Florida Progressive Applauds Tallahassee’s Abortion Resolution

Florida Progressive Applauds Tallahassee’s Abortion Resolution

It did not take long for a state-wide official to applaud the actions of the City of Tallahassee related to the controversial abortion resolution.

Democratic state Rep. Anna Eskamani tweeted her support for the action following the vote yesterday. She mentioned the officials that supported the resolution – Mayor John Dailey, Commissioner Jack Porter, and Commissioner Jeremy Matlow.

Eskamani, one of the most prominent progressive voices in the state, announced earlier this year that she would seek a third term in the Legislature next year instead of running for governor or Congress.

Eskamani endorsed Jack Porter – back in July 2020 -in her successful run for the Tallahassee City Commission.

13 Responses to "Florida Progressive Applauds Tallahassee’s Abortion Resolution"

  1. I’d like for her and the rest, who are for abortion, to perform a retroactive abortion on themselves. It’s only a matter of ‘timing’. Right??

  2. “…opposing political efforts to strip bodily autonomy away from their residents…” Spoken like a true psychopath. These evil pro-baby killers want bodily autonomy to continue murdering babies but not when it comes to forcing a killer clot shot on folks. May God have mercy on your soulless hearts. I have no mercy to give.

  3. Was the resolution really needed? What does it do? Fight Florida law, shocking? The suck ups in this town would never pander to the progressive left, right?

    planned parent, founded by margaret sanger, activist. founded abortion clinics to control the population of African Americans.

    Goo job City Commissioners and Mayor for continuing to support slaughtering children and destroying life.

    I’m so exhausted by all of the B.S. in the city and county.

  4. Planned Parenthood and abortion/birth control were enacted to eliminate black people through eugenics. Look it up. Before planned Parenthood was called that it was called The Negro Project. Trademark and copyright offices denied the name so it became planned Parenthood. Margaret Sanger wanted to eliminate black people. Look it up. The informations out there if you look but no one is going to show it to you publicly and ruin their argument.

    Slavery. Under democrats. Democrats in the north were the last to release their slaves. Planned elimination through abortion or birth control. By a democrat. KKK founded by Democrats. Jim crow. Authored by Democrats. Yet black people still vote for them stupidly.

  5. It’s time to play this out to the fullest of its premise. There needs to be a strong push to eliminate any and all taxpayer funded entitlement programs associated with children… and eliminate father-paid child support as well. No more taxpayer funded food, clothing, housing, healthcare, et al…

    After all… if we are going to say that women have godly authority and the right to determine if their baby lives or dies… then they should also be solely responsibly for all costs associated with her godly choices.

    I’m sure Anna would be proud to author such “progressive” legislation… right Anna?

  6. “Reproductive justice”?

    That is about the single most laughable statement I’ve heard in the last few years. Who is this justice for? Did the unborn child get the death penalty because they committed a murder in a past life?

    If ever mankind comes around to a semblance of ethical morality, what we have here is nothing short of Holocaust II – and we’re no different than everyday Germans who said they had no idea there was a concentration camp off in the woods over yonder.

  7. I think I finally see the leftist true motivations behind their love of abortion.
    Its the childern:
    1). Childern dont pay taxes to expand government.
    2). Childern actually reduce the amount of taxation government gets by way of those pesky tax deductions.

    Thats why Elder Demon Eskamani is congratulating her Junior Demons in the political Demon Cub Scout Troop headed up by Demonette “Little Johnnie Demon Daily” and his Demonette minions of The Commission.

  8. Daily, Matlow, Porter and other progressive maniacs support and cheer the unfettered genocide of innocent babies, particularly in communities of color. The white hoods and sheets have been pulled back… and we all clearly see the DemoKKKrats beneath them.

    Tell me again who the racists are?

  9. One person showed leadership yesterday at the city commission meeting and that was City Commissioner Diane Williams-Cox.

    The clarity and leadership she showed should set an example and is commendable. She is correct as they have no jurisdiction over this law so she was correct in voting this resolution down.

    Commissioner Curtis Richardson was also correct in voting this resolution down, however he got there by a lengthy rant so in the future less is more.

    Mayor Dailey is able to check this off his campaign manager’s checklist. Taxpayers should send the mayor a bill for using City resources for this political theater campaign publicity stunt. It is a shame that two other commissioners, Porter and Matlow, failed to discern this nonsense.

  10. If you preferred Chambercrat Elaine Bryant (or a Republican, who could never be elected city-wide), by all means get bent out of shape about this.

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