Leon School Board District 1: Alva Striplin Challenged by DeMarco, Arbulu

Leon School Board District 1: Alva Striplin Challenged by DeMarco, Arbulu

There are a total of six candidates running for two seats on the Leon County School Board in two districts that span the Northeast part of Leon County.

Three candidates are running for District 1, which is currently held by incumbent Alva Striplin. This district starts downtown and covers an area -heading Northeast – between Thomasville Road and Mahan ending at the county line.

Striplin is being challenged by Anthony DeMarco and Marianne Arbulu.

Alva Striplin for School Board

In an interview with TR about her campaign, Alva Striplin stated that, “Now more than ever, our community needs a voice on the Leon County School Board who will advocate for parents, students and teachers.

As a mother of six and former classroom teacher, I will continue to be that voice, ensuring the very best education for all of our children.”

On the campaign trail Striplin has noted that she is the only candidate with teaching experience and she said she will continue to advocate for increases in teacher salaries.

Striplin noted that while she served on the Board, “we have put student safety first, while successfully continuing to ensure a positive educational environment was provided for all.”

Anthony DeMarco, referring to Striplin, told TR that “my opponent believes our only major difference is her experience in the classroom. Increased parent involvement at every level of our schools is today’s primary focus. I’m the only candidate with children in K-12 schools. Many would agree she’s led the attack from the dias on local educators and students. Her attempts to cast herself as a former educator and friend to teachers falls flat.”

DeMarco also said he views the Moms for Liberty group as a fad or passing trend. He added, the group has brought nothing of benefit to the district. The only time I’ve heard of Moms for Liberty Leon County is when they were planning protests. Their approach and demeanor, creates a hostile environment making rational discussion near impossible.

Four Questions with School Board Candidate Anthony DeMarco

Candidate Marianne Arbulu has said she decided to run for the District 1 position after hearing about the district’s potential tax increase and identifying troubling academic and financial trends.

Arbulu was a Jefferson County School Board Member from 2008-2012 and was elected Superintendent of Jefferson County Schools for the 2016-2020 term at the beginning of the state’s takeover of the Jefferson County School District.

Candidate Arbulu’s website: Mom4Schools

Arbulu believes that she is the most experienced of all candidates. She highlights her previous work as a former school board member and district superintendent and her 40-year career in the financial services industry.

School Board District 1 candidates, Marianne Arbulu, Anthony DeMarco, and Alva Striplin

7 Responses to "Leon School Board District 1: Alva Striplin Challenged by DeMarco, Arbulu"

  1. Arbulu best contender and skill-set surpassing all Leon County School Board members.

    Refreshing to say the least!

    Thumps up, Thumbs up!

  2. @ Jack:
    State level political powers that be have historically and understandably turned a blind eye to everything related to local politics in the entire Leon County/Tallahassee area.
    Understandably in the respect that percentage wise there is no upside in gaining additional conservative voters from the entire Leon County/Tallahassee area by wasting their limited time in getting involved.
    There logically has never been a reason for any previous or the current Florida Govorner to lift a finger to address what 80+ % of Leon County/Tallahassee lefty voters have done to themselves in the past or will do to themselves in the future.
    That being said maybe this time it will be different.
    I agree with Jack I will call the Govorner’s office as Jack suggested and hope the other 14 to 14.5% of conservatives in the entire Leon County/Tallahassee area will do the same.
    Thank you Jack.

  3. Arbulu – a conservative, has Board experience, attends the monthly meetings, and I believe a Republican. Contacted the Governor’s office and suggested she might be included in Ron’s State wide campaign of supporting conservatives running for school Board positions .
    I’ve spoken with her several times. Her values are inline with the great number of parents in Leon.
    Maybe our best
    shot for having a voice on the Board. She’s got the Chops. Whatever Chops mean ?
    Governor can be reached at : 488 7146.
    PS- Don’t think she has received a dime for her campaign.

  4. Check out momsforliberty.org

    It is a growing national organization.
    Their mission statement:

    “Moms for Liberty is dedicated to fighting for the survival of America by unifying, educating and empowering parents to defend their parental rights at all levels of government.”

  5. DeMarco thinks that Moms for Liberty is the big problem for the public school system, not the LGBT groomers, not the poor academic performance, not the covid mandate overreach but a group of people who advocate parents’ rights.

    Note to DeMarco: People believing in and insisting upon parents’ rights is not a fad or passing trend.

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