Rudy Ferguson to Challenge Jack Porter for City Commission Seat 1

Rudy Ferguson to Challenge Jack Porter for City Commission Seat 1

On Monday, Rudolph “Rudy” Ferguson Sr., announced his candidacy for Tallahassee City Commission Seat 1.

Ferguson, a pastor and a former Leon County Commission candidate, announced his candidacy via a press release and in a post on Facebook with his wife, Katrina. Ferguson notes he and his wife have been married for 31 years, and they have four adult children.

In the campaign press release, Ferguson addressed the three issues that were the focus of the 2022 city campaigns: economic growth, public safety, and city commission congeniality.

Ferguson stated that “Lately, we have seen a lot of fighting, finger pointing and division in the City Commission. It is hurting us. Tallahassee needs a commissioner who will bring everyone to the table and find a middle ground.”

Ferguson states that public safety is one of his key areas of focus and notes that he received the “Citizen of the Year” award from former Florida Attorney General Robert Butterworth and he was most recently recognized as Honorary Deputy Sheriff by the Leon County Sheriff’s Office.

On economic growth, Ferguson said he “believes that every individual, regardless of their background or circumstances, should have equal access to opportunities and resources” and he “emphasized the importance of economic growth and sustainability for the city.”

Ferguson closed out his announcement by stating “We have heard enough. It is time to act. Tallahassee residents and businesses need solutions, and they need them now.”

The city commission seat is currently held by City Commissioner Jack Porter, who has previous filed for re-election.

13 Responses to "Rudy Ferguson to Challenge Jack Porter for City Commission Seat 1"

  1. More of the same Dailey Classical Theatrics. Just cause we grew up with you, doesn’t equate to us trusting you with policy for us. Choosing to run against someone clearly aligned against the current establishment, shows you’re being brought in to sweeten the pie with Curtis and Diane…

  2. According to the newspaper, Bugra Demirel a Turkish developer money man authored this guy’s press release. What a joke the local $ establishment has become. Wonder if he supports the tax increase?

  3. Ed, She campaigned against someone that had different views than her? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?

  4. Mr Ed

    “Her” commission colleagues were called out and campaigned against because of their loyalty to special interests and their fiscal irresponsibility. I thought you were above playing the race card.

  5. inclusive, equitable, fairness, sustainability, affordable housing, environmental stewardship.

    Liberal talking points are a no for me. Crime, Crime, Crime.

  6. Any candidate “of color” that runs for this seat against the incumbent (Porter) would do well to reminding voters “of color” that she (Porter) publicly chided, and actively campaigned against, her Commission collogues “of color” simply because they held a different view than hers… moreover, a view on a matter that does not even fall within the control or purview of the City Commission. We need city leaders, not political activists.

  7. Between this campaign and his last campaign he never stated anything that would give reason to vote for him. He is making a huge mistake as just like Bellamy should have run against DAILEY and this candidate should run against Curtis Richardson if he is looking to win. I’m calling the win for Porter!

  8. David Bellamy spent $600k to lose by 12%. Good over/under for how much Talcor no-bid $ will become wasted consultant fees

  9. His 3-point campaign tag line should be:

    “Focused On:”

    1. Collaboration, not Calamity
    2. Community Needs, not Party Wants
    3. Action, not Activism

    … and be prepared to explain it

  10. No substance. It like he pulled a blank liberal campaign announcement form and wrote ” Feguson” on all the blanks.

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