The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Friday, March 3

The Tallahassee Reports Morning Briefs: Friday, March 3


A Tallahassee Police Department officer was recently reinstated by Chief Revell after being suspended due to a failed drug test. The officer – whose name has not been released – was suspended after testing positive on June 3 for amphetamines. The police officer claimed that the positive test was due to unknowingly taking Adderall belonging to a family member.

Tallahassee Police is investigating a shooting where a man and woman were victims around the 1400 block of Charlotte Street on Wednesday. The victims were shot outside at about 8:45 p.m. The incident occurred in a residential area near Florida State University and West Tennessee Street. Both were transported to an area hospital with serious but non-life-threatening gunshot sounds, and it is unclear if they were the intended targets.

Construction is coming along on the city’s southside on the Golden Aster Trail. The work is happening between Capital Circle Southwest and Long Leaf Road. It’s a small part of a bigger effort to improve the Southside of the Capital City.

It was announced that a Homewood Suites by Hilton hotel is set to be built near Railroad Square on a 1.5-acre plot. The hotel will have 109 rooms. Local business owners in the area of Railroad Square have expressed their excitement of additional foot traffic to the area. 


Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is teaming up with Florida Congressman Bill Posey to bring a bill to the floor of Congress. Posey is sponsoring legislation that would enable state Attorneys General to act on immigration cases if the U.S. Department of Homeland Security “fails” to “enforce the nation’s public-safety immigration laws.” The legislation will require state AGs to inform DHS if they believe they are not enforcing the laws on the books. If DHS doesn’t enforce the laws referenced within 30 days — or authorize the state to do so in its stead — the state Attorney General would be allowed to file a civil action to enforce these requirements.

Florida Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna said that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s recent comments on the United States sending American troops to the war of Ukraine loses ground, “have gone too far.” Other Florida Congressional representatives Matt Gaetz and Michael Waltz expressed similar opinions. 


Yesterday in the second round of the ACC Tournament, the FSU women’s basketball team got beat by Wake Forest, 65-54, and have been eliminated from the tournament. The Demon Deacons used a 26-0 run in the second half to spark their come-from-behind win. The Noles await their fate for their likely spot in the NCAA Tournament which will be announced on March 12, Selection Sunday.
Florida State baseball hosts the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles this weekend in a three game series. FGCU is coming in with an 8-1 record while FSU has started the year 7-1. FSU leads the all-time series with FGCU, 11-5, and has won two straight, including a 10-4 win last season in Tallahassee. The games can be heard right here on 100.7 WFLA. 


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  1. Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is teaming up with Florida Congressman Bill Posey to bring a bill……this stunt is aimed at the Low Information Voter. Moody could file a bill that mandates all TR readers get $1000.00. It doesn’t mean it will become law.

    Cya at Natural Bridge Park

  2. @ Frank……. it is more of a Step forward to get your opponent to move Backwards away from you, you then stop on your Left Foot, leap back onto your Right Foot creating a Gap between you and your Opponent to give you time to shoot the Ball off your right foot. If you do it fast enough, your opponent is still moving backwards away from you and your Left Foot most likely wont even touch the Floor until after you release the Ball.

  3. Good call on the second thing. On the ‘step back’ if he places the front foot down, it’s a ‘travel’.

  4. I do NOT blame our Law Enforcement for the Crime Rate in Tallahassee. I blame Jack Campbell, the Grand Jury, the Prosecuting Attorney’s and the Judges. Think about what they do……….. Jack Campbell, the Grand Jury, the Prosecuting Attorney’s keep giving Sweetheart Deals to the Criminals just to fast track closing the Case and raise the Conviction Counts and the Judges keep allowing it. An attempted Murder Charge that should be 20 to Life is dropped to Assault that is 3 to 5, which do you think the Criminal will plead Guilty to? Case Closed, new Notch on the Belt. NEXT CASE PLEASE.

  5. If I was a Basketball Coach, I would only have my Team practice three things.

    FIRST: Shooting from the 3 Point Line just standing there, starting at one end and moving 2 Feet over after making the Shot working your way around until you reach the other end.

    SECOND: Walk up to the 3 Point Line at one end, stop, take a step back and shooting on your Back Foot and moving 2 Feet over after making the Shot working your way around until you reach the other end.

    THIRD: I would have them shoot Free Throws.

    That is all I would have them do at Practice. If your Players can do those Shots at 80%, you will win the Game.

  6. @ Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody = Make it 10 Days max. Every State should have the right to protect themselves from illegal Invaders.

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