Leon County School Teacher Announces Bid for Leon County School Board

Leon County School Teacher Announces Bid for Leon County School Board

Laurie Lawson Cox has filed to run for the seat that will be vacated by outgoing school board member Dee Dee Rasmussen, who announced her retirement from District 4 last week following a 14-year career.

Cox had previously filed to run for the seat in 2024 and began raising campaign funds in January. However, with the recent announcement by Rasmussen to leave her position two years early, Cox will be on the ballot in 2022.

Laurie Cox

To date, Cox has raised approximately $50,000, including cash brought in from fundraising efforts after the April reporting deadline, when she reported $45,703.60. 

“Dee Dee’s shoes will be hard to fill,” said Cox. “But after talking with so many parents and members of the community, I am confident I’ll have the support needed to be successful.”

“So many parents and others have been so generous that I’m overwhelmed with gratitude,” said Cox. “They have entrusted me not only with their financial support but with the future of our schools in this community. It’s an awesome responsibility and not one I take lightly.”

Cox grew up in Tallahassee and attended Ruediger, Griffin, and Leon High School, and ultimately went on to teach in Leon County for 33 years. Her campaign will focus on the health, safety, welfare, and education of all students, by engaging families, elevating students, and innovating education. 

Cox’s husband, Alan, is an Assistant Superintendent with the Leon County School Board and is set to retire in May 2023.

Learn more at www.laurielawsoncox4schoolboard.com

26 Responses to "Leon County School Teacher Announces Bid for Leon County School Board"

  1. Laurie Cox is a solid common-sense, family-values person who isn’t going to embrace the bizarre progressive agenda. Anyone concerned about her husband being a Rocky devotee should do a little homework. Alan has been around LCSD for years as a school principal and later as an administrator. The football stadium south of town is named after his father.

    These are good people who are doing everything they can to fight off the bizarre progressives and they’re doing it from within the system, with tact and skill. In case anyone isn’t aware, LCSD is located in a mostly Democrat community and so it’s tough to run hard right and win. Do your homework, ask your questions, but don’t expect any successful candidate in this community to run a campaign as a hard-right activist. It just doesn’t work. Better to win first and govern with logic and common sense.

    Laurie has my vote.

  2. Anyone associated with the current administration is not someone who I will vote for. We need a clean sweep and people who only advocates for teaching not an agenda or things will steal our children’s innocence. We want reading righ’n and arithmetic and history. We want them to know where they came from with all of the wrongs and rights that comes with it.

  3. Just to let everyone know there will be another candidate for the Leon county school board district 4 seat. Susan Hodges will be a write in candidate.

  4. As a former teacher, I would never vote for another teacher to be on the school board. The worst school board in the history of mankind was made up entirely of teachers! We need business people on the school board.

  5. So, is she retired from teaching and getting DROP money? Will she be another “double dipper” upon election?
    Rocky “keeping it in the (crime) family” again.
    No diversity/outsiders allowed.

    And Hope, the Comic section IS the front section.
    The revolving door to their “virtual office” is spinning faster these days than the one at Kamala Harris’. I predict that within a couple years, they will cut another day’s print propaganda.

    And yeah, poor Ramon must have been following the Andrew Gillum playbook at little too closely, if you get my drift. What is it with Taxahassee voters and their love of candidates without a moral compass?

  6. Saved the best part for last, huh Steve? So, her husband is one of Rocky’s worker bees. Rocky has to go, and if her husband is chummy with him, as you would have to be to make it to retirement, that’s a problem for me.

  7. PostScript… On the bright side regarding the Tallahassee Democrat ,Jeff Burlew’s factual excellent reporting exposed the truth regarding Rep. Ramone Alexander. He will not be running again and Democrats have lost their minority house leader.

  8. @ Ed, Snidely, Pat…

    The Tallahassee Democrat put an end to endorsing candidates when their own Mary Ann Lindley ran for county commissioner. Even they could not bring themselves to endorse her so to save face they quit endorsing candidates.

    Also, just this week alone reporter James Call was busy propping up Nikki Fried, Allison Tant, Lorraine Ausley, and the middle school principal who hates parents. Whatever editor assigned or approved those articles should be demoted to the comic section.

  9. @ Hope… good call-out, I’ll give you that. For many of us, there are extenuating circumstances that prevent a run at this time. As for Mrs. Cox, I merely suggest that there are questions that need to be answered before she gets my support/vote. And yes… if the Democrat rag supports her, there will be reason for concern.

    @ Parent… most parents and conservative-leaning folks are working (to pay bills and taxes) at that time and cannot attend… which is exactly why they schedule these forums during working hours. They are often scheduled to avoid public attendance, not to encourage it. Rest assured I will attend every and all that I can.

  10. Come and speak your mind to the LCSB candidates on May 23rd 2813 S. Meridian St. (12:00 noon-1:15 pm)

    Let them know how we expect the public servants to manage OUR business.

  11. @ Hope. I am toyed with the idea. Now I am in full time retirement with an active volunteer life.
    Forrest Van Camp attends the same church I do.

  12. @ Edward, Pat A, Snidely…

    I don’t see you all stepping up… What say you?

    (At this news the conservatives, common sense, change, and competence wins).

    Shhhh… don’t let the word out.

  13. I’m with Snidely on this. If the Tallahassee Commiecrat supports a candidate, it’s a clear indication of his/her agenda and intent.

    @ Pat A… you’re absolutely correct… an extremely vague and ambiguous campaign statement. She needs to have clear and direct questions put to her on where she stands on multiple issues.

  14. “Gov. Scott appoints conservative appellate judge Alan Lawson to Florida Supreme Court”

    This is Laurie Cox’s brother… a conservative!

    Her father until recently served as the volunteer liaison for the United States Military Academy.

    I am rejoicing at Laurie stepping up and going to run for this position.

  15. How fague can you be?

    “Her campaign will focus on the health, safety, welfare, and education of all students, by engaging families, elevating students, and innovating education.”

  16. The good ole boy system is alive and well in LCS. If this candidate wanted to make changes in our schools she could have been doing it from the dinner table! As DD told us she is “passing the baton”. More shenanigans in LCS Desantis should investigate.

  17. I am for this candidate! This is the type of person who we want to represent our children in our school system. And yes her husband is Alan Cox. (He would make a good school superintendent in my opinion). They are both two of the finest people in Tallahassee.

    I would not be surprised if this candidate wins her race with the highest percentage rate in Tallahassee history.

  18. Watch how The Democrat endorses Cox. If they give her glowing press than she’s a leftist groomer.
    Pretty much already leaning that way from Bert’s post about her husband being employed right up under Rocky.

  19. Laurie Cox will do an excellent job as a School Board Member! She has loved Leon County students and families for over 30 years and will continue caring for them!! She has an outstanding record of commitment and I know she will work tirelessly to fight for our students and parents!!

  20. “Dee Dee’s shoes will be hard to fill,”
    That right there is a big NO. We do not need more of the same.

  21. Maybe it’s just me but isn’t it pertinent that her husband is an assistant Leon county school superintendent and works directly under your boy rocky?
    Not a bit of conflict there right???

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