Tallahassee Police Department Under Attack

Tallahassee Police Department Under Attack

Progressive Leader Calls Police Chief and Police Officers Murderers

At last Wednesday’s city commission meeting – during the time allocated for public speakers – Delilah Pierre took the opportunity to address elected officials with a 3-mintue commentary which contained objectional language and comments referring to Police Chief Lawrence Revell and TPD officers as murderers.

Pierre said of Police Chief Revell, “we know this man is a homophobe a transphobe and a killer cop who helped murder that 19-year-old boy in 1996, disgusting no basic accountability.” Pierre continued, “every single day…. there are people in the city who are cops who have murdered people. Murdered people and they face no accountability and they’re probably on the same ads and posters you use to talk about police accountability, they’re probably hugging kids, killer cops in our damn City.”

Pierre closed with “there is a storm coming.”

You can watch the video of the Pierre’s comments here: https://www.facebook.com/TallahasseeReports/videos/411806301067920

Pierre is listed as a field director of the Tallahassee Community Action Committee, a progressive group that made headlines during the summer of 2020. The group’s mission states, “We recognize that we live under a capitalist system fueled by imperialism and white supremacy that upholds itself via systemic oppression. We are dedicated to fighting this system in order to improve the lives and material conditions of all who suffer underneath it.”

The group, on their website and in public comments, refer to the three Tallahassee police officers, who have been involved in unfortunate shooting incidents in the line of duty, as murderers. All three of the incidents did not rise to the level of an indictment after a grand jury review.

Pierre’s comments could be dismissed as the words of a frustrated community organizer, however, the comments appear to have the support of some local leaders.

For example, when City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow was asked on The Steve Stewart Show if referring to a cleared police officer as a murderer was extreme, Matlow said, “I don’t agree. No.”

In addition, Pierre’s attack of the Tallahassee Police Department is consistent with past comments and actions by Commissioners Jack Porter and Jeremy Matlow.


Tallahassee Violent Crimes with Firearms Up 83% Since 2018

Post COVID Trends Show Arrests & Traffic Violations Down, Violent Crime Up


For example, both Porter and Matlow have viewed police department actions as “militarized.” And more recently, Matlow and Porter have implied that TPD officials knowingly sought training from a “war criminal.” The implication has no basis in fact. However, the rhetoric has inflamed members of the community and provided ammunition for people like Ms. Pierre, who mischaracterized the training incident in her comments.

This rhetoric has been reinforced with headlines published in the local political blog “Our Tallahassee.” A factually incorrect headline – “Trainer Accused of War Crimes Hired to Train Tallahassee Police Department” has been left on the website for almost two months. The publisher of the blog has significant ties with Por ter, Matlow and the progressive movement.

TR’s discussion with police officers and TPD officials indicate that the demonizing of law enforcement is having an impact on the public safety. They say that the rhetoric and lack of support from Matlow and Porter makes it difficult to engage in community policing and impacts the morale of police officers.

 “When elected officials do not support us, it is difficult to engage with the public and to conduct activities that will keep our community safe”, said one officer. “And it’s only going to get worse.”

When asked about the comments by Pierre, Mayor Dailey said, “I 100% support TPD and their goal to keep our community safe. It is important that all city commissioners support law enforcement.”

These attacks on the TPD come at a time when violent crime is on the rise and elected officials are deciding how to address gun violence with $5 million over the next five years. Adding more police officers has not been part of the recent discussion.

23 Responses to "Tallahassee Police Department Under Attack"

  1. Pieree, is a racist, it’s that simple and talk is of a full-fledged Marxist.
    Her words are threat to a civil society. The biggest threat to our society is not her but the appeasers of people like her.

  2. I don’t care what committee Pierre is on – she needs to go!

    We have made the mistake in this country of letting the few speak for the many. We have also done the experiment of ‘defunding the police’ and instituting cashless bail, and other progressive ideas. NONE of them are working!

    As for my family – we believe in punishing criminals and keeping drugs illegal.

    As more of the criminals are released in other states they will find their way to our sunny, warm city – we need to let them know that we don’t tolerate lawlessness like other cities!
    I value law enforcement.

  3. There once was time when one of newly elected J. Matlow’s assistants, in a moment of unrestrained glee over some police bashing, snapped his fingers up and down in a very particular way. This curious mannerism stimulated some investigative effort about this “paid City Aide.” Low and behold, it was discovered he had a sock account where he expressed and said much the same as Pierre. Not coincidentally, they were members of the same organization who used that silly snap gesture during flash mob takeovers of public meetings. Not coincidentally he lied about his social media presence when being hired. If anyone thinks Matlow does not know, embrace, and use them to reach his political objectives – you are not paying attention.

  4. @ Jusie,

    “Let them talk I say. They sound nuts and just hurt their own cause.”

    I think that is the best advice of all!

  5. Notwithstanding the foolishness and vitriol this misguided activist spewed, let us not forget a very important part of this article… to wit: “These attacks on the TPD come at a time when violent crime is on the rise and elected officials are deciding how to address gun violence with $5 million over the next five years. Adding more police officers has not been part of the recent discussion.”

    As I’ve note several times, there is no such thing as “gun violence”. A gun is an inanimate object incapable of independent acts or emotion, to include “violence”. The “violence” comes from the individual holding the gun, or knife, or machete, or baseball bat, et al… a gun is just one of the violent persons many weapons of choice. Additionally, and proposed program that professes as it goal to cut down on violent crime – and does not include adding more LEOs – is a wasteful fool’s errand, and surely do nothing to address the problem. So long as a single pothole remains in the City, anyone who supports this feckless endeavor should be voted out of office, and run out of town.

    “You will never solve a problem you refuse to recognize” ~ Edward Lyle 2022

  6. I am just as appalled at Gallagher being anywhere our police officers are trained or in any capacity influencing them as the speaker at the meeting.. That showed incredible disregard for sound police training. Any officer who was willing to be in a photo with him, should be reviewed and retrained so that they have NO sympathy for or willingness to use any of his tactics (yes, I know that some are likely sound. And I know that there may be some who don’t know enough about him to understand how wrong it is to have anything to do with him.) The fact that he was/is not considered a complete pariah by law enforcement people.is alarming, for sure.

    There are plenty of informed conservative people who don’t want any of our officers absorbing anything out of Gallagher’s mouth, supporting anything he is part of, or being in the same place that he is.

  7. @ Jordan,

    You are purporting ignorance. You should be denouncing her hate speech and suggesting that she attend a few Toastmasters meetings to improve her public speaking skills.

  8. City manager Reese Goad wants the public to perceive a seperation between himself and Chief of Police Revell. There is in reality no, none, nada, zero such seperation.

    Those that pretend there is such a mythical seperation between Goad and Revell are most likley in a position to profit from or at the very least keep their jobs with the City or perhaps keeping a lucrative contract they profit from with the City by offering up such a business chain of command impossable opinion – all of the percieved benifits you are obtaining, your “friend of convienance” City Manager Reese Goad can cancell or terminate in 3 seconds with the stroke of an ink pen so in a way I understand. Or on the other hand you could just be a raving lunatic for beliving such an impossable scenario. If thats the case, do yourself a favor, and check yourself if you are not already too far over the cliff of liberal crazy.

    That being said voting Matlow and Porter onto the Commission will become something you will regret and very soon you all will all claim that you never supported or voted for Matlow and Porter. Wait for it. Its comming soon to a guilty buyer’s remorse brain just like yours.

  9. @ Jordan Scott… indeed Pierre has every right to speak her mind, but that does not mean she’s correct or that what she says is helpful. Like homelessness and climate change, crime has been around since the beginning of time and will continue until the end of time. No amount of taxation, accusation, and slander will ever solve any of the aforementioned.

    It is without question that the massive increase in crime we’ve experienced the past few years is a direct result of the Marxicrats vilifying of LEOs, the defunding of police – as well as – the anti-civil, anti-America, hate, racism, and victimhood indoctrination that is pervasive throughout our public school system. Add to that the anti-family Marxist BLM and Fascist antifa movements funded by Soros and the Marxicrats… and we find ourselves in the mess we’re in today.

    As the saying goes, “you’re entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts”. The vast majority of people of color that are murdered, are murdered by other people of color… not LEOs. Check the stats right here in the City over just this past year alone. Tell me how many people of color were “murdered” by LEOs and how many by other people of color… who cries for those victims?… certainly not Pierre. No amount of social program spending, taxation, blame shifting, or wealth distribution will solve that problem.

    As always… “You will never solve a problem you refuse to recognize”

  10. Ms. Pierre is speaking her mind and has every right to speak it. We need to really reconsider the funding of policing in Tallahassee and in general. The fact of the matter is that her anger is justified. If policing could solve crime, it would have already. But it can’t. We need to reinvenst resources into the community… which I think is her overarching point.

  11. REALITY CHECK: In case you may not have noticed, we are just one more election away from having the exact same city commissioners, and mayor, in 2023 as we have in 2022.

    Unless the “players” are changed, we can expect the same old results. Get ready for the usual 3-2 vote outcome in 2023 that we’ve experience all this year.

    Apparently, the majority of voters in Tallahassee are generally happy with the way things are and just keep voting the incumbents back in. Very sad indeed.

  12. @ Rusty… there isn’t a conservative – or any semblance thereof – holding any elected office in this county… and therein lay the problem. Leon County and the City of Tallahassee are fast on their way to mirroring every other failed Marxicrat-run county and city in the country.

    But as always… we deserve the government we elect, or allow to be stolen from us.

  13. I remember back in August when Matlow was a “conservative” who “looks like Ronald Reagan next to John Dailey.” I guess two months can really change a guy.

  14. The “problem” with a new city manager is that the good-old-boys would have no problem toasting him to get to the person they want.

    The correct change is to replace the good-old-boys on the commission.

    We kinda did that on the School Board when we replaced Pons with Hanna. Pons broke a few rules, but I was never convinced that his intent was criminal. I also understood the voters wanting to avoid the appearance of impropriety and replace him. But Hanna isn’t a step up.

    The voters need to be careful and voting rationally, not emotionally.

  15. Pierre is the poster child of radicalized indoctrination that comes from placing our children into the Marxicrat-driven Public Indoctrination System. The PIS no longer teaches Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. It’s primary curriculum consists of Hate, Radicalism, and Victimization… and Pierre is a perfect example of the byproduct of this insanity. He/she/it/whatever is correct about one thing though – “there is a storm coming”. But like so many of her weak-minded malleable ilk… he/she/it/whatever is desperately wrong about whence it comes.

    And like the Marxicrats did when they fought a war to keep their black slaves, segregation, et al… they will lose that battle… again and again and again.

  16. I cannot understand why anyone could be against a dedicated and respected Chief Revell and The TPD. We have to get crime under control in Tallahassee. I am 100% behind Our Police. When you need them and you will, they will be there for you. I know first hand. Thank God.

  17. Why do we still give give any publicity to these wacko people? I know we need to keep an eye on them, but they should hold absolutely NO influence over anyone’s decision making process. If our weak city leaders are listening to these people, then it’s about time we changed city leadership. It’s time we put a stop to this nonsense.

  18. Pierre is spouting ignorance and needs to be removed from her position immediately.

    This is what happens when leadership does not do a nationwide search for a city manager and the process is the good old boys.

    Matlow and Porter should not jump on the bandwagon of ignorance, but put their energies into a nationwide search for a city manager that is not entangled in the good old boy mentality or put in place to be a cover for corruption.

    I believe when they were putting in a new police chief they had a candidate outside of the good old boy system ready to come in but the good old boys quashed that process. Pierre, Matlow, and Porter jumping on the police is not going to solve anything, but a new city manager is the place to start.

  19. Every Day in Tallahassee there are People who give the TPD Officers and LCSO Deputies a reason to pull their Weapons and some of those People give them reasons to Discharge their Weapons. Maybe if more Talk is given to those People to Respect Law Enforcement, do as they are told, do not become Argumentative, do not become Combative, do not RUN, and Obey the Laws, maybe there wont be any shooting going on.

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