Police Review Board Member Resigns After City Commission Votes to Remove Biro

Police Review Board Member Resigns After City Commission Votes to Remove Biro

Patrick O’Bryant – Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey’s appointment to the Citizens Police Review Board (CPRB) – has resigned from the Board following a 3-2 vote by the Tallahassee City Commission to remove fellow board member, Taylor Biro.

In an email – provided below – submitted to Tallahassee Inspector General Dennis Sutton, O’Bryant stated:

Following the City Commission’s decision to both remove Ms. Biro and to not reappoint Mr. Munroe or Mr. Gaines, it is clear the direction of the Board is moving away from the vision of cordial discourse, meaningful debate, and purposeful change which I signed up to be a part of. As such, I hereby submit my resignation from the Board to make way for a new member who may be better aligned with the Commission’s ideals for the board.

At the December 1st CPRB monthly meeting, members offered support for Biro to remain on the Board and indicated that members should resign if she is removed.

O’Bryant was recommended by Mayor John Dailey and appointed unanimously by the city commission to the CPRB on October 27, 2021.

Patrick O’Bryant Resignation E-mail

23 Responses to "Police Review Board Member Resigns After City Commission Votes to Remove Biro"

  1. @ DavidB… you nailed it. A classic snowflake meltdown. “If you won’t play by my rules, then I won’t play with you”

    And don’t sweat the woke wackos on here… they’re emotionally stunted and can’t handle the mean words.

  2. “You guys are all a bunch of jerks so I quit…” hahaha

    Our city is run by children and fools, it’s no wonder all the metrics of our standard of living is going down. If we can get the rest of them to quit, we’ll be a lot better off.

  3. Mr Davidb

    Send out a press release when you are able to announce you are offering relevant, thoughtful, and insightful input.

    Mr Ed

    What is a coffee klatch for goodness sakes? I think you are burned out on your own negativity. Perhaps if you go plug yourself in you could recharge.

  4. Well we’ll… at least we learning who the members of the coffee klatch are. Only 9 more to go. Don’t you kids know how to share your iPads?

  5. Mr Whip

    The climate is right for a new city manager. Not a fill-in city manager to cover up for the one who was dismissed for corruption and not one voted in by Scott Maddox, Andrew Gillum, and Curtis Richardson. What’s the saying the inmates running the asylum?

    Mr Ed

    We understand your bias because you are friends with Mr Curtis, however, the name calling that you continually use diminishes your credibility. You may want to advise Mr Curtis that his failure to recognize that the problem is an extension from the top that needs to be rectified. Hence, a nationwide search for a city manager who is not entrenched in the past corruption. Unless he makes the move to do this he will lose his next re-election bid.

    You may want to talk to your friend Ms Williams-Cox as well and inform her that being a leader is gathering the correct intel and dispersing it in an intelligent and professional manner. Your friends gained no political points, however, their adversaries did. Their failure to call for a nationwide search for a city manager only exposes their inadequacies.

  6. “Pansy woke’sters.” Edward Lyle it looks like Tallahassee Reports is your hate mug…infinitely more despicable than Biro’s sticker. Glad to see in the open the kind of trash that supports PBA and lieing cops at all costs.

  7. Curtis was always a tax and spend liberal Dem in the House and before.

    He may have got this one “right” (this GOPer disagrees w Biro removal on libertarian grounds) but he’s far from a friend of Republicans.

    Need new blood in 2024, Richardson a worse career politician than Ausley!

  8. To charlie-mac. Subscriber who went through the qualifications to be on the CPRB Board and wanted to attend the December meeting. Lets do the January meeting. Will get y’a there and bring you back. Maybe real change is happening with the Board. Thanks for going through the effort to be on board.

  9. @ NE… perhaps among the 12 members of your starbucks coffee klatch and about 26 green-haired activists with bovine bling in their nose… but that’s about it. Your attempts to divert attention from reality is futile. The “general public” of Tallahassee doesn’t even know this sham of a board exists, much less give a rats-behind who sits on it.

    It would be politically wise for Porter to let this pass as quickly as possible. She made a bad pick, and she should carefully consider her picks going forward. Her and pizza boy’s failed and very public attempt to oust a Commission colleague was the huge mistake. Don’t think that the supporters (voters) of Williams-Cox will forget it either.

  10. Ed Lyle,

    You’re wrong as usual. This whole thing was a gimmick against Porter and it’s extremely not working. She emerges stronger, Curtis emerges weaker. That’s the plain reality here, besides inflaming general public sentiment around City Hall by ruining their own “elections have consequences” honeymoon, reminding everyone Reese was appointed by three votes: Maddox, Gillum, and Curtis.

  11. Sonny Branch used to call it a “cabal”. He was correct.

    This dude is KCCI (like Nancy Miller, Couch, Pate, Mark O’Bryant, etc.). It is just a revolving door of nonprofits and City Hall connected people feeding at the trough. Good gig if you can get it.

  12. There is zero blowback, and there will be no political repercussions associated with this smart move codified by the majority vote. It’s wishful thinking to assume or state otherwise.

    The fools are the pansy woke’sters that got their feelings hurt.

  13. This small-minded abuse of petty tyrannical power is already backfiring against John, Dianne and especially Curtis.

    O’Bryant is about as noncontroversial and respectable as they come. The wheels are falling off the establishment/PBA/insider $$$ machine over this “mug”/sticker tantrum.

  14. @ Barb… 100% correct. The initial stated intent was to review specific policies and procedures that some folks took issue with. Clearly, several CPRB and a few Commission members thought it was a “reimagining” task. This is why, in part, that I believe the entire CPRB should be disbanded. It was a reactionary political move based on a lie, it is not needed, it is counterproductive and destructive, and it will serve no positive purpose or community good.

    If a questionable situation arises, expect your organizations leadership structure to deal with it forthwith and report. That’s what we pay them for… that’s their job. You cannot expect accountability when you will not give the responsibility.

  15. The Commission clearly needs to be more careful in the future in appointing people to sit on Boards. But, more importantly, they need to be unified regarding the purpose and mission of the Boards they create.

    It seems that Matlow and Porter and a good number of the Board members think the purpose of the Board is to fundamentally change policing. The Mayor and other Commissioners seem to think the Board is to review police actions and recommend possible improvements. Sounds like irreconcilable differences.

  16. Keep it coming quitters. You continue to expose your true nefarious intent when seeking to serve on the CPRB. As a City of Tallahassee citizens and taxpayer… might I take the opportunity to reply …

    Dear Pat,

    Following the City Commission’s decision to both remove Ms. Biro and to not reappoint Mr. Munroe or Mr. Gaines – along with your resignation – it is clear the direction of the CPRB might now move toward a vision of cordial discourse, meaningful debate, and purposeful change which you apparently did not sign up to be a part of. As such, I hereby accept your resignation from the CPRB. Please accept this “Abolish Hate Activism” coffee cup as a token of our appreciation. Oh, and do be careful when exiting… that door has a strong swing-back.

  17. The initial makeup of the board was (once again) all your elected Nannies at the time taking a knee to BLM and the show of your elected Nannies support of “The Summer of Love” in which cities accross the nation got trashed and burned. Lets not forget our Nannies BLM mural painted on Gaines Street.
    Everything about the CPRB Board got it’s birth from that twisted time in history. Its not supprising the board has crashed and burned as we are seeing the spectacle unfold here before our eyes.
    You may rightly wonder if the climate is right for Steve Stewart, Dr. Erwin Jackson, David Hawkins, Preston Scott and other level headed fair minded citizens to apply for service on the CPRB Board.

  18. The Board’s job is to look at the Officers Mistake and see if their is any way for that Officer to improve and do better at their Job. We do not need any one on that Board who is against Law Enforcement and want to get rid of them at all costs no matter what the facts say. If you are against Cops from the start, there is no room for you on that Board.

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