BREAKING: Leon County Schools to Use K-9’s and Metal Detectors to Address Gun Issue

BREAKING: Leon County Schools to Use K-9’s and Metal Detectors to Address Gun Issue

On Tuesday, Leon County School Superintendent Rocky Hanna held a press conference to announce the implementation of two school safety initiatives that will begin in 2023. The initiatives include a phone application to report student concerns about safety and the use of K-9’s and metal detectors to locate firearms.

During the first quarter of the school year there were three arrests related to firearms on Leon County school property.

The phone application will allow students to anonymously report safety concerns to school officials. LCS officials noted that often times students do not report concerns due to the stigma associated with “snitching” on other students. The hope is the phone app will make it easier to address potential problems before things escalate.

The K-9 unit will utilize dogs trained to detect weapons. In addition, hand-held metal detectors will be used in random searches when needed.

Superintendent Hanna noted that these initiatives are designed to provide a deterrent to students considering bringing weapons to schools.

Hanna stated, “This I think will act as another step as a deterrent for students making that poor decision and if there is a threat, their classroom will be searched.”

Hanna also noted, “no one is going to be targeted, no one will be singled out, this will be very random in nature by the school.”

Hanna ended the press conference by saying, “We have had enough, we don’t want another single weapon on Leon County School Board property.”

9 Responses to "BREAKING: Leon County Schools to Use K-9’s and Metal Detectors to Address Gun Issue"

  1. Nothing but a power grab by a control freak Superintendent Rocky Hanna, This is simple idiocy, and he’s clubbing to death a problem that does not exist.

    Utter stupidity.

  2. Great. Let’s root out the problem of students bringing guns to school. Maybe we can demand moms and dads parent their kids, too. This, however, does NOTHING to deal with huge gaps in dealing with active shooters. School districts all over the country are engaging novel, and obvious, plans. One places AR-15s in lockboxes throughout the school for trained personnel to access as needed. Florida law allows for staff members to be trained to carry on campus, though it should include faculty. This step, though helpful in the case of kids trying to look cool, is not addressing the great problems of school safety.

  3. @ Snidely… I concur, and I was thinking the exact same about the gentleman to the Stupidintendents’ right. As they say, a picture tells a thousand words.

    Kudos to the photographer for catching the reality of the moment… and to TR for publishing it.

  4. Many locals will continue to ponder why Hanna is coming at the problem half-steping rather than taking the economical and effective steps to put an end to the guns on schools issue as addresed by many commenters below.
    Really you dont know why? Really Really?
    Well I know leftist politicans so I am going to tell you why.
    The leftist politicans care more about their obsession to impose strict gun control on a nationwide level than they care about your childern. They feel each additional shooting gets them one step closer to total gun control.
    Look at that guy in the plad shirt standing next to Hanna. You can totally read on his face what he is thinking about Hanna’s remarks. Hint it’s “Idiot”.

  5. Gosh, what a brilliant idea!? It is a wonder why K-9s and metal detectors were not thought of and put to use years ago!

    What is next? Instead of locking students in a room after the shooting starts will someone have the brilliant idea of having securely locked and/or guarded entrance doors with metal detectors at all public schools.

    Lord, we hire some of the most forward thinking school officials imaginable!

  6. Granddaughter goes to Godby and there has already been 2 or 3 incidents with guns. When my daughter called school to say something they said metal detectors “ weren’t in the budget”. Obviously they don’t care about safety of the children.

  7. I can remember as far back in Junior High (early 70’s) that the Schools wanted to put Metal Detectors in the Schools and the Parents fought it every time.

  8. “…hand-held metal detectors will be used in random searches when needed.”

    “Random” and “when needed” seem inconsistent. Doesn’t “when needed” imply people will be “singled out” even if it is with cause?

    It’s probably a cost issue, but metal detectors at the entrances would be more effective since no guns could go undetected. Also, everyone would be subjected to them and therefore, nobody would feel unfairly treated.

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