The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Tuesday, Jan. 31

The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Tuesday, Jan. 31


Leon County Schools is investigating the legality of the contents of a bulletin board controlled by the student led group called the “Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA).” The bulletin board, which is displayed in the hallway at Rickards High School, contains messages that “validates” bisexuality and promotes the Critical Race Theory concept of “privilege.”

Tallahassee man, Aaron Glee, rejected a plea deal yesterday saying he felt “pressured” after he was accused of abducting and killing two women in 2020. Glee stated he wanted to go to trial instead of the deal.

One person is injured after a stabbing early Monday morning in Tallahassee. The incident occurred around 4:40 a.m. between two men at a hotel on North Monroe Street. One male subject was briefly detained while the victim was transported to a local hospital. The investigation remains ongoing and the stab wounds were non-life threatening.


Over the weekend at a rally in South Carolina, former President Donald Trump took shots at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis calling him a “a Covid skeptic phony.” Trump said that DeSantis “promoted the vaccine as much as anyone” and that DeSantis shut down certain Florida beaches and businesses during the pandemic.

Florida lawmakers are considering a ban on driving in the left land “continuously.” Vehicles would be prohibited from continuously traveling “in the furthermost left-hand lane of certain roadways,” including roads, streets, and highways with two or more lanes and a posted speed limit of at least 65 mph.


At Florida State’s women’s basketball game Sunday, former Head Coach Sue Semrau was inducted into the FSU Hall of Fame. She finished her 25 year career at FSU with 492 wins, two regular season ACC Championships, and 16 NCAA Tournament appearances.


8 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Tuesday, Jan. 31"

  1. I am glad Aaron Glee rejected the Plea Deal and wants to go to Trial. When he is found Guilty, I hope he gets the Needle. BUT, I am sure he will now try a Mental thing to get out of this.

  2. We dont need a keep right law. 99% of the people complaining about this are speeding anyway. How about enforcing existing laws before making new ones?

  3. Granted Trump’s personality is rude, obnoxious at times, annoying, and exhausting, but he is a good leader and has a proven track record of making America the strongest nation in the world, good economy, low gas prices, no supply chain issues, no Transportation issues, etc. Trump was excellent in dealing with world leaders keeping them in their place. He was a genius for his work at the border. Sometimes you have to overlook personality flaws for the greater good. That being said Governor DeSantis could no doubt step into the White House tomorrow and lead the country and probably surpass Trump’s ability.

    Isn’t complaining about Trump doing the same thing you are complaining about Trump doing? If Trump wants to win he needs to keep his personality in check. Let’s see if Republicans can go without criticizing.

    There will be a Republican in the White House in the next Administration and that is 100% guarantee. Democrats themselves turned in their own president with the top secret documents fiasco. Even they have had enough of this nonsense.

  4. The Florida Department of Education needs to “investigate” the legality of the contents of the bulletin board at Rickards High School.
    Since the midterms, Trump has thrown social conservatives under the bus. Now, he’s attacking Governor DeSantis because of his very popular handling of Covid??? Good luck with that. As far as Trump’s claim that DeSantis would be disloyal to run against him, I say, we don’t have coronations in this country.

    I would like to keep DeSantis as our Governor but I understand that running in 2028 might not be a good plan. He would be running as a former governor. Running in 2024 as a current governor would be a much stronger position.

  5. @A Skeptic. You’d effectively loose DeSantis before midway through his term. In order to run successful campaign, he wouldn’t be as focused on Florida as we would like him to be. Also If he got elected, he’d be focused on putting his cabinet together – even if he remains Governor as long as he could, he wouldn’t be a focused Governor.

  6. @Pat — I don’t want to “lose” DeSantis half way through his term. Trump in 2024 and DeSantis in 2028 would be just fine with me.

    Trump’s the only guy that will challenge the deep-state head-on. He can’t destroy it, but he can tamp it down a long ways. That’s becoming my #1 consideration in national elections, with fiscal responsibility being second. (I’ve always been a budget hawk.)

  7. If Trump makes it to the General, he has my vote. But in the Primary, I’m not sure. Conservatives need someone that will win in 2024 and I am not sure Trump can win.

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