Alex Stemle to Run for Leon County School Board

Alex Stemle to Run for Leon County School Board

Alex Stemle has told Tallahassee Reports that he plans to run for the Leon County School Board District 4 seat. The qualifying period for the seat ends on Friday, June 17.

Stemle ran against incumbent Dee Dee Rasmussen in 2020 and lost 60.6% to 39.3%. Early this year, Rasmussen resigned due to health reasons.

During the 2020 race, Stemle tod TR that District 4 needed a new voice.

Stemle said, “Our local schools need a new voice, fresh ideas, and an experienced perspective to address the challenges facing our classrooms and families. My wife Katie and I are proud parents of two boys, 7 and 4, who are just beginning their educational journey in our local schools and I look forward to using my leadership skills to improve our local educational community.”

Stemle will start a new job with Leon County Schools this fall as an Assistant Principal at Godby High School. He was previously the Dean of Students at Deerlake Middle School and earned his Master of Business Administration and Master of Educational Leadership from Florida State University.

Laurie Cox and Susan Hodges have already qualified as candidates for the District 4 seat.

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  1. Appreciate all the well-reasoned, objective comments from reasonable, calm people. Very helpful.


  2. I have known both Alex and Lori for a long while. Both are great individuals who have dedicated their careers to the kids of Leon County- we should applaud them both. This is not about who you go to church with, who is the best workout buddy, or who’s husband is influential. This is about our kids, our families, and who will make the best decisions on our school board. In my opinion Mr. Stemle is best suited, has the most relevant experience, and seems to have the mindset for change leadership. I encourage all my neighbors to do your homework before casting your vote, we cant afford to get this one wrong-again!

  3. I am so excited Mr.Stemle has stepped up. My grandkids have all attended Killearn Lakes and Deerlake Middle School. He has such a big heart and always willing to help. One of my grandkids was being bullied and he handled it like a pro. My son was able to call him and he took care of the issue. Good Luck Mr.Stemle, three generations will be voting for you!

  4. Fed up,

    Johnny/John outed you (all). He said you are all Fed up.

    Fact Check:

    “Does’t surprise me why this community is fed up.,


  5. Johnny AKA Fed up,

    False Narrative:

    “To see you and the cox team trash Alex and Susan is disappointing.”

    Fact Check:

    “Susan Hodges seems to have a solid conservative platform and is a Republican. I have read her views and I am impressed.”

  6. All three candidates deserve a chance to speak for themselves Hope. To see you and the cox team trash Alex and Susan is disappointing. Does’t surprise me why this community is fed up.


  7. Barb,

    Susan Hodges seems to have a solid conservative platform and is a Republican. I have read her views and I am impressed.

    The Tallahassee Democrat had article on the two women candidates for this race and both were very impressive. You may want to Google…

  8. My husband and I have three kids that attended Killearn Lakes, Deerlake, and Chiles. All 5 of us will, without a doubt, be voting for Mr.Stemle! Good Luck.


  9. Elizabeth,

    You just proved my point.

    It is not a false narrative that he criticized his opponent, relentlessly.

    It is also not a false narrative that he lost the election.

    You may want to expend your energies on a platform.

  10. WOW Hope you just can’t let it go. You are clearly connected to the cox camp (probably a close neighbor) and one of the political cronies that did not hold our last SBM accountable. What make me sick to my stomach is your spreading of false narratives across this site, not just in this story. We live in a democracy, the current office holder does not appoint the next. Looking at our choices, I am willing to give Alex a chance. Good Luck Mr.Stemle

  11. Hope he comes up with the platform rather than criticizing opponents about things that don’t make sense as that seems to be his modus operandi. It worked so well for him in 2020….

  12. Alex will have to resign as AP if he wins. It’s not about the money- he CARES about our education system and the future of LCS. Laurie is doing this as an easy retirement gig.
    Alex is 100% the better candidate. Has a business background and the skills to be a real representative for district 4. He will at the very least show up for meetings…….something Deedee rarely did….

  13. Concerned Citizen AKA Hope Floats,

    You have no platform other than to criticize your opponents.

    Your retorts are the classic comebacks from a narcissist. That is a fact.

    A vice principal should not be on the school board. There is no way you can win this election on that.

  14. Um Hope, you seem to be very triggered and emotionally involved in this to keep commenting. I can assure you I am not Alex but I do care about how my tax dollars are managed. Unfortunately I cannot put my real name due to crazy people like you who resort to name calling and act nuts, etc. My point is valid and based on common sense regardless of what you think. Honestly probably both of them are conflicts of interest like Erwin Jackson said but this is what we have to work with. I personally like them both as people but that doesn’t determine who will do the best job. I also liked DeeDee as well but I don’t blame her for not putting up with what comes with this job. If we had an outside candidate that would be better but no one wants these jobs because of people like you who can’t be respectful and resort to bashing and name calling. I feel bad for what a miserable person you must be. Maybe you should run for the position and that would solve everything. I still stand by my comments that Alex has the lesser conflict of interest.

  15. Hope

    Looking at your past comments from the 2020 School Board Race you should “abstain” from this discussion. It is clear who you supported!

  16. Fed up,

    I respect that, but pushing ethical boundaries worked out so well for Scott Maddox, a lawyer, a prisoner, a convicted felon.

    If the Supervisor of Elections would have held him to the rules he wouldn’t be where he is today, one simple little rule.

  17. Fed up,

    Nope… unethical and won’t fly.

    “Florida’s ethics laws prohibit public officers from employment that creates “a continuing or frequently recurring” conflict.”
    Per TD

  18. Fed up,

    I asked you first to show me the legal rule. Still waiting…

    Cannot serve where there are continuous conflicts and double dip.

  19. Thank you, Alex/Concerned taxpayer.

    I don’t think Alex can run if Alex is a vice principal. I don’t even think they will qualify him.

  20. Fed Up…
    Okay, show me the legal rule. Maybe if it was the superintendent that may be pushing it….Fact Check please…

  21. I think Alex is our best candidate for sure as he doesn’t have ties to the district office. Laurie Cox seems like a nice person but please remember the board is supposed to have checks and balances with our taxpayer money, issues, etc. A board member should not have close ties to the district office period and her husband is second in command at the district under Rocky Hanna. Alan Cox and Rocky went to school together and go way back. There is no way she will go against her husband on decisions and issues, as most spouses would not. This is just common sense and I am surprised more people don’t realize this and what a bad choice that would be. This isn’t about who you “like” or go to church with, this is about who will do the job correctly, manage our taxpayer money, make independent decisions without influence, and has the least conflict of interest. Alex is the best person between the choices we have.

  22. I think he would have to take a leave of absence from his position if he won. Seems strange. Give up a salary that’s three times a Board Members salary.

  23. How can you be on the school board and be a vice principal at the same time? Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

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