Police Union Responds to Dozier Mailer: “Dailey Never Cut Police Funding”

Police Union Responds to Dozier Mailer: “Dailey Never Cut Police Funding”

A mailer sent by the Saving Our City PC in support of Kristin Dozier’s mayoral campaign – five days before election day – claims “John Dailey…Decreased police funding.”

The mailer appears to be funded – at least in part – by Kristin Dozier’s personal funds.

Richard Murphy – the President of the Big Bend Chapter of the Florida PBA – told TR Thursday evening that Dailey has never cut police funding. The PBA has endorsed Dailey.

A review of the last four city budgets (p.141) related to TPD funding shows that police funding has increased in each year beginning in 2019-2020. In 2019-20 the city commission approved $59.0 million for TPD. In the 2022-23 fiscal year, the city commission approved $66.9 million, a $4.6 million increase over the 2021-22 funding level of $62.3 million.

In addition, the statement that Dailey cut police funding is perplexing. The mayor of Tallahassee does not have the authority to unilaterally allocate city funds. Funding levels are approved by the full city commission.

TR reviewed media reports of recent Dailey-Dozier political forums and could find no mention of Dailey cutting police funding by Dozier.

The mailer comes after TR revealed that a number of Dozier’s endorsements are from progressive groups that are not supportive of law enforcement.

Also, TR has verified that Dozier donated $5,600 of her own money to the Saving Our City PC on October 31, 2022.

One day later, on November 1, 2022, campaign documents show that the Saving Our City PC reported expenditures of $3,407 to Gandy Printers and $5,390 to the USPS in Tallahassee.

Usually PAC’s are created so that supporters of a candidate can circumvent donations limits. However, campaign laws allow candidates to donate unlimited funds to their own campaign.

So why did Dozier send $5,600 to the Save Our City PC when she could have donated the money to her own campaign?

One reason for using a PAC is to avoid the candidate’s campaign disclaimer from appearing on a mailer promoting a controversial message.

TR has reached out to the Dozier campaign for a comment but has yet to receive a response.

21 Responses to "Police Union Responds to Dozier Mailer: “Dailey Never Cut Police Funding”"

  1. DavidB

    I am an operative to no one. I need to chill? More should speak out when they see something that is not right.

    I think you’re picking on the wrong person; you need to ask Mayor DAILEY:

    – why crime was not on his radar screen,
    – why is he so complacent, and was the non-reporting of the prior shooting to the mass shooting an orchestrated cover-up or complacency?

    I hope that answers your question.

  2. @David — I had remembered the purchase price being close to $7M. The cost of clearing the land was certainly enough to bring the total cost to “own” an empty lot at more than $7M.

    It’s interesting that the article projected the cost of the performing arts center at $8. There are certainly more worth causes than could use that 5 acres more than a project that has been repeatedly rejected, but politics being politics…..

    What’s still unknown to me is the cost of building the new police facility and how much of these expenditures have been a part of the police budget the last 4 years. The bottom line is, “is police funding actually going up or do the additional expenditures include these capital projects?”

  3. Mr Thomas Hooker

    Why would you choose a sheriff who gives taxpayer dollars to Sean Pittman, excessive deaths in the jail? All talk no action as this has been the north side threat for years.

    Annexing themselves to Thomasville Georgia would be a better solution.

  4. I fully support deannexation. North of I-10, exact lines TBD.

    The sheriff’s office can be contracted for LE. We can have our own taxing authority.

    Where can I sign up?

  5. Police Patrols:

    Deter crime: When the police are visible in an area, it helps to deter crime.

    One candidate brought up the issue of police patrols and one incumbent candidate did not.

    It is a fact under the current incumbent crime has risen, people don’t feel safe, and we need more police.

    The $5 million the mayor put towards gun violence reduction perhaps should have gone to police patrols.

    Does the mayor think stadium seats are more important than Public Safety?

  6. @ Snidely… true dat. Our elected “leaderless” have no intention of addressing the real issues fueling the ever-growing violent crime rate. So long as the Marxicrats dominate the electorate and hold our elected offices, it doesn’t matter who sits in the seat. The throw millions of our tax dollars at foolish concepts to address a problem they refuse to recognize. It keeps the Gatekeepers in $1k suits and Escalades… but the blood from the bodies of those they profess to care about will continue to flood the streets.

    I talk with responsible grandmothers and aunts every day who are raising their irresponsible children’s children… and add some responsible single mothers into that mix as well… and they are sick with worry for their children’s, grandchildren’s, and niece/nephews lives and future. But it is NOT the LEOs that worry them… it is a high-jacked culture, disingenuous politicians, and so-called “elders” in suits that scares the hell out of them. The bags under their eyes – from countless sleepless nights waiting for that phone to ring or knock on the door – that tells an amazingly sad story of reality that few will listen to.

    May God Bless and Protect them… and us all.

  7. There will never be some crime issue(s) so outragous in Leon/Tallahassee that will bring any elected official close to doing anything appropriate to stop the B on B slaughter. There will never be a conservative elected with an ability on making that happen in your lifetime. It’s OK to keep trying and of course the right thing to do.
    Had that black man killed by Gadsden Gang crossfire at 1/2 Time been white it would have made no difference to our elected nannys approach on appearing to fight B on B slaughter by massive inefective spending programs.
    Yeah keep up the common sense conservative fight it may eventually benifit our great grandchildern and we can all look down from Heaven, smile, and pat ourselves on the back. Again there is too many leftist voters in Tallahassee/Leon to get a fair fight with the crazies in our lifetimes. Be real with our expectations and keep fighting. Its the right thing to do.

  8. @ A Skeptic: I believe their Budget was $6MILLION but they spent over $4MILLION on just buying the Property. They also just recently voted to GIVE AWAY 5 Acres of it to a very Rich Family to build a Performing Arts Center there.

  9. Does anyone know the expected cost of building the new police station and how much of that expenditure is included in the current budget?

  10. First let’s just state the obvious, a Demonrat is nothing less than pro-child sacrifice whether it’s killing unborn babies (especially minority babies), jabbing them with experimental shots, grooming them for pedophiles or letting them be murdered in crime ridden Demonrat run trash holes. Here we have two despicable Demonrat candidates. Their track records are vile, and folks have completely forgotten how these clowns behaved as Branch Covidians trying to push Covidstan in Florida’s Capital District. We are left with a clown that receives support from hard-core insane leftists or a milk toast, kinda leftist, Howdy Doody. Sadly, the choice is clear in Florida’s Capital District. After the election, the Northeast of the Capital District needs to get their act together and start de-annexing fast from their vile socialist masters. Follow Atlanta’s Buckhead community.

    I’m all in favor of defunding the police but only after we have constitutional carry. You will solve crime quickly in these Demonrat trash holes like Florida’s Capital District. The police are NOT first responders. Each of us are the real first responders to any crime perpetrated on us. When ordered the police will willingly go after moms wanting their kids to play in a public park during “lockdowns”, anti-genocide shot protestors, anti-lockdown protestors and anyone who is in the center or center right exercising their constitutional rights of free speech and protest. The police will gladly bend the knee to Marxist revolutionaries pretending to speak for one racial group. We saw all of this during the 2020 summer of love and harmony. The time to wake up is overdue.

  11. Typical election campaign shenanigans.

    To get control of this kind of false information we must pass laws to make it just as much a crime for politicians to lie to the public as it is for Joe Citizen to lie to the government. I propose (a better written) amendment to the Florida Constitution that makes anyone directly involved in the deliberate dissemination of obviously false information personally liable and ineligible for public office.

  12. I received the mailer yesterday. It was like reading one of Weed’s screeds. I do love the campaign mailer season though. With their oversized and heavy stock paper, it gives me a chance to reload my supply of garage dust pans. Also, if you tear them into strips, they make for good kindling for the firepit or grill.

    BTW, Steve… kudos for catching and exposing the slick accountability avoidance move by Dozier… I shows how she’s willing to lie and divert monies to hide her dirty intentions… not with my money toots. I’ll opt for the feces over the vomit, and HOPE for better options in the future.

  13. Of course the funding overall would increase. Where is the breakdown for police patrols, specifically? A department by department breakdown of what each department receives and what each department expends, etc. Are they using funds to keep the patrol staffing level adequate and increased? If the patrol funding increased where are the patrols?

  14. When the population increases, crime rate increases, additional cost of living, and inflation then no additional funds are added to compensate the need for additional police patrols that is DEFUNDING the police patrols and DERELICTION OF DUTY.

    Mayor Dailey ignored the crime problem in Tallahassee. That is a fact.

    The PBA will not go against their funding source albeit they seem to be underfunded in the police patrol area. Also, this is not an indictment on the police as Tallahassee Police have done an exceptional job for Tallahassee. Tallahassee needs a mayor who will address the crime problem and focus on adequately funding the police department adequately. I have never seen Mayor Dailey address the crime issue, ever. Thank you Kristen Dozier for addressing the crime problem.

    Of course the mayor doesn’t have the authority to personally fund the police department, but he never focused, addressed, or took up the issue of funding the crime problem. Not once.

    This report does not have any research, it is a report Word of Mouth from Dailey supporters. And Tallahassee reports may want to look at the mayoral debate more closely and do a more thorough investigation because it is obvious there is a crime problem, there seem to be not enough police patrols, and no one is offering evidence that the mayor has addressed these problems.

    1. A review of the last four city budgets (p.141) related to TPD funding shows that police funding has increased in each year beginning in 2019-2020. In 2019-20 the city commission approved $59.0 million for TPD. In the 2022-23 fiscal year, the city commission approved $66.9 million, a $4.6 million increase over the 2021-22 funding level of $62.3 million.

      City Budget: https://go.boarddocs.com/fla/talgov/Board.nsf/files/CEYQK96682F3/$file/Attachment%20A%20-%20FY23%20Line%20Item%20Budget.pdf

  15. Now that that’s settled, I HOPE we don’t have to hear any more about it from the sock account that has been pushing this story for over a week. Then again, over the next several hours, I suspect there will be accusations made that Steve Stewart is in collusion with the Dailey campaign, hates women, and is just a big meanie. ?

  16. Holy Gaslighting Batman!
    What’s sad is there are people who will believe this just because they can never see past their noses or generational ideology.
    This is the same person who wanted to mandate you and your kids to become experimental pin cushions to keep your job and attend a public school. How’s that “Died Suddenly” hashtag doing on Twitter btw?

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