The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, August 3

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, August 3


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TPD Chief Revell will be on The Steve Stewart Show today at 12:35 on RealTalk93.3.

On July 27th, Leon County Commissioner Rick Minor did an interview on The Steve Stewart Show on Real Talk 93.3. Minor was asked to address a number of current issues facing Leon County. Get the details.

Florida State University’s Board of Trustees is considering a departure from the Atlantic Coast Conference, as President Richard McCullough said Wednesday the school is facing an “existential crisis” over the way the conference distributes revenue.

Tallahassee Police arrested one man, questioned him, then released him. The investigation is in connection to a recent deadly shooting on Dent Street. The man said that the men knew each other but did not disclose the nature of the confrontation.


The CDC has issued a warning for the State of Florida after a dramatic rise in leprosy cases. According to a CDC report, Central Florida accounted for 81 percent of leprosy cases in the state and 20 percent of the nation’s cases.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis warned about and promised to end the “weaponization of government, replace the FBI director, and ensure a single standard of justice for all Americans.” DeSantis’ follow former President Trump’s indictment, but DeSantis has still come short of saying he would pardon Trump if elected president.

The Orlando Magic, known for their support for LGBT policies and advocacy in the Orlando area, donated $50,000 to Never Back Down, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ presidential Super PAC. The Magic are also known for openly supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs, which have received the ire of DeSantis.

Business groups are warning about Florida’s new foreign property ownership law and how it could backfire. “Some interpretations of this section may be so broad as to apply to any publicly traded company with even minimal investment from the People’s Republic of China, even if the majority of investment and control in real estates is owned, controlled and operated by people in the U.S.,” said Associated Industries of Florida President and CEO Brewster Bevis.


Four FSU football players were named to the Preseason All-ACC team. Running back Trey Benson, defensive back Fentrell Cypress II, defensive lineman Jared Verse and wide receiver Johnny Wilson were all selected.


13 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, August 3"

  1. I’m thinking that DSP was looking in the mirror when he decided to throw “retarded” into the discussion. Wasn’t it the “tolerant left” that made it criminal to use it?

  2. DPS

    You should apply for Workmen’s Comp because your job as the Tidy Bowl man has caused a brain injury from circling the drain so many times.

    Quit being such a Bad Buoy it’s embarrassing!

  3. @ DeepStatePropagandist… what did the Marxist DNC pay you for that ridiculous diatribe?

    Please don’t procreate, and lay off the weed

  4. @A Skeptic –

    “Wokeness is a weapon against the average citizen.”

    This is a retarded viewpoint.

    “The fact that so many are throwing money at these aberrations is disturbing.”

    So now the government should get to decide what a citizen should do with his or her own money to his or her own body? I think people throwing their money at a church, or at a Burger King, or at a Marvel movie, or truck nuts, or the NRA is disturbing. You OK with the government legislating those activities?

    “Joe Biden’s DOJ throwing dozens of charges against his political opponent is weaponization of the government.”

    Maybe Trump shouldn’t have paid Stormy Daniels and lied about it? Maybe Trump shouldn’t have kept classified files that he shouldn’t have and lied about it? I mean, the guy was dumb enough to go on Hannity and claim he could use his mind powers to declassify anything, at any time. Maybe don’t do that? Maybe Trump shouldn’t have tried to convince false electors to overturn election results and lied about it?

    You probably should give Trump a few thousand dollars for his legal defense fund, err, I mean, campaign warchest.

  5. @ A Skeptic = Since I see the LCSO running Calls in the City some times and TPD Running Calls in the County sometimes, they should join forces. Maybe that will end all the bickering between them.

    ALSO: Instead of that one company conning the City into buying that lot in that Low Income Community so they can build a House on it and then rent it to a Cop to live there, I say TPD and LCSO join up and buy a house in several High Crime areas and Staff them with On Duty Officers 24/7 as Sub Stations for quicker responses to Crime Calls in those areas. They can find nice Houses for about $100K, put another $50K in it and keep it looking like a House so it blends in except for the Cop Cars. I remember TPD used to have a Maned Sub Station on the corner of W. Teen. St. and Ocala and they had one in the FSU Parking Garage at the corner of W. Teen. St. & Macomb St.

  6. @DeepS — The government is supposed to represent and protect its citizens.

    Wokeness is a weapon against the average citizen.

    Trans is the theory that you can treat a mental illness by physical mutilation. The medical community has used electric shock, brain probes, frontal lobe “surgeries” and many other now debunked techniques to try and alter behavior. Trans surgeries/chemistry is just the latest version.

    The fact that so many are throwing money at these aberrations is disturbing. That the government is actually trying to protect its citizens and children from them is its core function. Joe Biden’s DOJ throwing dozens of charges against his political opponent is weaponization of the government.

  7. “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis warned about and promised to end the “weaponization of government, replace the FBI director, and ensure a single standard of justice for all Americans.””

    “… Except when it comes to Disney, or private companies that want to implement diversity programs, or telling companies if they could have vaccine mandates or not, or having government interfere with investment strategies, or investigating social media companies, or trying to break up big tech (except Tesla/Twitter/SpaceX!), or companies or people that are ‘woke’, or transgender people, or people that want access to abortions. But other than that, no weaponization of government at all.”

  8. @David — the political machine will never let it happen, but what do you think of TPD being a division of the LCSO? Other offices could also report to/through the county without fully consolidating.

  9. Ask Revell about consolidating TPD under elected sheriff. Great way to increase effectiveness without raising property taxes

  10. An important statistic left out of the Leprosy headline is that nationwide there were fewer than 160 cases in the country. It bears watching, but Chicken Little isn’t crowing yet.

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