The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Tuesday, May 9

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Tuesday, May 9


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The Leon County Commission will hear a proposal today that would look to combat high crime rates by housing officers in those areas as a deterrent. K. Lennorris Barber, the executive director for the Mount Olive Affordable Housing and Community Development Corporation, is asking the county to buy up the first of what he hopes are many properties in the area, starting with a home on the 800 block of Delaware Street. Barber has targeted all of the “neighborhood first communities,” including Bond, Frenchtown, South City and Griffin Heights as potential home areas for the program.

Tallahassee Police is investigating two Saturday morning shootings. The first shooting happened around 4:13 a.m. at the 800 block of Sunridge Road. A woman was shot by a bullet that came through her window. The second shooting happened around 5:31 a.m. at the 1303 Ocala Road at Acasa Ocala Apartments.

Gasoline prices in Florida and nationally continued to decline last week, with Florida motorists paying an average of $3.56 a gallon Monday for a gallon of regular unleaded, according to the AAA auto club. That was down from $3.64 a week earlier and down from a 2023 peak of $3.72 on April 21. According to AAA, Tallahassee gas prices average $3.419.


A bill that would have prevented local governments from removing historic monuments died in committee and did not make it across the finish line during this year’s Florida Legislative Session. State Rep. Dean Black said he will bring the measure back up in the 2024 Session. “We’re going to make some policy changes to it and some refinements,” Black said. “It will definitely be refiled in the next upcoming Session.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has received a list of six names to fill the vacant slot on the Florida Supreme Court left by former Justice Ricky Polston. Florida Supreme Court Judicial Nominating Commission has submitted four judges from the 6th District Court of Appeal—Chief Judge Meredith Sasso, and Judges Jared Smith, Joshua Mize, and John Stargel—along with two circuit judges, Thomas Palermo from Hillsborough County and Chief Judge Thomas McHugh from the 20th Judicial Circuit. All except McHugh have a known affiliation with the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies.


Florida State softball pitcher Kathryn Sandercock was selected one of 14 athletes selected at the Athletes Unlimited Softball Draft on Monday night. Sandercock will be invited to make their pro debut with Athletes Unlimited. Sandercock became just the fourth Seminole to eclipse 100 career wins, she holds the FSU record for career saves record and the record for saves in a single season, and this year posted a 1.22 ERA.


9 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Tuesday, May 9"

  1. The cop that moves into those neighborhoods will not be a deterrent, they will be a target.

    Patrol the streets and arrest bad guys. In bad neighborhoods, do it more. That is all you need to do, you don’t need a cop to sleep there, sleeping in a bad neighborhood just makes the cop more vulnerable.

    This city is never starved for stupid ideas.

  2. @Nicholas Weed

    Agree with you about Gillum-influenced funding decisions and let’s add Maddox.

    People forget that Scott Maddox bragged to FBI agents that he was able to influence our local gov’t’s decisions through leverage from hiring Rick Fernandez, Reese Goad, and Ben Pingree.

  3. RE: “Mount Olive Affordable Housing and Community Development Corporation”

    Gee, how much extra is THIS going to cost us? Let me guess, the City or County will rent the House and let an Officer or two live in the House for free so there is an Officer in the area. I get that BUT, what will the Rent be? My guess is a LOT more than it normally would be for that area. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just assign a couple of Officers to Patrol the High Crime Areas a LOT more?

  4. RE: “Mount Olive Affordable Housing and Community Development Corporation”

    This has wasted tax dollars with worthless results written all over it. In case you hadn’t noticed, criminals have little to no fear whatsoever of Law Enforcement. A dangerous, destructive, and by-design environment manifested by the Marxicrats and their Media PACs.

    Will the taxpayer funded home be part of the employees compensation?

    Parent’s idea – if effective – would certainly be a better use of the funds.

  5. Any nonprofit the city and county want to fund and give money to should be audited and the audit made public and staff reviews the must approve the audit before expenditures are made. The nonprofits seem to be an arm to the local elected officials campaigns which facilitates keeping them entrenched and corrupt.

    Also the nonprofits involved in the Gillum scandal needs to be audited and those audits made public (and probably need to be shut down). Nonprofits giving money to campaigns that are allowing the candidates to spend the money for personal expenses is not properly monitored as we recently saw last week at the Gillium / Lettman-Hicks trial.

  6. RE: “Mount Olive Affordable Housing and Community Development Corporation”

    – Just how will an employee be told where to live? Is it a Department wide lottery? This would not make me likely to work for the department. If you forced me to move as a term of employment or incentivized someone else to move in my department, I think I would file a lawsuit.

    – Crime is MUCH lower in neighborhoods where families live. Whole families, A mom and a dad. A nuclear family built on love, respect, kindness, discipline, and responsibility. There are many local government programs (new ones) and mentoring, churches, etc to address (poorly) the problems in these neighborhoods. What you are really asking for is that the taxpayers pay more to provide a father figure in your neighborhood.

    I think you are failing and grasping. Teach young men how to be men.

  7. r.e. “county to buy up the first of what he hopes are many properties”

    No end to wasteful spending.

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