LCSB to Address Teacher Activism with New Policy

LCSB to Address Teacher Activism with New Policy

At the next Leon County School Board meeting on October 11, elected officials will be asked to approve a public hearing related to a policy that addresses the non-instructional activities of administrative staff members.

The proposed policy is provided below.

The new policy – entitled Freedom of Speech in Non-Instructional Settings – attempts to ” avoid situations in which the administrative staff member’s expression could conflict with the District’s interests.”

The policy also notes that “Federal and State law prohibit the School Board from adopting any policy or rule, or from entering into any agreement, that infringes upon or waives the rights or freedoms afforded to administrative staff members by the United States Constitution.”

The new policy recommends that any statements by staff members be noted as personal views and that such statements should not create disharmony with co-workers and should not be “abusive or personally defamatory.”

TR has previously reported on social media posts by school officials that promoted personal and controversial views.

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Superintendent Hanna recommends – following a public hearing – the approval of the new policy with an effective date of October 12, 2022.

Proposed Leon County School Board Policy


Administrative staff members, as citizens in a democratic society, have the right to speak out on issues of public concern. When those issues are related to the District, however, the administrative staff member’s expression should be balanced against the interests of this District. Further, Federal and State law prohibit the School Board from adopting any policy or rule, or from entering into any agreement, that infringes upon or waives the rights or freedoms afforded to administrative staff members by the United States Constitution.

The following procedures are adopted by the Board to help clarify and, therefore, avoid situations in which the administrative staff member’s expression could conflict with the District’s interests. In such situations, s/he should:

A. state clearly that his/her expression represents personal views and not necessarily those of the School District;

B. refrain from expressions that would disrupt harmony among co-workers;

C. refrain from expressions that would interfere with the maintenance of discipline by school officials;

D. not make threats or abusive or personally defamatory comments about co-workers, administrators, staff or officials of the District;

E. refrain from making public expressions which s/he knows to be false or are made without regard for truth or accuracy.

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  1. Correction* Being different DOES make one special AND interesting. Creating the idea for individuals that they can only cultivate greatness within a specific realm of limitation is selfishly counter-intuitive. Limitation of both character and expression stunts not only confidence but also comfort-ability within personal performance. Individuality is not a “distraction.” It coherently ensures a safe space for expression, allowing individuals to feel as though they can trust their environment to welcome them as they are as opposed to conforming them to step outside of who they’re personally working to become. All the while, everyone is continuously learning and growing within their own personal development here in this life. Limitation of character and expression stunts both confidence and comfort-ability within personal performance. If more space for personal expression was created, educational rankings would rise. The root of the issue is fear found within those in a position of power to infiltrate policy. Simply put, this egotistical ideal of keeping everyone “in order” is manipulation of power. Dr. King, one exemplified example among many other advocates, advocated tumultuously for equality. I encourage you to saturate in these words spoken by the king himself stating, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then the world will know peace.” Start taking accountability because growth is being limited and you are a part of the problem. Only your ego will reject this reflection so sit with yourself in a place of honesty. You’re not saving anyone but yourself, and it’s meant to be bigger than you. It IS bigger than you.

  2. Went to the Tuesday Board meeting and encountered the activist teachers. Seriously- sort of sad. How much attention does an adult need ? The ink art needs to be covered – as REQUIRED by our local Police and Sheriff’s Dept employees. So, what’s the policy of Leon County Schools towards body art ? The norm nationwide ( Police and Teachers ) is- tattoos will be covered, even by band aids. The line is drawn at no neck nor facial ink. Are Leon County Schools ready for facial tattoos ? It will happen !
    Suggestion: All Leon county school teachers cover their ink while on school grounds.
    Too much to ask ? Still openings with the police dept . 🙂
    Being “different” does not make you special nor interesting.
    The fair is coming soon – career opportunities?

  3. That last one is a huge problem when a teacher says a man change to a woman and a woman can change to a man. It’s false. It simply can’t happen.

  4. @ Edward totally agree. It’s a typical liberal bait and switch stunt cleaverly designed to allow local voters think LCSB is directing it’s strong launguage at the Unicorns, the “lets all say gay” employee activists, and finally at “the groomers”.
    Admit it most readers – thats what you felt you were comprehending when you read the above article. Right?
    Well just slow your “reading comprehension” roll there Einstein.
    The wording in the LCSB release in practice will seldom if ever be directed at groomers and the employees you hate. It will however be held over the minority conservative teachers and other LCSB employees to keep their conservative teaching and comments in check.
    Never trust liberal organizations such as LCSB. Admit it most readers: you thought the new policy was directed at groomers. You really felt LCSB was turning over a “new leaf” for the better. Hey dont beat yourself up over what the liberals made you feel. They are very sly.

  5. Be careful of the Alinsky game of semantics here being played by the Fool Board and their Stupidintendent. Although the headline intimates “Teacher” activism is the focus of the new policy… neither the article nor the proposed policy specifically mentions “teachers” or the “classroom”. It only references “administrative staff members”, and does not appear to make reference to any specific “on-the-clock versus off-the-clock” parameters. It should not pass, it is too ambiguous and is a ambulance chasers dream.

    This stunt has “union-dictated“ written all over it

  6. This is for Teachers to Staff, Staff to Teachers, Teachers & Staff to Officials and Officials to Teachers and Staff. What about to the Students, “B” & “E” especially (remove Co-Workers and put Students)?

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