BREAKING: Investigative Report Related to Chiles Football Coach Released

BREAKING: Investigative Report Related to Chiles Football Coach Released

The investigative report related to the Chiles football program has been released by Leon County Schools. The report concludes that Chiles head football coach Kevin Pettis violated district policy related to ethical conduct. Violations related to three students were corroborated despite denials by Pettis.

In addition, the report noted concern related to three similar lease agreements which allowed football players to attend Chiles High School.

Pettis was removed after the investigation was completed. Pettis was hired as the Chiles High School football coach in February, 2017.

The investigation was prompted by anonymous allegations documented in a letter sent to officials and media outlets, including Tallahassee Reports.

The investigation was conducted by the Sniffen & Spellman P.A.

Pettis released the following statement in response to the report:

“We are preparing our response to the report and allegations and deny all wrongdoing. This is a targeted witch hunt and Leon County Schools has refused to look at all evidence regarding this case. No other disciplinary actions in the County have been handled this way and we have been denied due process in this matter.”

The Investigation

The law firm was hired to investigate whether a Chiles football player was asked to injury an opposing player, whether two Chiles students lived out of zone while playing football for the school, and whether Chiles football players and other students were subjected to conduct prohibited by District policy.

Improper Block

The investigation was unable to sustain the allegation that any player on the Chiles football team was instructed to block an opposing player in a dangerous manner. However, the investigation noted a concern to this conclusion by stating that at least two student athletes interpreted language used by Coach Pettis to mean that an opposing player should be injured.

Players Out of Zone

The investigation related to allegations that players lived out of the school zone but were able to play due to fake leases was partially sustained related to one player.

The investigation noted concern regarding what appears to be the use of the same or similar lease instruments by three separate landlords and three separate Chiles football players’ families.

Violations of Ethical Conduct

The investigation addressed whether one or more students associated with the Chiles football program were subjected to behaviors in violation of District policy 3210.

The report was able to sustain that Head Coach Pettis violated School Board Policy 3210 related to three student athletes. The report indicates that Coach Pettis repeatedly demeaned student athletes in front of teammates.

The allegations were corroborated by other witnesses, but denied by Pettis.

Previous Investigations

Back in June, 2021, an investigation by Chiles High School administrators into a complaint lodged against Pettis determined that the allegations – which included bullying and the use of demeaning language – were not confirmed. The finding was based on nine surveys completed by randomly selected football players and interviews of adults affiliated with the program.

However, several parents of Chiles High School football players voiced concerns about how the investigation was handled. One of the concerns was related to the fact that the football player survey were not anonymous. The parents believe this kept players from truthfully answering questions and others from participating.

Parents also believe the four day investigation was rushed and did not give fair consideration to the detailed complaints.

In 2019, Pettis was suspended by the FHSAA for five games after officials penalized him twice for unsportsmanlike conduct and later ejected from a game against Niceville.

When he was at Sebastian River High School in 2015, Pettis was arrested for trespassing after a dispute with his former landlord. The Indian River County School District did not discipline Pettis.

In 2014, still, while Pettis was at Sebastian River, 14-year-old William Shogran Jr. died of heat stroke during a football training camp at Camp Blanding in Starke. Shogran’s parents settled for $300,000 in a lawsuit against the school district.

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  1. It’s obvious that kids have found the courage to speak up, mention unacceptable and specific incidents and words used by the coaches. Like there was something for them to gain by testifying to what they heard and experienced? My heart goes out to the young lady that volunteered her time for the football program yet endured the verbal abuse that she did. Looks like yet another case of deny, deny, deny by the coaches too as this is not the first time these types of issues have been brought forward. Where was the school and school board with the their own anti bullying program? Student-to-student bullying isn’t acceptable but coach-to-student bullying is?

  2. So let me get this straight, about two years ago there were parents and students that gained the courage to speak up and brought these very same concerns about the CHS football coaching to the Leon County School Board? Where did that go? How was all of that brushed under the rug only to find out years later it was all true? From what is relayed in the investigation report by Sniffen and Spellman, P.A. (who had no dog in the fight), there are apparently students that were, and may still be, emotionally injured over the past two years that could have been prevented – shouldn’t there be some liability on the school board administration? Rocky Hannah should be ashamed and held responsible!

  3. I find it rather perplexing that our county allocates a six-figure salary to an athletic director who seems incapable of adequately screening coaches for their behavior and character.

  4. Very crazy they don’t mind men dressed as woman dancing in front of children or men dressed as woman using the little Girls room, But I’ll be damned someone uses another address for their child to go to school or a faculty member yells at a student. People better WAKE UP soon.

  5. Kevin Pettis is a horror show (as is his son Trey Pettis). He mentally abuses these kids. Kevin doesn’t just hurt these kids feelings, he tries to break them into pieces. No person should have to listen to the filth and vile that comes out of his lying mouth. To the adults surrounding this program, what is wrong with you?
    To the young people that had the courage to speak up, that took bravery. To the young lady that spoke up. You should bring a civil suit against him.
    Kevin can deny all of this, but that would mean he’s telling the truth and all these other people with the same stories are lying.

  6. Something seems to be fundementally defficient in the hiring process at Chiles High School for at least the past 10 years maybe longer.
    You could say “Chiles has had more than it’s share of problems with faculity and shrug your shoulders and say “but hey what can you do”?
    Snidely would like the FL DEPT of EDUCATION to review all hiring files for the past 15 years and look for a constant. A constant would be the same person, process, references, just anything the same in relation to the several problem hires over the selected period of time of review. I mean we all already know one constant is Rocky over the time period of interest. But it would be of intetest in the protection of our childern if an outside entity such as the FL DEPT OF EDUCATION would find it in their hearts to conduct such a “what or who has remained a constant at Chiles over the time period of interest investigation.
    Thats all I got.

  7. To whoever would call teenagers you don’t even know, “…little degenerates…” only shows the type of person you apparently are. These are very young, impressionable people that deserve better. Your anecdotal story is even more disconcerting to think that you are okay with today’s children being treated that way.

  8. So this coach has a proven history with past schools where he worked where complaints have been filed and even investigations underway when he leaves claiming everything said about him is false. This coach is then hired at Chiles High School where the same thing is happening but, as some want everyone to believe, it all must be a coincidence? Yep, this coach is still denying everything that is said and corroborated against him in a neutral, third party investigation report… Incredible. And to think that it’s children/minors are who is adversely affected by this man and his coaches but all evidence against them should be dismissed? For those who believe this, you must not have children.

  9. The little degenerates can’t read, but we’re gonna hire law firms to see if the students’feelings were hurt, and to find out where they actually live… I remember our high school principal, Mr. Mims. If Mr. Mims wanted to know where you lived, he’d follow you home from school, and if you told him the coach hurt your feelings he would tell you to shut up before he gave you something to really cry about. And he would too. He would not have hired a law firm, I am certain of that.

  10. They seem more worried about “demeaning language” and addresses than the Leon County Public Indoctrination System’’ Groomer And Pedo Curriculum.

    … weird huh

  11. @Publius — Without more detail that’s not a concern to me. Yet.

    There are standard leases available, most notably the Tallahassee Board of Realtors. Unless they’re all for the same address there could easily be an innocent explanation.

  12. “In addition, the report noted concern related to three similar lease agreements which allowed football players to attend Chiles High School.”

    He knew that this was wrong and illegal so, you (or I) can’t or Shouldn’t feel sorry for him.

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