TPD: Seven Robberies in Two Days

TPD: Seven Robberies in Two Days

The daily incident reports provided by the Tallahassee Police Department show that there were seven robberies in Tallahassee on July 18 & 19.

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program defines robbery as the taking or attempting to take anything of value from the care, custody, or control of a person or persons by force or threat of force or violence and/or by putting the victim in fear.

The report below shows three incidents were categorized as Armed Robbery, two Robbery- Sudden Snatching, and two Robbery – Strongarm.

TPD Incident Report July 18 & 19

The report indicates that six of the robberies took place between the time frame of 2:24 pm and 7:53 pm.

The location of the incidents, based on the “beat” and the address indicate the robberies took place across the city south of I-10.

A beat map is provided below.

During this time period there five other violent crime incidents including assaults & a sexual battery.

Tallahassee Reports has begun publishing reports tracking weekly violent crime incidents and comparing the 2023 numbers to the 2022 weekly average number of incidents.

The initial report indicated a 28% increase in weekly violent crime incidents during July 10-16, 2023 when compared the average number of violent crime incidents in 2022.

Based on the 2022 data, Tallahassee average approximately 22 violent crime incidents per week. Based on July 18 & 19, the current week numbers will surpass the 2022 weekly average in violent crime incidents.

8 Responses to "TPD: Seven Robberies in Two Days"

  1. Simply no correlation between police dept tax $ spending and crime rates. 10 or 20 more police officers will not address robbery #s. A stable society reduces crime, not more PBA union pensions

  2. With development booming on the north side, is 1 mile east of the capitol considered part of the new “south side?”
    What is the new boundary of the new “south side?”
    Will Apalachee Pkwy become just as ugly, rotten and derelict as W. Tennessee St and S. Monroe St?
    I wish I could move now! Where? To the North Side of course.

  3. I live in NE Tallahassee and nothing I do, and I mean nothing, requires me to go further south than Midtown. No eating, drinking, shopping, or sporting events. It is just not worth the risk. Sorry COT, you have abandoned and isolated me. Be happy with your social engineering programs and forget about receiving my vote . I will vote against All incumbents next time.

  4. I had to pick up a relative at the airport last Friday night. My wife made me go put gas in her car at noon so we wouldn’t have to stop at the Circle K and get gas after dark. I told her, good idea.

    I went to Hartsfield, Fairview, Rickards, TCC and FSU and that’s the first time in my life I have had to take safety into consideration when refueling my vehicle.

    P.S. When I went to Rickards (79-83) we used to regularly go to the “Hole in the wall” on FAMU or to the “Tropicana” in Frenchtown to buy reefer and no one ever worried about getting robbed. Now you take your chances just pumping gas…

  5. Get use to it Leon County…you voted for this. It ain’t safe to buy gas after dark…you voted for it. Crime is getting worse…you voted for this. Property taxes are increasing…you voted for this. The mentally ill gender pretenders and the school board, and mayor, want to teach you young kids this is normal….you voted for it. At least you will soon have electric buses to ride if you’re not killed at the bus stop. You voted for this. And what ever you do, don’t acknowledge that the majority of crime is from the black community. Like John Vernon said in the movie The Outlaw Josey Wales, “don’t p__$ down my back and tell me it’s raining”.

  6. Telling me that the Conviction Rate is 95% is not a Bragging Point if 90% of those are Misdemeanors. It is time to start putting these Criminals behind Bars for a lot longer time. If you are worried about them getting a Criminal Record, DON’T, they are doing it to themselves. Instead of teaching Kids about Gay Sex and being Trans, teach them about Life Behind Bars.

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