The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, July 28

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, July 28


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According to Chris Petley, the Communications Coordinator for Leon County Schools, the Leon County school district has placed Angie Strickland – the veteran Leon High School volleyball coach – on administrative leave during an investigation into a parent complaint. However, TR has learned that the complainant bypassed Leon school officials and discussed the issue with district level administrators. In addition, TR has learned that the complaint is – in part – related to Strickland’s treatment of players.

The latest reports show that Leon County gained 582 jobs in June. There were 158,577 people working in Leon County in June compared to last month’s revised employment number of 157,995. Get the details.

The Leon County School Board approved a new mental health plan for the upcoming school year which includes an increased amount of social workers available to students. Also, the district will be partnering with local community organizations, like Capital City Youth Services who also has counselors available to students. 


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis touted an idea that, if elected president, he would nominate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to lead the CDC or the FDA. DeSantis said he and Kennedy have very similar views on Dr. Anthony Fauci and the corruption of the health bureaucracies. However, DeSantis hesitated because RFK is “more liberal” citing a previous article penned by RFK entitled “Jailing Climate Deniers.” 

Florida lawmakers are demanding the federal government end the secrecy behind UFOs. Congressmen Matt Gaetz and Jared Moskowitz are two of the most vocal Floridians saying Americans deserve to know if the United States is in possession of nonhuman intelligent life occurrences around unexplained aerial phenomena. 

ACLU Florida is laying off staff amid budget cuts. After hiring on more staff recently, they are having to reduce costs by approximately 20 percent. “The loss of talented staff members is very difficult,” Executive Director Tiffani Lennon, who stressed that the organization “is committed to maintaining a strong defense of Floridians’ civil rights as it works to secure more sources of financial support.”


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  1. @ student. As you grow up and learn about the real world, you will realize, it’s a little funny. P.S. I don’t remember seeing you in Church Sunday.

  2. Not really funny that some lost jobs because of budget cuts. Just because someone has different views than you shouldn’t make them a target of ridiculous comments. Jesus teaches to love not hate. It’s hard but the end is near. Use your gifts and energy for good.

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