to such restraint, to be enforced by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the general public may demand…[r]eal liberty for all could not exist under the operation of a principle which recognizes the right of each individual person to use his own [liberty], whether in respect of his person or his property, regardless of the injury that may be done to others.” – Justice John Marshall Harlan in Jacobson v. Massachusetts

  11. Help is on the way!!!

    Gainesville just caved to state law and court ruling saying vax mandates are unlawful. Leon County is next. Arsehole illiberal government officials need to get put in their place!

  12. I like reading the liberals who come on here and try to justify anything liberal. I cant believe the liberal mentality and lame methods of trying to justify their twisted beliefs.
    BTW these are the local majority voters who keep Leon/Tallahassee permanently effed up by their mindless voting Democrat straight down the ballot.
    Its kind of entertaining reading their posts in the same way we all loved David Letterman’s stupid pet tricks.
    Mental midgets.

  13. For all the sheeple who agree with this policy in the name of health-maybe you need to brush up on your history of tyrannical regimes. All tyrants are doing it in the best interest of safety and health. Jim Jones convinced his followers to drink the Kool-Aid because it was in their best interests. My body my choice only applies to women who want to kill babies? The people not getting the vaccine aren’t the threat to the society – it’s the tyrannical regime and people who support it. The number of people killed by Covid is questionable because of the CDC is flip-flop on guidance , even though I am convinced many people have been killed by Covid- the man-made virus subsidized by our tax dollars things to Adolph Fauci and others such as Bill Gates who believes the population needs to be decreased by hundreds of millions and this is one way to do it. Covid it’s not The primary killer. It’s the lack of treatment thanks to the tyrannical regime now running this country that rations medication‘s that have proven to be successful. There are the ones that are killing people. Intentionally. It’s destroying peoples lives that’s probably caused suicide and heart attacks. But if those same people tested positive for Covid I’m sure that’s what their death was listed as. The government is corrupt and if you wanna live on the tyrannical regime moved to China.

  14. You vile and despicable Satanic Branch Covidian Cultists who are in favor of these evil actions deserve a special place in hell. May God have mercy on your souls because I have no mercy to give you. Your invincible ignorance in the face of irrefutable evidence that these jabs kill people is astounding but not surprising given your lust for your cultish addiction to virtue signaling and everything that is evil in this corrupt nation. If you even have a shred of critical thinking left do yourselves a favor and look at the CDC’s own death data on these clot shots that represent only 1-10% of actual cases:


    And BTW, you invincibly ignorant cultists need to shut up about Covid deaths because they are a provable lie. Only 7% of those numbers reported are directly attributable to Covid all others had significant comorbidities (look up the definition cultists).

  15. V Price…
    You failed to mention the 300,000 illegal immigrants with Covid that Biden illegally encouraged to enter which caused numbers to spike. Until you denounce this atrocity you have no credibility and are disingenuous.

  16. “It’s not the government’s job to protect my health. It’s the government’s job to protect my rights. It’s my job to protect my health. When you trade liberty for safety, you end up losing both.”

  17. People speak of loss of freedom yet freedom is the ability to make choices. Those unvaccinated employees made choices which led to their termination. They were warned in advance and decided for themselves what was most important. What seems to elude most of the commenters on this page is that with rights come responsibilities. Make your choice but understand you must live with the inevitable consequences. We have become a nation of pampered, entitled crybabies who want what we want, when we want it, and then blame everyone else when there’s hell to pay.

  18. This is ridiculous! I can’t believe some many people support ruining a person’s life or livelihood.

    How many of you call yourselves Christians, Catholics, Buddhists? You guys with the stupid bumper sticker that proclaims we should all coexist. Maybe the anti jab symbol should be added along with hammer and sickle?

    What happened to all of the anti government tree hugging hair farmers from the 60’s? The ones that should be standing up against tyranny and encouraging everyone to do the same.

    I guess everyone who obeyed the government and supports this tyranny will be the first to get on the trains without question.


  19. @ Ken ……. You mean the Domestic Terrorists and Foreign Terrorists that Hiden Biden helped create? How about remembering the Truth, Trump tried to stop all Flights from China but it was the Democrats that stopped him. Trump tried to stop all Flights from EU but it was the Democrats that stopped him. This is all on Hiden Biden and HIS Administration. I could go on but I wont because this is about Mr. Long over stepping his powers.

  20. So, we punish those who would not get the Vaccine by taking away their Health Insurance during a Health Crisis. That makes no sense whatsoever. If anything they are more a threat to public health when they are unemployed with No Health Insurance. Remember these are your neighbors, they have kids, they have a family, and for various reasons they decided that the Vaccine was not right for them. Do not attack them, instead support them. Some of them are Vets that have served honorably in the Armed Forces, don’t insult them, support them.

  21. CBC,

    Show me the data and FDA approvals. Show me the Surgeon General’s order.

    Watch your step you’re about to roll over the cliff because you follow the agenda and a derelict incompetent senile buffoon who is illegally collaborating and profiting from China. You have been influenced by buffoons, Big Tech, the CCP, Pharmaceuticals… no hope for you.

    When you do not include in your screed the 300,000 illegal immigrants who have brought in Covid anything you say is disingenuous and laughable.

  22. The topic is 14 Leon County Employees chose to endanger public health and were terminated accordingly. Any employer has the right to protect the safety of its workers and those whom they serve.
    Covid 19 has killed 700,000 Americans. More than 95% of those were unvaccinated. This article is not about Vince Long or Afghanistan. The disrespect mentioned earlier was by the 14 who selfishly sought to endanger public health. We do not allow drivers to drive drunk because they are a threat to others—same principle.

  23. Vince Long and the Leon County Human Resources Director should resign in disgrace immediately. They are both responsible for this tragedy. Email your Leon County Commissioners and their Commissioner Aides people. Be respectful, but contact them and let them know what a disgrace it is to terminate dedicated employees. Call their offices as well. Let them know that voters are concerned.

  24. @ Ken,

    You did not grasp the truth that Biden killed 13 of our servicemen because of his senility, incompetence, and politics. He has no credible political capital left. He is bankrupt where that is concerned and no one who has any respect for those 13 servicemen who lost their lives because of an incompetent derelict buffoon wil be compliant with Biden’s maniacal schemes such as mandates.

    The rest of your fiction is too much of a waste of my time to even address.

    It is pathetic to watch County Administrator Vince Long be a waterboy for Biden. Didn’t he get the memo that the 13 servicemen that Biden killed trumps Biden’s mandates? It must be so sad for you to have to live in your brain was so much of it missing..

  25. @ Ken I think you’re lost. This is about Vince Long, not Joe Biden or Hope. Psst… your last sentence is passive aggressive. So stick a sock in it.

  26. Hope President Joe Biden has only been President for eight months, with the first of those months approving/signing Executive Orders with urgency to ensure citizens of this nation received Stimulus checks, federal unemployment checks to ensure families not get evicted, children
    not go hungry and businesses not fold
    under able to sustain during a pandemic and Economic crisis.

    President Biden spent the months on how to handle a virus that past President allowed over 500,000 citizens to die and millions become infected, hospitalized, on ventilators all due to the lack of the past President not informing NOT PLANNING on how our nation can control a deadly virus. President Biden spent the months ensuring our State Capitol was secure after thousands of homegrown domestic terrorists breached security and stormed the State Capitol on January 6, 2021 to overturn the election which even afterwards were continued death threats on government officials.

    So who are we mad with when the USA military and personnel has been in Afghanistan
    for 20 years under three past Presidents.

    I’m trying to do the math and the timeline of what he didn’t plan right.

    Becareful how we devour one another…our enemies both Domestic Terrorists and Foreign Terrorists are watching and PLANNING.

  27. Seems to me, if Vince Long can ignore the Florida Department of Health, David is within his rights to ignore Vince Long.

    Vincent is going to hell, and I ain’t talkin’ bout the one off Orange Avenue either.

  28. This is Extremely Wrong and should be Reverse NOW. If you can’t ask if someone Smokes when they apply for a Job then, you damn sure shouldn’t be able to make them get Vaccinated to KEEP that Job.

  29. @ David,

    Thank you for the update and please keep us updated.

    It should be a criminal offense for someone in a government position to order a medical mandate (that is not fully approved by the FDA).

    The County Administrator should be in jail and David should have his job and be secure that his position can’t be used as a political weapon to disenfranchise him.

    Praying for you, David.

  30. I’m one of the 14. I am going to be at work tomorrow. The reason is that the county didn’t follow their own policy manual on termination. I also turned my exemption request in on time. I did not get notified that my request was denied until Thursday 9/29. It was sent at 10:pm on Wednesday night by email. The bigger story is how many employees took the shot reluctantly just to keep their job. There is also no mention on how many took early drop or will be leaving due to this mandate. Only 14 of us didn’t turn in our NAZI work papers. But, it has negativity affected the morale of many employees

  31. The County Administrator has no respect for the 13 servicemen Biden killed in Afghanistan and fails to take responsibility for it. They gave their lives to protect us and yet we are not free from overreach in our own country, at the local level.

    What a show of disrespect by the County Administrator. He is a coward and a bully and the 14 fired employees are heroes.

    How are citizens able to help the Leon 14?

    And the Leon County Commissioners do nothing…

  32. The fine is going to be much larger than the Leon 14 X $5000.00.
    Rough estimate maybe 700 employees fall under the terms to be able to levy the fine.
    700 X $5000.00 = $3,500,00.00.
    Will that amount of money sway the local voters away from voting all Democrat all the time? You know we B & Moan about the people in charge but its really the voters that enable everything that is bad about the County and City.

  33. How would the County Dictator, Vinny “The Tyrant” Long, know these employees weren’t vaccinated?… what is the racial and gender percentages involved with the “Leon 14”?

    I hope and pray that the State and the “Leon 14” sue the a$$es off the maniacal Leon County Board of County Communists and their bleacher-blonde hired gun Vinny “The Tyrant” Long.

    As an American Patriot who has had enough of these leftist nutjobs… I will gladly contribute to their legal fees… SUE THESE LOWLIFE COMMIES… AND DO IT NOW!

    I think I may not be able to sit on the sidelines much longer. The only decision is which Communist clown to challenge… there are so many… School Board, City Commission, or County Commission.

    ~ “Those who have the ability to make a difference have the responsibility to do so.” — Thomas Jefferson

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