California Group, with Bernie Sanders Ties, Sends $50,000 to Aid Tallahassee’s Progressive Candidates

California Group, with Bernie Sanders Ties, Sends $50,000 to Aid Tallahassee’s Progressive Candidates

State campaign records show that a progressive group based in California -led by former Bernie Sanders campaign employees – is financing the efforts of campaign consultant Max Herrle who is helping the Adner Marcelin Tallahassee City Commission.

Herrle is a former local lobbyist who has close ties with City Commissioner Jack Porter and Jeremy Matlow. He also provided campaign consulting to current Leon County Comissioner Brian Welch, who upset Leon County Commissioner Bryan Desolge in the 2020 election cycle.

Currently, Herrle is co-founder of the online political blog Our Tallahassee.

Tallahassee Report recently published a story documenting how City Commissioners Jeremy Matlow and Jack Porter are working to defeat their colleague, City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox.

Tracking the Money

Records show that the Green Advocacy Project , located in Palo Alto, California, donated $50,000 to the Florida Young Democrats PAC on July 15, 2022.



Ten days later, on July 25, 2022, the Florida Young Democrats PAC transferred $25,000 to Dude Where’s My Park? PAC and $23,500 to THG Consulting LLC.



Documents show that Max Herrle oversees the operations of the two organizations..

On July 29, 2022, the Dude Where’s My Park? PAC donated $7,500 to another PAC called “Say No 2 Doak.” This PAC is also controlled by Herrle.

A recent mailer supporting Adner Marcelin in his campaign to unseat City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox – shown below – was paid for by “Say No 2 Doak.”

Ironically, Our Tallahassee, Porter, and Matlow have been publicly critical of the use of “dark money”. Our Tallahassee has published articles critical of dark money

Dark money is money spent on political activity that comes from undisclosed donors.

Max Herrle told TR, “People are seeing more and more the influence of private utility companies in our elections. I believe that Florida Power & Light has an interest in our public utilities. Groups like the Green Advocacy Project have backed efforts to protect publicly owned utilities and defend them against hostile takeovers attempts like the ones we’ve seen in Jacksonville.”

The Green Advocacy Project

This is not the first time the Green Advocacy Project has been tied to Tallahassee elections.

The Tallahassee Democrat reported in 2018 that the Green Advocacy Project gave $12,500 directly to Herrle’s North Florida Leadership Fund PC. That committee then gave $10,500 to Florida Young Democrats, which paid Herrle $10,000 before YouTube ads ran attacking Matlow’s opponent, Lisa Brown.

In 2020, the Green Advocacy Project gave $50,000 to the Florida Young Democrats.

Interestingly, the donation on July 20, 2020, was made in the same week – two years ago – as the recent $50,000 donation by the Green Advocacy Project, which was made on July 15,2022.



The Green Advocacy Project lists a leadership team with significant political experience with the national progressive movement.

Michael Kieschnick, President and Board member “helped to found Real Justice Pac, which works to elect progressive district attorneys around the country.”

Becky Bond, a board member, was formerly a senior advisor to the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign and political director of CREDO Mobile.

Zack Malitz, a board member, helped lead the digital organizing department for Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

96 Responses to "California Group, with Bernie Sanders Ties, Sends $50,000 to Aid Tallahassee’s Progressive Candidates"

  1. Jeremy Matlow opposed the 2020 CSC property tax increase.

    Scott Maddox Democrat David Bellamy and pro-Doak $ Dianne Williams-Cox both supported the Leon County tax hike proposed by FPL Chambercrat John Dailey.

    This is pretty simple.

  2. @ William,

    Would it be possible to make a point without name calling and hate speech, but with a plan, integrity, and direction? You cancel out your own comment and have zero Integrity in the bank.

    You are failing to give credit to Matlow for the responsible actions that he took along the conservative lines. The CSC slush fund, $27 million Stadium giveaway, transparency and physical responsibility are credits for Matlow. Give credit where credit is due.

  3. Me thinks TR hit a liberal ‘funny bone ‘ , as a few lefty wing nuts are going to great lengths to attempt to convince others that Matlow and companies ‘dark money ‘ is pure and innocent vs anyone who contributes to an alternative viewpoint is clearly not a good communist and must be cancelled- immediately .

    Yes Comrade Vladimir ?Matlow ?….??

  4. And still… no whining about the FAMU and TCC handouts, only the FSU handout… hmmmmmm. Can you say, “race-based pandering” and “selective outrage”?

    And still… no candidate offering any solutions to the handout problem, only that they want to be the one who gets to handout our money… hmmmm. Can you say, SSDD (Same S—t Different Democrat)?

    I’ll take the Democrat in the center square to block the Marxists, Peter…

  5. All the rhetoric, name calling and fear mongering only boils down to one major factor influencing my vote. I will vote for those who listen to and vote according to the wishes of their many and varied constituents. That’s Matlow, who has a proven track record of listening to taxpayers, and hopefully Marcelin or Green.
    I will not vote for those who turn deaf ears to the taxpayers and vote according to the developers, chamber of commerce (COC), and FSU boosters who own them. Bellamy has admitted he has made donations in the past based on what the Florida Medical Association told him to do. His history makes me believe that as a commissioner he will vote the way his big donors, developers/COC/Boosters, tell him to.

    And no, I am not Max Herrle in disguise. But I may be old enough to be his mother…don’t know cuz I never met him or his mother.

  6. @ Barb,

    The Tallahassee Democrat has provided good campaign information from the candidates. It has been fair and balanced. If anything they have held back a bit.

    Also, hard-working businesses buy ads and I like to support local businesses. I have made many high ticket purchases from these businesses simply because I saw their ad.

    I would suggest using it as a tool to become more informed regarding this election cycle.

  7. Who gets their political news from the Tallahassee Democrat? Their “news” is preaching to their Progressive Democrat choir.

  8. David Bellamy is pro-abortion and has since denounced DeSantis. Bellamy was attempting to curry favor with Republicans.

    Bellamy is the candidate in his race who accepts dark money from questionable sources.

    Collectively, prominent citizens have come out in full force and proclaimed – Bellamy is desperate – as you can read in the Tallahassee Democrat. It is a good read.

  9. David Bellamy contributed to Governor DeSantis’ campaign. As @Hope says, “America’s favorite Governor!”

    Matlow supports politicians such as Aramis Ayala and Anna Eskamani. Yikes!

  10. David Bellamy supported increasing our property taxes. Matlow opposed raising taxes and has consistently opposed wasteful spending.

    Bellamy is attacking him for it. His friend John Dailey, who shares the same Scott Maddox consultant, proposed the tax hike.

  11. It’s unquestionable that the two members of the Marxist Ménage à Trois of Mayhem (Jeremy & Jack) have unimpeachably proven that they have no interest in doing the people’s business, and have further assured the dysfunction and impotence of our City Commission body so long as they sit in those seats. They are driven by ideology activism, not citizen governance.

    They should resign immediately or be recalled.

  12. The desperation train has left the station and sad to report that it has derailed. Desperate supporters of candidates who accept dark money will be the losers as they cannot control their train.

    They learned too late that name calling, identity theft, dark money and desperate supporters cannot fuel their train.

  13. The two members of the Marxist Ménage à Trois of Mayhem (Jeremy & Jack) have unimpeachably proven that they have no interest in doing the people’s business, and have further assured the dysfunction and impotence of our City Commission body so long as they sit in those seats. They are driven by ideology activism, not citizen governance.

    They should resign immediately or be recalled.

  14. Keep digging, Justin, and all your other aliases — this is why YOUR candidates – lost in the last election – and this is why they will lose again. Dishonesty and greed fueled by dark money and dirty tricks by Justin.

  15. Also WRONG — tricking Republicans into thinking a socialist is actually a conservative.

    RIGHT — shattering that in less than 48 hours and forcing you to go back to old, tired, progressive pablum like fancy cars and greed.

  16. There is right and there is wrong.

    DON’T want to vote for candidates who accept dark money and refuse to denounce it and tied to Maseratis instead of children having sidewalks. WRONG

    DO want to vote for candidates who voted AGAINST the $27 million stadium giveaway and the CSC. RIGHT

  17. Hope doesn’t even realize it, but he/she has pivoted away from “Matlow is conservative” — since that has been debunked completely — and is now toting a more conventional progressive/socialist line about greed and fancy sunglasses.

    You know what? That’s fine.

    If people want to elect a socialist, so be it.

  18. @ Hopeful NE semi-moderate…

    Your identity theft, name calling, etc. Only sheds light on your desperate attempt to prop-up Mayor Dailey, David Bellamy, and Dianne Williams-Cox who failed to denounce the dark money they have received from the Ghavzini family.

    They believe their votes should go to Maseratis’ instead of children needing sidewalks. Thank you for enlightening us and shedding like on a very dark area that needs it.

    Maybe you should invest in a new pair of designer sunglasses because thanks to you the light is bright!

  19. If the two choices are

    1) hindering the quality of life of current taxpayers, or
    2) literally terminating the life of future taxpayers,

    it seems like an easy choice.

  20. Well, there are plenty of reasons to vote for people, including Jeremy Matlow.

    But I think it is now fully exposed that Hope has been trying to trick Republicans into thinking Matlow is a conservative instead of the Green Party, pro-abortion, pro-labor union, pro- Defund the police candidate that he is.

    Just in the last day, we’ve seen Hope attacking conservative radio host Preston Scott, local businesspeople, and carelessly parroting Matlow lines about using economic development dollars to pay for sidewalks.

    This sham has been fully exposed.

    Progressives and socialists have every reason to support Matlow. Republicans and conservatives don’t.

  21. If the two choices are

    1) building sidewalks for children to walk on, or
    2) not endorsing the sacrifice of Southside babies at the altar of Molech,

    it seems like an easy choice.

  22. @ Barb

    Thinking that the Ghazvinis aren’t on the ballot, you could not be more wrong! It is shameful to not call out their dark money, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt of not being informed.

  23. @ Barb,

    So, to be clear..
    What I call a $27 million taxpayer giveaway that hinders the quality of life for the taxpayers and citizens and children will not have sidewalks to walk on and other infrastructure, you call a drum beat.

    My humanity seems to be in check… .

  24. @Hope, The Ghazvini family is not on my ballot this election just like you are not on my ballot. Matlow and Marcelin are on my ballot this election. It is very clear where they stand and how they will vote and, if elected, they are the ones who will be making decisions that affect us all. Out of self-preservation and that of the community, neither of them have my vote.

  25. @ Barb

    “I believe Marxists use class envy to get themselves in power. Then, sadly, the poor fools who fall for their tactics are worse off than when they started. Another tactic in the Communist handbook is silencing opposition.”

    You were just caught in your own web. Do your homework on the Ghazvini family.

  26. @Mike L, I believe you had previously stated that you were pro-life. Please, don’t let your resentment against the wealthy lead you to throw the pre-born under the bus. Also, remember, one day you may be a member of the inconvenient group.

    Please, read the article regarding the Abortion Resolution vote. Thank you.

  27. I believe Marxists use class envy to get themselves in power. Then, sadly, the poor fools who fall for their tactics are worse off than when they started. Another tactic in the Communist handbook is silencing opposition.

    I hope it has not gone unnoticed the constant drumbeat about the $27 million for the stadium. Whatever objection someone has about Matlow, Porter or Marcelin, the answer is the $27 million stadium vote. If the person persists and demands an answer to their question or objection, they are told they are hateful or that TR should censor them or threatened that they are probably committing a crime and could get in trouble for expressing such views. Then, they circle back to the $27million stadium vote.

  28. @ Hopeful semi NE Moderate AKA Justin Ghazvini, Grow Tallahassee, & Al…

    Your comments have no credibility. There is right and there is wrong and Jeremy Matlow was on the right side literally on his votes. He voted for the taxpayers not for special interests so their kid can drive around in a Maserati.

  29. Hope/Max: Help me understand.

    Matlow was registered in the Green Party.
    He has given money to Bernie and Ana Eskamani (Florida’s AOC).

    Bellamy gave to DeSantis and Gaetz.

    And it’s Matlow who is conservative?

  30. Thank you!

    But, you have Associated yourself with Mayor John Dailey, David Bellamy, and Dianne Williams-Cox…

    #1 you need to apologize for the extreme terms and the above named should denounce your extremism since you associated yourself with them.

    Your actions have consequences.

  31. @ Hope… applying the classic Alinsky Projection tactic doesn’t help your case either. Feel free to vote your conscience, and I shall do the same. In the interest of protecting your delicate sensibilities, this will be the final interaction I shall have with you. I hope you have a better day.

    May God Bless you and yours.

  32. Al AKA Justin Ghazvini, Grow Tallahassee, & Hopeful semi NE Moderate…

    Thank you, good to know that the $27 million of taxpayer dollars was able to assist your family in saving on the renovation of their Sky Box seats and able to buy you a Maserati. Children won’t have food to eat or sidewalks to walk on, but you have a Maserati.

    Mic drop!

  33. @ Ed..

    Don’t push your extremism and inappropriate writings off on me I don’t call people those names. And I don’t appreciate when people call me and others those names when they are not true… if you have proof be my guest” but until you do you are only offending Mayor John Dailey, David Bellamy and Dianne Williams Cox as you have associated yourself with them so it reflects poorly on them; you are doing them more harm than good.

    Your pot meets kettle theory does not apply here it, is ludicrous for you to even attempt that. Take accountability for your hate speech.

    Desperation much?

  34. @ Hope… I take it that whole “Pot -v- Kettle” anecdote escaped you in life? Attempting to cancel people for using words and/or terms that scare you does not help your case, and further supports my assumptions of your true political and ideological persuasions.

  35. @ Ed,

    Your a continual name calling using the terms Marxist and Communist and other inappropriate terms have no place in a civilized discussion. It reflects poorly on you and the candidates you are supporting.

    Your credibility is now non-existent and you have tarnished John Dailey, David Bellamy, Dianne Williams-Cox as well. Please think before you write in the future and refrain from the extremism and attacks especially when you have no proof and they are untrue.

  36. TR Staff

    I find it highly inappropriate and offensive that Edward Lyle continually calls people Marxist and Communist when he has no proof and it is not true. He stated he was an attorney so perhaps he should know better. But he crosses the line continually stating offensive hate speech when nothing could be further from the truth.

    The name calling of Marxist and Communists is a serious offense and hopefully TR will flag it as offensive and not be allowed. To attempt to tarnish Christian conservative Republicans and candidates he is not voting for by calling them Marxist and Communist crosses the line into hate speech.

  37. Max Herrle, get a life dude. Your name is all up in this article and you are in her defending yourself? You call yourself a “lobbyist”? Very unprofessional and you seem like a try hard clown.

  38. Hope, you are are obviously only reading what you want and agree with. First off the $27 million isn’t for box renovations, it’s for basic infrastructure of a building that has brought billions to this economy over the last decades. $27 million is a drop in the bucket. Justin Ghazvini is a clown, he’s a rich little kid who only has a job because of his Daddy. 24 yo kid driving around in a Maserati, give me a break. But I love the growth of Tallahassee, I support it. Matlow and Porter want to hinder it. Matlow supports wage hikes but he won’t even do that at his own business… weird!!!

  39. I am now convinced that both Hope, Inyra, and Mike are progressive Marxist plants tasked with presenting a Republican/Conservative façade in an feckless attempt to sway Informed Americans to back their Marxist Ménage à Trois of Mayhem.

    Oh… and Preston… you, your staff, and your show ROCK THE TRUTH AND REALITY!

    Keep up the good fight. Always remember, if the Marxists are attacking you, then you’re doing something right.

  40. LOL! Here you have two white, typical hypocritical, Marxist, Leftist, city commissioners targeting a black Demonrat, kinda progressive, but kinda okay with development, city commissioner. These radical Marxists hiding in sheeps’ clothing have annointed a token (i.e. black) radical (don’t call me rasciss!) candidate. You are now left with the choice of voting to flip the Capital District into more of a Leftist crap-hole than it already is or maintaining its kinda crap-hole status. Welcome to the clown world of the Capital District’s Leftist dystopia and the Marxist dystopia throughout the world. It appears a vote for Matlow and against Cox is a vote for Portlandia Hell. Well done Capital District! But kudos to TR for ferreting this trash out.

  41. Hopeful NE semi Moderate AKA Justin Ghazvini and Grow Tallahassee… the benefactor of the $27 million giveaway so his Sky Box can be renovated at the taxpayers expense.

    Which candidate(s) are paying you under the table to make your ludicrous drivel?

    Mic drop!

  42. Snidely stated,

    “and we don’t even have one conservative running for local office. Welcome to Tallahassee/Leon politics!!!”

    This shows how uninformed you are. Go to the Tallahassee Democrat and read their publication regarding the candidates affiliations. There are several conservatives.
    Your statement is false and wrong!

    A million Pinocchio’s for you!

  43. @Edward on the surface it makes the FSU 27M haters look like privledged white folks pretending they are not raicest. As we dig deeper it is that and political pandering to get certian leftys elected. I dont think most voters give a rats @zz about the 27M, likely are just fine with it, and kind of tired of hearing the constant virtue signaling pandering by better than thou white folks.

  44. Mike L is another Max alias. This is clearly the strategy — use Doak to trick Republicans into voting for a pro-abortion, pro-union, pro-socialist, pro-Defund the Police, anti-business candidate.

    If Bernie voted against Doak would that mean you would vote for Bernie?

    Don’t let them use you.

  45. Preston, yes, I am sure about that. FSU has 70 million dollars to spend on alumni amenities all of a sudden, after the Leon County taxpayer paid 21 million for “safety upgrades”. That is a farce, and I won’t vote for anyone that thought that was a good idea. BTW…your show sucks so bad I had to get a Sirius XM subscription. Worth every penny too.

  46. I still find it fascinating how so many are up in arms about the BP FSU handout, but not a peep about the BP FAMU or TCC handouts. So, is it a “equal but separate” mentality… or simply a politically-based recognition of the voter race-based demographics of the city?

    To me, it kind of follows what seems to be the DLP (Dem/Lib/Prog) mentality of, “Its only wrong when the other guys do it”.

    Given the local candidate offerings, I have no other choice but to base my votes on the premise of blocking the openly intolerant, fascist, and destructive Marxists’ attempts to take control of our local government and proceed on the path of destruction of all that is good and decent.

    Best of luck to all candidates, and may God guide our electorate.

  47. Dang we’ve arrested Hope under charges of colusion with the enemy, we keep waking Todd up, and we dont even have one conservative running for local office. Welcome to Tallahassee/Leon politics!!!

  48. Hey Mike L. “I don’t care how progressive he is…” You sure about that? You will rue that decision as Tallahassee becomes Portland and Seattle of the southeast.

  49. All I know is, Matlow voted against giving 21 million dollars of Blueprint money to FSU. So, I don’t care how progressive he is, I’m gonna vote for the old boy. All of them are bleeding heart liberals… I’m voting for the ones that at least know right from wrong.

  50. Busy comment section this morning. The article has been updated with a quote.

    @Hopeful NE Moderate, I wish you would pick a new handle because it really confuses people when you’re “name” is two separate accounts put together. I just think it asks the reader a lot to be able to separate that and I think it really confuses people. God knows our local election landscape is confusing enough between Grow Tallahassee, Our Tallahassee, 4TLH etc. That being said, I don’t really care if you believe me, but, I haven’t commented anything on this article so far. This has been a recurring thing we’ve seen over the years. First, it was Bugra, then it was Justin Ghazvini, they’ve always claimed that reform candidates have “paid people” to make comments. I think that that claim is really reflective of their worldview and lived experience.

    When I’ve heard that in the past, I’ve just laughed because it sounds to me like to them, the idea that someone would be commenting online on an opinion that is also held by an elected official, or group, is somehow only the result of payment, … like that it’s incomprehensible to them that hey, maybe somebody just believes that. Maybe somebody out there in the public agrees with them. I don’t know if that means that they’re too eager to pay people, or that they have to pay people to believe what they say, but we do see that playing out in our local elections right now too. Grow Tallahassee paid sign-waivers last election cycle for Brian Desloge, they were largely just Justin’s college friends, and this current election cycle, we’re seeing Dianne Williams-Cox’s campaign, as well as Grow Tallahassee, pay a vendor for canvassing services (for reference, it’s Positive Chuck LLC — never heard of them before).
    While I have run paid canvassing programs before (in Gainesville, and Miami Beach), local political campaigns that I’ve been aware of haven’t. Again, this just comes back to the idea that your ideas in politics shouldn’t be so bad, boring, or unrelatable that you have to pay people to repeat them or help you achieve them. I think that’s what John Dailey, Dianne Williams-Cox, Bryan Desloge, the Chamber, etc has never understood.

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that people are commenting in this section on things that you think are me or others: reforming city hall is popular. The $27 million to the Seminole Boosters is very unpopular. These are widely held beliefs. But maybe your assumption says more about you than it does me.

  51. Excellent investigative journalism. TR is hands down the best local news source, no contest, no questions. OT has gone straight leftist propaganda and they’re very shady/deceitful about it now, people really like that. Shouldn’t even be a considered or represented as a political “news” site anymore, its an advocacy entity for the local political communists, and they’re clearly making big money from manipulating/exploiting the good citizens of LC/TLH, disheartening, why cant we get any leadership that genuinely wants to help the people of our community. Local politics is a personal financial gain scheme.

  52. It’s sad, maybe borderline funny, nope just sad when people try and write off those who don’t agree with them by claiming they must be their enemy in disguise.
    Bye now, got chores to do.

  53. Another fact is Minor has had to recuse himself a good number of times from voting on issues the people FAVOR because of who his wife works and associates with. If he cannot vote in accordance with his contituents stated wishes 100% of the time, cannot represent his voters 100% of the time, then he does more harm than good. His seat needs to be filled with someone who CAN VOTE all the time according to the majority of their constituents.

    Voting for the same ol same ol gets us neghborhoods that are food deserts, forcing kids to walk to school on major streets with no sidewalks, no affordable housing, giveaways of our tax money to a rich university, huge raises to city upper staff, unfilled and low paying city positions, assuring the rich developers get richer and destroy our environment on the taxpayer dime, selling city real estate without bids, and on and on and on… this progressive repub supports those who listen to the voters and will enable this city and county to progress past all that same ol same ol.

  54. @ Inyra… So I take it you’re the President of the TPRMCC (Tallahassee Pretend Republicans for Marxist Candidates Club)? By any chance, is your Treasurers’ name Hope?

    (sarcasm off)

  55. I cant believe the rediculous hysteria and phony balony being stated here.

    The main fact voters need to know about Matlow and Porter is they listen to their constituents and vote accordingly! Unlike the commissioners who did not listen to the people, and who voted for the $27,000,000 giveaway to FSU (who didn’t even need it) to spite the people, and then profited on their votes by taking donations from FSU boosters and their cronies.

    And I believe those FACTS instead of hysterical hate and fear mongering with 100% of my registered repub heart.

  56. Of our progressive commissioners, Matlow is undoubtedly a popular guy; many of my friends are friends with him, and he owns a popular local pizza chain (I’ve eaten there, want to support local but would rather buy from Hungry Howie’s for my taste preference and my wallet). His friends and friends of friends probably fund his YouTube ads because that’s how things work. However, I am privy to a lot through friends and business connections. I’m not a fan. Not of Matlow or our current commission. I’ve heard nothing good regarding our homeless situation. One of my family members works at a local business that has been struggling with this situation. This particular business has mostly progressive employees but even they are tired of now being unable to trespass people loitering outside, of being harassed in the parking lot (I saw a very frightened young shopper yesterday), they are tired of bodily waste and litter, violent outbursts, setting fire to random things, fights that bring blood onto their floor. It’s just getting worse. The business pleaded with the city and received no help. This is creating real problems for businesses that support our livelihoods. People like Matlow should be sympathetic but his sympathy leans more toward those who have a certain place in the progressive stack–not taxpaying citizens who are trying to make our town and their own lives better (of course, the homeless need help and dignified responses to their issues, too, but how is this helping them?). With the numbers of left leaning voters here, I’m so worried. Plus, Matlow’s name is everywhere because progressives tend to incorporate politics into their public face more. Even if you are left leaning, please consider helping local business thrive and help us feel safer while shopping.

  57. @ David Hawkins ..

    Impressive .. and to get a response from the Publix CEO!!

    Always so thoughtful and thinking of others. You have given many with food insecurities hope.

    Keep us informed!

  58. @Hope,

    You still have not answered @Hopeful’s questions (declaring everything a non-issue and talking about everyone from Mayor Dailey to Steve Stewart instead of Matlow is not an answer) or Rusty’s question.

    You did not deny anything @Hopeful put to you so I guess that is your answer. It is all true. As far as Rusty’s question, who knows?

  59. I’m beginning to grow concerned about Hope. She seems quite adamant about her support for the Marxists… and is now referencing the local Democrat Pravda as a beacon of truth worthy of consideration… hmmmmmmm

  60. @Hope, it’s now been more than 24 hours since I asked for your husband’s AFSC. Of course, you’re under no obligation to disclose it. However, many Air Force personnel/veterans will tell you that asking someone who claims to serve (or have served) in the Air Force for their AFSC (or the equivalent in the other service branches, such as MOS) is the quickest way to confirm a case of “stolen valor.” Providing it (or at least not repeatedly ignoring the request) might go a long way to convince people you are not, as Rush used to say, a “seminar caller.”

  61. The whole country is going to hell in a handbasket! Why should Leon County/Tallahassee be any different? Buckle up kiddos!!!! 🙂

  62. @ Hope ….. “* Don’t know anything about a City run Grocery Store; I don’t think we have one. Perhaps, it was misunderstood in helping those who need food.”

    Matlow threw that out there when at a Forum talking about Food Deserts on the southside and to keep prices low. I have been in contact with Publix.

    I believe the idea I came up with is a very good idea, I just have to convince Publix that it is a very good idea as well. I wrote to the Publix CEO, Todd Jones, about my idea to help Cities with Food Deserts and how I want them to use Leon County/Tallahassee for their Pilot Program.

    The Plan is to build small Publix Stores in 3 to 6 Leon County/Tallahassee areas, about the size of a Dollar General Store or a little bigger and call them *PUBLIX BRAND GROCERS*. The only items they would sell, will be Publix Brand items as well as Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, nothing more. You can walk the isles at any Publix and you will see that most items on the shelves will also have a *Publix Brand* item beside it at a more affordable price. I have already sent a letter to the Publix CEO and received a reply. They said they
    will look into it and I plan to send a follow up letter soon.

  63. Breaking news..

    “Bellamy’s attacks on Matlow show signs of desperation”… The Tallahassee Democrat – August 10th, 2022

  64. @Barb, “We can discuss this further in the camps but at least we got rid of the status quo,” is the most insightful summary of the last few days’ pro-Matlow/Porter/Marcelin comments that I’ve read so far. Bravo. It reminds me of my in-laws’ family from Cuba who said the pro-Castro group claimed they simply wanted to get rid of the corruption in Batista’s government.

  65. * Mayor John Dailey is pro-abortion.

    * Don’t know anything about a City run Grocery Store; I don’t think we have one. Perhaps, it was misunderstood in helping those who need food.

    * Mayor John Dailey was FOR the CSC and his wife was for Andrew Gillum’s number 3 campaign staff person who is now the CSC director. The director was not in line for the position, but the mayor’s wife wrote a letter and the process was derailed and the Gillum staff member received the position. The staff person may be named in a Federal indictment; it is that serious that this person should be nowhere near overseeing funds especially for children. John Daliey had his thumb on the scale. So, Dailey is associated through improper intervention with hiring someone closely affiliated with the Gillum campaign to oversee the disbursement of funds that affect our children. Already the director has made controversial disbursements.

    * Steve Stewart was late in paying his taxes and it was made a campaign issue that was really a non-issue. Mr Stewart handled the situation appropriately and exemplary that millions of small business owners face everyday. The same for Matlow. Ironically, the candidate making it an issue in the Stewart-Maddox election is now in federal prison. Again, this is a non-issue.

    * Leasing space from JT Burnett is a non-issue. It was a simple landlord tenant agreement that there have been no special favors or benefits and nothing inappropriate or illegal. A non-issue.

    * Mayor John Dailey and Dianne Williams-Cox gave away $27 million of our taxpayer Blueprint money meant for infrastructure to special interests for Stadium seats in exchange for campaign contributions.

  66. Here’s a fun exorcise… Given this foolish and unprecedented move made by these two members of the Marxist Ménage à trois to target one of their Commission colleagues, lets play out a few scenarios shall we… and of course, these are just my opinions based on years of lived political experience.

    Scenario 1: Daily retains, Matlow retains, and Williams-Cox retains… The damage done to the civility and the collegial function of the Commission – as a result of the Marxists publicly targeting their colleague – will be near impossible to reverse and/or overcome. Dysfunction and animosity will rule the day, rendering it near impossible to conduct the people’s business in a reasonable manner.

    Scenario 2: Daily retains, Matlow is ousted, and Williams-Cox retains… The damage done to the civility and the collegial function of the Commission – as a result of the Marxists publicly targeting their colleague – will render Porter the loan Marxist, Persona Non Grata, and completely feckless as a member of the Commission.

    Scenario 3: Daily retains, Matlow is ousted, and Williams-Cox is outsted… SSDD (Same Set-up, Different Democrats) – see results of Scenario 1

    Scenario 4: Daily is ousted, Matlow is ousted, and Williams-Cox retains… SSDD (Same Set-up, Different Democrats) – see results of Scenario 1

    Scenario 5: Daily is ousted, Matlow is ousted, and Williams-Cox is ousted… SSDD (Same Set-up, Different Democrats) – see results of Scenario 1

    Scenario 6: Daily retains, Matlow retains, and Williams-Cox is ousted…
    Scenario 7: Daily is ousted, Matlow retains, and Williams-Cox is ousted…
    Scenario 8: Daly is ousted, Matlow Retains, and Williams-Cox is ousted…

    Scenarios 6, 7, and 8 all result in the in the Commission being taken over by the Marxist/Progressive/Communists cabal… whereby lawless and homelessness pervades, entitlement programs grow exponentially, tax dollar waste explodes, crime rate soars, we see some level of and exodus of residents and businesses… and… NE Tallahassee (Killearn) proceeds with Deannexation, City property tax coffers shrink dramatically as a result thereof, and the remaining plebes who voted for the Marxist regime see a massive increase in property taxes to pay for the crazy and destructive agenda.

  67. Since @Hope is such a huge supporter of Matlow, she should be willing to answer @Hopeful’s questions. But even if she doesn’t, the questions are quite enlightening. For example:

    “Do you deny Matlow is for almost all abortions?” I did know that. He was a big proponent of the Tallahassee Resolution for Abortion which he and the commission had no authority to do.

    “Do you deny he proposed a city-run grocery store?” I did not know that. Wow! that’s a really commie move. I can picture the bread lines that come with government control of grocery stores.

    “Do you deny he campaigned with and supported indicted former Mayor Andrew Gillum’s governor’s campaign?” I did not know that but I am not surprised.

    “Do you deny he favors defunding the police?” I did know that. He fought tooth and nail against the anti-riot law.

    “Do you deny he was late paying his taxes on multiple occasions?” I did not know that; typical hypocrisy.

    “Do you deny he leased space from convicted felon J.T. Burnette?” I did not know that.

    “Did he give $20,000 to a dark money PAC, just a few weeks ago?” Again, hypocrisy plus deception.

    One more thing:
    @AD94’s comment sounds kind of like, “We can discuss this further in the camps but at least we got rid of the status quo.”

  68. Max herrle is the s lobbyist who played both sides in lobbying on behalf of Killearn Homeowners Association vs. BluePrint. He seems to be good pals with Blueprint staff. He bamboozled KHA.

  69. Looks like Max created a new handle. Nice.

    If you want to support radical environmentalists who are: pro abortion, pro labor unions, will raise taxes, will double or triple our homeless population, are socialists, will cut the police force in half or worse — just to vote out “the establishment” then you will get exactly what you deserve.

    Sometimes there are worse options than the status quo.

  70. It’s really pretty simple….no labels needed. Bellamy and Daley are supported by the status quo “Maddox/Fernandez/Goad” donors/operation. They will say anything necessary to get back in complete control. Yes, you may have to support someone who doesn’t reflect all your views ..but as I say, it’s a simple choice.

  71. Was Matlow a Green Party member?
    Is he pro-abortion?
    Is he pro-labor unions?
    Does he support defunding the police?
    Does he support city-run grocery stores?
    Does he lease a building from J.T. Burnette?
    Was he a huge supporter of now-indicted Andrew Gillum?
    Did he give $20,000 to a dark money PAC, just a few weeks ago?

  72. Those committing identity theft keep regurgitating things everyone knows and that has been reported in the Tallahassee Democrat.

    Desperation, hysteria, and identity theft are serious symptoms of something else in play. At some point there needs to be an intervention, grace, forgiveness, but most importantly they must face accountability and that will come in many forms. It’s in God’s hands.

  73. Steve,

    Please provide the candidates party affiliation on profiles and interviews in the “Local Races” section. It helps in hastening the weeding out process. Please also include a list of each candidates sleazy dealings and corruption. I will understand if you are unable to list everything slimy about a candidate as there are space limitations.

  74. Hope — are you OK? That was pretty unhinged and hard to follow.

    Why are you so afraid to answer questions? Why do you view simple questions as “hysteria?”

    Here’s an easy one: Was Matlow a member of the Green Party?

    If you are about informing people and facts, this should be easy.

    I tell you what, I’ll even give you the answer to the question. It’s “yes.”

  75. Desperation, hysteria, disassociating from reality, and identity theft. Leaves us entertained and yet we feel for their falling apart aspects that lead us to believe something more is in play here.. a trip to a mental health facility for evaluation, perhaps?

    Identity theft is a crime you can’t attempt take over another’s credibility and think you have any credibility. – Hope

  76. By the way, Matlow doesn’t get any credit for Doak — he wanted to spend the money on the homeless and socialist programs. That’s not conservative.

    It’s so funny when socialists like Hope try to speak Republican — it comes out like jibberish.

    Hey Hope — if you are truly conservative, just type in the words: Abortion is murder.

    That should clear it up nicely.

  77. Ironic that Jeremy Matlow has been the conservative, Republican-like, voted conservatively, not tied to special interests, was against the CSC, wants to clean out corruption at City Hall and looks like Ronald Reagan next to John Dailey.

    Also, Jeremy and Adner are taking the high road and running exemplary campaigns with a lot of humble and impressive community support. They are to be commended.

    Some of the other campaigns funded by special interests are resorting to hysterical name calling and identity theft.

  78. Remember in St. Elmo’s Fire, at the end, when they came back to the bar and new people had taken over their table?

    Hope — you’re no longer running the table in here.

    You have been exposed.

    Matlow is about as conservative as Castro.

    Republicans need to band together and vote out the socialists.

  79. Now… anyone else care to argue that these progressive/communist are the right choice for conservatives to vote for? They seek to take control of our City government and turn Tallahassee into a left-wing cesspool much like LA, Chicago, New York, et al…

    The Marxist Ménage à trois of Jeremy, Jack, and Adner are only upset over the FSU handout because they wanted that money to give more handouts to their lazy activist constituents that choose not to work.

    This proves my premise and validates my choice(s) moving forward to August 23rd.

  80. No answers, just claims of identity theft from someone … with no identity! LOLOLOLOL.

    Maybe a list of questions is too many, here is just one: Was Matlow ever registered to be in the Green Party?

  81. Desperation and identity theft have entered into the local political scene. It is sad.

    Kudos to the candidates taking the High Road.

  82. Hey @Hope — this is the type of Republican you are pushing?

    You have been totally exposed — everything you’ve pushed on this site about Matlow being a conservative is to try to and trick good, honest Republicans into voting for him.

    What conservative would ever take money from this radical environmental group?

    Is it true Matlow was a member of the Green Party? Is that part of his “conservative” credentials?

    You have failed to fool anybody.

    Matlow is a Bernie-loving, abortion-loving, Green-loving, labor-loving, tax-loving socialist.

    Any Republican who votes for Matlow might as well go ahead and send campaign contributions to AOC, Bernie and Nikki Fried.

    Oh and you can also contribute to Matlow pal Andrew Gillum’s defense fund.

  83. And hopefully you will report on the groups receiving money from the Ghazvini’s and all their bogus LLCs. Receiving those monies are David Bellamy, John Dailey, and Dianne Williams-Cox.

    John Dailey is fiscally irresponsible, gave $27 million away to his special interests and ditto Dianne Williams -Cox.

    In contrast Jeremy Matlow has taken no bundled contributions, has been fiscally conservative, open to conservative initiatives and even voted like a Republican.

    Adner Marceline was even once registered as a Republican.

    There are desperate people throwing around progressive terms because they are afraid the money they are receiving from special interests to will dry up.

    Has Tallahassee reports reported on the money they have received from advertising from John Dailey, David Bellamy, and Dianne Williams-Cox?

    You can either look at the record and vote for those who have actually voted conservatively or be fooled by those who only work for their special interests.

    1. Hope,

      First, the PAC – Grow Tallahassee -which is helping Bellamy, Dailey, and Williams-Cox report their donors. The Green Advocacy Project does not. Second, we have advertising from a lot of candidates, including Adner Marcelin.

  84. When listening to and trying to make sense of what a politician says out loud, the truth is usually the polar opposite of what is said. With rare exception, I e, President Trump, politicians put making a personal fortune above the needs of the country.

    It is hard to overcome the “low information voter.

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