LCSB Chairman Darryl Jones Supports Parents are “Getting in Our Way” Statement by Cobb Principal

LCSB Chairman Darryl Jones Supports Parents are “Getting in Our Way” Statement by Cobb Principal

Darryl Jones, the Chair of the Leon County School Board, offered his support of a controversial Facebook post by Sarah Hembree – the principal of Cobb middle school – in a Facebook post of his own.

Hembree’s post stated in part, “Today I say – Parents, Quit pushing for stupid bills and getting in our way…schools are going to do what’s best for your students in spite of you..”

Less than two hours after a story by Tallahassee Reports was posted on Facebook, Jones posted, “I am Darryl Jones, Chair of the Leon County School Board…and I support this message”, linking to Hembree’s original post.

Tallahassee Reports has reached out to Mr. Jones for a comment.

Check back for updates.

27 Responses to "LCSB Chairman Darryl Jones Supports Parents are “Getting in Our Way” Statement by Cobb Principal"

  1. To Garfield,
    How dare you spew lies about me and my family on this post. You do not have the courage to put your name on the post, because if you did I would hunt you down an beat your cowardly ass.

  2. Jones qualifies as a total ignoramus who, at school board meetings, constantly gets on his soapbox to preach, preach, preach! He has NO business being on the LCS Board. His purpose on the Board is one of a self-fulfilling nature, and his personal agenda is ALWAYS politically motivated. He does not stand for what is just. He is an ass kisser from the get-go. ZZZ! ZZZ! ZZZ! Stay awake, Leon County voters, and get rid of people like Hanna, Hembree, LEWIS BLESSING, and Jones. I m embarrassed to be a Leon County resident when it comes to our School Board.

  3. To Henbree, Hope, distant cousin Rocky, there are too many power-mad extreme illiberal leftists/ regressives/ Marxists/ collectivists, LGBTQ+ trying to brain-wash & “groom” & otherwise abuse children (ick, Rotherham) instead of actually educating. Some are lazy clock-punchers who refuse to put in a good 16-, let alone 30-hour shift.

    In more responsible times school principals would make the rounds of school families, scheduling & having dinner with and engaging in conversation, exchanging info instead of filling privacy-violating data-bases. Neighbors built the civic center with their own hands using their own resources on donated land, were the fire-fighters, etc. instead of resorting to extortion, seizures, & regimentation.

    Students had recess & phys ed/PT & home-work instead of Ritalin. Teachers not only graded papers but gave useful tips for more efficient learning strategies & tactics. In work, colleagues tended to be meritocratic, have industry & company heroes & heroines based on productivity & creative improvements (which sometimes led to improved cranes, cherry-pickers, power-tools for home & hobby…, vehicles, defense tools, architecture, aircraft…), solving problems for the company & USA citizen families & increased prosperity, NOT clock-punching.

    There have been LGBTQIP+ operatives & promoters of moral turpitude for a long time in Hollyweird. Toleration is NOT what they are about. (There are exceptions, outliers.)

    DTH, they are succeeding; that is the problem. They hamper & punish good, curious, scientifically-minded students, and aid, up-grade, promote, boost malevolent whackadoodles.

    YourMom, I’ve known & experienced a lot of teachers & professors… (am related with a few) — and we have seen the videos of your like-minded — whose aim is to brain-wash, not teach. Indoctrination would be better. Your religious and political desires have no place in PUBLIC schools.

    Barb is correct as far as she goes, up to the impact of credentialism. A GED lacks the cache’ (caché) of a degree from GATech or Yale or Harvard or Stanford or Princeton or MiamiU (at Oxford)… almost all of which have also been dragged down by the corruption… and even a degree from HogTown or felonious State…. & connections.

    SWM, it is sad to see the “heroes” of a few years ago revealed to be villains. What EL & PoC said.

    Some years ago, investigations revealed that Ed & B-school majors statistically tended to be among the dullest tools in the kit, invest the least effort, required least class-time & HW, fewest credits.

    More Reading, Orthography, Writing, grammar, Quantum ElectroDynamics (QED), diff-eq, software architecture, cyphering, encrypting to defend against rampant privacy violations, economics, statistics, hiking, disaster-preparedness, first aid, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Mandarin, Hangul, Gujarati, Deutsch, Italiano… The brain-washers have shown themselves not competent nor trustworthy to impart ethics (ick again, Rawls, Kendi, KGB/KJB, situational corruption, racist critical theory, “it’s all relative”, ” I can’t say what a man or woman is because I failed 9th grade bio & can’t do a web search to save my life, but am a pro at dissembling & stone-walling”…).

  4. My children attend Cobb Middle School. I 100% agree with the comments made by principal Hembree, and I am glad that Chairman Jones is backing her! Too many commenters missed the point of principal Hembree’s message. There are too many uneducated people trying to tell Educators how to do their job.

  5. The LCSB’s pandering for votes to push their liberal agendas made national news. Mr. Jones digs in his heels and they dig themselves in deeper.

    The sad thing is is that their platform overall will be criticizing conservatives and weaponizing our government entities to scare and control. It has backfired.

    Their tag team of the County Administrator, the City Manager, Mayor, School Superintendent, State Attorney, and their new pawn David Bellamy fools no one.

  6. So, a guy wearing a tie and kerchief that look like they were designed by Hunter Biden on one of his crack binges heads the Leon County Skrewel Board?

    I’m shocked.
    Shocked, I say.

  7. Darryl and Sara don’t understand that they work for the parents. The school system owes the children and their parents a quality education and the kids just aren’t getting it. Teachers need to teach things like math, English, geography. No sex or gender indoctrination and kids should be learning that everyone is equal under the law. Nobody is better than another and skin color doesn’t dictate who or what a person is.

    No teacher should be sharing personal details about their lives like their “gender identity” or sexual orientation. That just doesn’t belong in the classroom. I know kids can be curious but if you think it’s ok to tell your students you are a trans-lesbian and that is a really good thing you don’t belong in a classroom.

  8. @ NE Moderate,

    It has been reported that David Bellamy is speaking at conservative venues attempting to portray he is pro-life. Do not be fooled as he is fooling no one except publishers who think they can benefit from his campaign dollars for ads.

    If David Bellamy was sincere he would be running for mayor. It is evident that he is a pawn to save the John Failey/ Reese Goad fiefdom.

    Keep up the comments!!!

  9. David Bellamy’s city campaign is being run by Scott Maddox from prison. They met just before he went off to Talladega, and Bellamy is following instructions he got from his dear friend the public corruption felon including hiring his associates to run his campaign.

    True and unreported. Skip Foster may hate John Dailey, but he hates reform and transparency even more.

  10. There are many homeschooling programs from which to choose. There are secular programs, religious programs, programs for different grade levels. You can purchase a complete program and receive a high school diploma upon graduation. You can purchase individual courses and get a GED.

    You do have to pay out of pocket which I think is unfair but may be way less expensive than you fear. Parents should receive educational vouchers to redeem at the school or school program of their choice. All of the taxpayer money going to traditional public schools is outdated, a poor investment, and not serving the best interest of the public.

  11. @your mom,

    Are you even PAYING attention to what is going on with the middle schools in Tallahassee?


  12. And you wonder WHY the Public Schools are failing and the Parents are putting their Kids in Charter Schools or chose to Home School them………THIS is why.

  13. @ Your Mom: I don’t know if your SICK, Twisted or just Stupid. You shouldn’t be a Mon. I not even sure if you should be a Grandma at this point.

  14. @ Your Mom… If you want to disregard your employer and teach their children “your” way, you can always start your own private school. You have employment options. Your religious, perverted sexual, and political desires have no place in “OUR” public schools. Just keep your hateful and perverted indoctrination away from OUR kids.

    STOP indoctrinating OUR children. It’s time for this perverted nonsense to stop.

  15. OK everyone who is volunteering to resign from Leon County Schools or be voted off the Board just form a line and sign onto this letter . And thanks for serving. Now don’t let the door hitya.

  16. OK everyone who is volunteering to resign from Leon County Schools or be voted off the Board just for a line and sign onto this letter and thanks for serving. And don’t let the door hitya.

  17. If you want your children taught your way, you can always homeschool or send them to private school. You have options. Your religious and political desires have no place in public schools. Just let the kids be kids. No one is indoctrinating your children. It’s time for this conspiratorial nonsense to stop.

  18. @ SWM… kids do not need to be “groomed” for a lifestyle that is normal, natural, and healthy. The “grooming” occurs when teachers groom them to an abnormal, unnatural, and unhealthy lifestyle. There is no such thing as a transgender anything. It’s a made up term to sound scientific, and to help cross-dressers and those who suffer with Gender Dysphoria/Dystopia to feel better about their disorder. Rather than treat their disorder, the extremists running the LGBTQPWhatever club seek to groom and encourage children to join their deranged club.

    They cannot grow their club numbers via adults who have matured and have gained a grasp on science, nature, and reality… so they seek to manipulate and pollute the impressionable minds of young children. It’s wrong, it’s perverted, and it borders pedophilia. And frankly, I don’t give a damn if that reality offends your delicate sensibilities.

    If you truly “morn the downfall of one of the greatest countries on earth”… then it is THIS perversion of education system that you should be morning and fighting against. You can legislate tolerance – which America has more than any other country on earth… but you cannot legislate acceptance of a unnatural and unhealthy lifestyle choice… and public schools sure as hell shouldn’t be encouraging or teaching it to OUR children.

  19. School Board members represent the taxpayers (parents) in their district. Mr. Jone’s job is not to support principals. His job is to support taxpaying parents.

  20. Teachers have been grooming kids with in schools for generations, talking about their own kids and husbands grooming an exclusively straight lifestyle. Gay is not contagious, Trans is not contagious. If kids have someone who will listen to them without preconceived notions of who they should be and how, they “might ” end up end up gay instead of dead.
    All these parents are upset because their child trusts the school more than they trust their parents. It is sad to see the “heroes” of a few years ago vilified now. I morn the downfall of one of the greatest countries on earth as we devour each other. Florida is so busy making laws just to make laws. Who benefits? Live and let live.

  21. Let’s discuss the elephant in the room other than Jones himself. For decades the filthy leftist Demonrat groomers on a national level, state level and local level have systematically put people of color back onto their controlled plantation of socialism. This in turn has led to the utter destruction of the black family. Illegitimate black babies end up in the scruel system with single mothers who overwhelmingly don’t care about raising their illegitimate babies while they chase after child support from their baby daddies with the help of the government. This can easily be confirmed by talking to honest teachers in the scruels located in those scruel zones serving minority communities where many of them are dealing with kids exhibiting the vilest behavior due to neglect and/or abuse from their single mothers. This in turn has given the leftist Demonrat groomer scruel teachers and administrators free license to do whatever they want to all kids and not be held accountable. This includes grooming them for evil purposes and pushing socialist struggle sessions akin to the Chicom Cultural Revolution where the youth of Communist China took over in an orgy of violence at the behest of their dear leader, Mao. Now that the light has shined on their evil grooming, these vile Edumacation Cockroaches are scurrying around looking for cover.

    Cover will be given in some areas of the state like the Capital District because the majority of Capital District voters share Jones’ sentiment and will continue to vote that way. They still believe in slavery and living on the socialist groomer plantation. They still yearn for a return to Covidstan in all ways possible. The only solution is to have all scruel funding follow the child regardless of whether they go to public, private, or home school. This will defund these filthy groomers and force the ignorant masses in the Capital District to face reality. Treat these groomers for who and what they are.

  22. This is what happens when you allow the Public Education System to be transformed by the DLPs (Dem/Lib/Prog) into the Public Indoctrination System. They’ve gone from teach Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic – and failing or children at that – to teaching Activism, Hate, and Transdelusionalism.

  23. Its painful to watch this clown stab the childern of his own race in the back.
    Local voters must avoid their natural instincts to vote based on color of a candidates skin. I dont care who you are or what color of skin you identify with you should be able to see this man is a danger to our communitty.

  24. This is not a leadership move, this is a leadership 101 mistake. Very unprofessional on so many levels and how will Rocky handle this public relations nightmare as they seem to be happening daily?

    Rocky should thank Daryl for putting him into retirement come next election…

  25. Jones is why less than half of Leon County public school students cannot read and cipher at a satisfactory level. Mr. Jones is an abomination; he needs to be canned at the first opportunity. He is not interested in educating your children, he wants to indoctrinate them and write the parent out of the picture. Tallahassee needs to demand he resign along with the unctuous principal at Cobb Middle School.

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