The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Wednesday, August 2

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Wednesday, August 2


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Yesterday Tallahassee Police found a body at the Rolling Hills Apartments on John Knox Road and it was determined that the deceased is FAMU Director of Student Union Activities & New Student Orientation Andre Green. TPD has determined that foul play is suspected and is considered a homicide investigation.

Records filed with City of Tallahassee Growth Management department indicate the owners of the Killearn Country Club have applied for a construction permit related to a new clubhouse. Get the details.

Murder charges have been filed against 42-year-old Reamon Williams in connection to a shooting at a convenience store from Monday afternoon. The shooting was captured on surveillance and showed the suspect and victim came in close contact during an altercation, eventually leading to the suspect allegedly pulling a hidden gun from a backpack.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has fired back at Vice President Kamala Harris after her recent criticism of Florida’s new social study standards on the topic of slavery. “In Florida we are unafraid to have an open and honest dialogue about the issues. And you clearly have no trouble ducking down to Florida on short notice,” DeSantis wrote on Monday.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis also noted that he thinks when traveling to different regions of the country, like New England, discussing abortion restrictions on the campaign trail is not going to track well. “Now, I also acknowledge and understand that in my region of the country and down in the Southeast, it’s a little bit different than where we are up here in New England. I don’t think New England states would probably, you know, adopt something along the lines of a heartbeat (bill),” DeSantis said.


Florida State football had three players recognized on national award watch lists released Tuesday. Offensive lineman Jeremiah Byers was named to the Outland Trophy Watch List, while defensive back Fentrell Cypress II and defensive lineman Jared Verse were both included on the Bronko Nagurski Trophy Watch List.


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  1. Attending a Woke Indoctrination Center – like one of the three we have in town – is a consummate waste of money. You can learn just about anything you need on the internet. And most of it is FREE.
    When people finally wake up and realize they don’t have to start adulthood with a $100,000+ student loan debt, there will be a lot of vacancies in all that housing getting built on the west side of town.

    And in the stadium seats at football and basketball games.

  2. A Skeptic – “That $190,000 salary, and at least 20% more in paid-for benefits is outlandish. This is what all of the “free money” in education has brought.”

    Well said! Overpaid professors and, apparently, in this case, the spreading of a false “woke” narrative under the guise of academic research. SMH

  3. There are 6 “assistant city managers” at City Hall who all make more than $190k + 20% more in benefits. Dozens who make over $120k. Generally nepotism Maddox/Fernandez era hires who we’ll pay millions in pensions for, for decades. Truly time to clean house with this mismanagement

  4. I think more affordable housing, some social workers instead of law enforcement, and taking our unemployment rate from 3% to 1% will alleviate these problems.

    Also, no cash bail, lenient sentences for felonies, more local government holidays, outrageous salaries, and more money for RB Holmes wishes would really take a bite out of crime (and your wallet). Suckers.

  5. @Little Flower — That $190,000 salary, and at least 20% more in paid-for benefits is outlandish. This is what all of the “free money” in education has brought.

    I remember taking psychology 101 (freshman psych). My class happened to get the department head. He didn’t want to teach freshmen, believing he was much too important for such an assignment, but back then the department rotated the assignment so that nobody had a steady diet of freshmen. He took it out on the kids with his ramblings, inconsistent/incomplete thoughts, griping, and overall bad attitude. My girlfriend was a 3rd year Psych/Sociology major and had trouble believing my description. The glass was big enough that it was held in an auditorium so she took my challenge to attend the class final. She walked out (with a copy of the final that was not turned in) in total amazement about that class. She hadn’t seen most of what was covered and wouldn’t have passed that final.

    There needs to be a way to remove bad professors without paying them for years first. And the salary needs to be commensurate with what they do. $80,000/year seems much more appropriate but you have to get the free money out of education first.

  6. National Tallahassee news: An FSU criminology professor, has been fired for publishing articles claiming racial bias that did not exist. He’s accused of using false data. He was making a salary of $190,000/year.

    IMO, too much taxpayer money is going into universities. They are a mixed bag of benefit and harm to society.

  7. Since the Suspect, Reamon Williams, pulled the Gun out of his Backpack, he meant to KILL the Victim. If the Victim is dead, Reamon Williams NEEDS to be charged with 1st. Degree MURDER. If the Victim lived, Reamon Williams needs to be charged with 1st Degree Attempted MURDER and spend life in Prison. The D.A. needs to get tougher on CRIMINALS.

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