Leon County Commission Meeting Briefs February 8th

Leon County Commission Meeting Briefs February 8th

Listed below is a summary of the topics covered at the February 8th, 2022 Leon County Commission meeting.

–The Leon County Commissioners discussed what options are available to the Board to preserve the Lake Hall School House. Previously the county provided a letter of support to the non-profit Friends of the Lake Hall School for an African American Cultural and Historical Grant program application, should the opportunity arise for the property to be acquired.

The commissioners agreed that preserving the schoolhouse is essential, however costly. The commissioners further consented to search for and exhaust every option to preserve the schoolhouse going forward.

–The Leon County Commission approved to move forward with establishing a Commission on the Status of Men and Boys. Leon County Sheriff Walt McNeil recommended the committee. It will be tasked with developing strategies to address “the disparities and challenges that men and boys experience with respect to violence, criminal justice, education, employment, health, and other relevant factors.”

–The county commissioners consented to the “Strategic Priorities” and goals they discussed during the January 24, 2022, Annual Retreat. The plan provides a framework for optimizing and implementing the initiatives set by the commissioners for the next five years.

The Board approved the proposed resolution that amends the Building Plans Review and Inspection Fee Schedule. A Building Fee Study was completed and found that the overall permit costs correspond with services by the Building Plan Review and Inspection (BPRI) Division. Therefore, a proposed fee resolution creates a tiered system for commercial permits that will accurately reflect the cost of services and create a single minimum flat dee for all sub-trade permits (electrical, gas, plumbing).

–The Board also agreed to submit the Participation Agreement for a litigation settlement related to Endo Health Solutions, Inc. and Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

–The commissioners had a long discussion about broadband access in Leon County after a public speaker came to the commissioners hoping they might examine the issue. After some compromises by the commissioners, a motion was made and unanimously agreed upon to have a status report brought back to the commission during their next meeting on March 8 to consider how they may address the issue.

–Another concerned citizen addressed the Board about the possibility of a program to “buyback” firearms from residents. Subsequently, Commissioner Minor suggested an item to come back to the Board regarding a “gun buyback” program and working with the LCSO to facilitate the program. Minor made a motion, and it passed unanimously.

8 Responses to "Leon County Commission Meeting Briefs February 8th"

  1. David Hawkins. An interesting idea. But no one would be allowed inside? Why is that?

    Could you send me the architect or contractor you may know who has completed a like project?
    Thanks, Gerri Seay

  2. Guns are excellent investments. Unless it is pure junk and not good for parts, take you gun to a local gun store and ask what it is worth. Better yet, give me a call. I’m always up for buying more guns.

  3. “the disparities and challenges that men and boys experience with respect to violence, criminal justice, education, employment, health, and other relevant factors.” What does that actually mean?

  4. Gun buybacks are an excellent opportunity to recover some of your tax dollars. Spend $100 at Home Depot and turn it into thousands.

  5. https://www.wctv.tv/2022/02/09/county-votes-table-preservation-lake-hall-school-house-look-options/

    I just watched this Video, $1 Million to preserve it? That’s Crazy. Looking at it, the best way to preserve the actual Building without replacing the Building itself would be to build an Inner Structure that the Outer Structure will attach to, which would make the Outer Structure a Skin on the Inner Structure and then no one would be allowed inside.

  6. Gun buyback programs are a ruse and a waste of taxpayer funds. We wind up paying good money for old junk like grandpa’s broken .22

  7. Preservation of old buildings is a worthy goal for people who value them. Those who want to preserve or renovate the Lake Hall School House need to pool their funds to pay for doing so or find volunteers to do the work. Those people who don’t care about the issue should not be burdened through taxes or otherwise.

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