TR Morning Briefs: 12/1/2022

TR Morning Briefs: 12/1/2022

Local News

Newly sworn-in Leon County Commissioner Christian Caban has named Allison Richards as his top aide. Richards is the daughter of the late Leon County Commissioner Jimbo Jackson, and Caban is the first commissioner from District 2 to not live in the Fort Braden community in over two decades. Richards’ role will include coordinating constituent services, preparing Caban for meetings and reviewing policy issues before the Commission. Caban stated that he wanted to keep all corners of District 2 represented while he is a commissioner.

Developing story: The Tallahassee City Commission evaluations of appointed officials for 2022 are in. Two things we know: Commissioner Matlow rated City Manager Reese Goad a “0” on a 0-5 scale and Commissioner Porter did return her evaluation by the requested date. Get the details here.

Florida News

After Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis threw his weight behind numerous school board candidates across the state, the newly elected officials are working to oust their school systems of administrators and educational leaders who enforced COVID mandates. In Brevard and Sarasota counties, school leaders are offering to leave voluntarily as the newly installed school board members are ramping up the pressure. Boards in both counties now have conservative-leaning majorities who sought change in the 2022 Midterm elections. Both counties, additionally, sacked their respective superintendents the same day that the DeSantis and Moms For Liberty-backed members were sworn in.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio recently penned an op-ed calling for decreased dependence on foreign pharmaceutical production as RSV in children has been on the rise this fall and the needed drug, amoxicillin, is in short supply. Rubio’s opposition to foreign drug importation runs against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ 2019 efforts to have lawmakers work to increase drug importation.

Sports News

Florida State women’s basketball prepares for their matchup against the Wisconsin Badgers in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. The Noles are looking to move to 13-2 all-time in the interconference challenge and are looking to avoid just their second loss this season. Tip-off is at 7:30 p.m. and can be viewed on Big Ten+ or on 96.5 The Spear.

Florida State basketball fell at home to the fifth ranked Purdue Boilermakers last night, 79-69. Darin Green tied his career high with 23 points, and Matthew Cleveland set a new season high with 20 points. The Noles fell to 1-8.

10 Responses to "TR Morning Briefs: 12/1/2022"

  1. @ Hope… I see you’re back to your old tricks of projection and deflection. You know what they say… “you can change the pseudonym, but you can’t make her drink”

    … thus endith our interaction… again.

  2. I think Senator Rubio is referring to our ridiculous dependence on medications from China while Governor DeSantis, I believe, is referring to allowing people to buy medications from Canada at a reduced cost. So, I don’t think they are in opposition to each other, I think they are talking about two different issues.

  3. Mr. Ed

    That was a perfect assessment… of yourself. It appears you were absent on the day sexual harassment training was provided.

    I HOPE you have a nice day!

  4. Save it Hope… your loyalty to the Marxicrats and lack of understanding of the root causes of the many challenges we face is well known to all. You, like they, are locked into the hatred bubble…and thus are incapable of rational deliberation on the matter.

    … hugs and kisses, x’s and o’s sweetheart

  5. Mr Ed

    You’re evaluation is shortsighted and fails to see what should be considered the most insightful move of any commissioner. It would lead to the first step in correcting course for much of what is wrong in Tallahassee such as the high crime rate which has become a crisis

    Actually, inroads could be made if Curtis Richardson would step up and step out of and away from his present tag team and align with Matlow and Porter to remove Mr Goad and do a nationwide search for a proper experienced city manager.

    All HOPE is lost on DAILEY and Williams-Cox. .

    The present city manager is too entrenched in the political noise and only caters to political maneuvers and not to the needs of what is best for the citizens. The ball is in Commissioner Richardson’s court; will he take it and make a touchdown or will he fumble?

  6. Once again, the Marxicrats (Matlow already and Porter inevitably) on the Commission throw back the curtain and expose their true motivations… hatred and control. Both constantly display the reality that they have no desire whatsoever – nor intent for that matter – to work together as a collaborative body charged with conducting the people’s business. Their claims of their support for diversity and equality are simply marketing tools and a means to a hoped-for end. They lie with impunity and possess no loyalty at all to this city or her citizens. That Porter hasn’t submitted her evaluation yet, simply means that she hasn’t yet been told by her handlers what to do or think.

    They are mere tools of the tyrannical progressive lunatics and a cancer on this commission, and both should be censured until they can be voted out of office.

  7. RSV stands for Respiratory Syncytial VIRUS. Amoxicillin is NOT an anti-viral drug, and doesn’t work against RSV. AT ALL. But ignorant, paranoid parents badger doctor into prescribing SOMETHING for their precious little darlings, decreasing supply for those that really needing, and increasing the presence of drug resistant bacteria.

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