The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, August 7

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, August 7


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After a formal complaint by a parent and a brief investigation by Leon County Schools (LCS), Angie Strickland has been removed as the head coach of the Leon High School volleyball team. Per LCS policy, the details related to the complaint will not be released for 10 days.

After months of heated debate, the Wakulla County Commission is meeting at 5:00 p.m. today to consider a proposal from Southwest Georgia Oil, out of Bainbridge, to build a gas station four miles away from the famed Wakulla Springs. The proposal is currently zoned for a tract of land at the intersection of Crawfordville Highway and Bloxham Cutoff Road. The land sits above an underground river which connects the aquifer to the spring. Critics have said the gas station could threaten the spring.


While traveling in New Hampshire, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, speaking on a national constitutional carry proposal if elected president said, ““Yes. Live free or die, man. Come on. This is a constitutional right. You’re here in New Hampshire. New Hampshire has been very clear.”

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is working to throw out a proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize marijuana in Florida. Moody has said the amendment contains “misleading” language. Moody also said that the amendment’s large financial backer, Trulieve, called the amendment an effort of “self-interest.”

A federal grand jury is investigating allegations of bid-rigging involving Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Department of Education, charter school operators and the control of a small North Florida school district. Federal authorities issued a subpoena to the Jefferson County School District in June seeking communications between district officials, charter school lobbyists and former top officials in DeSantis’ education department


Over the weekend, FAMU football legend Ken Riley was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was drafted in the 6th round by the Cincinnati Bengals and ended his pro career with 65 total interceptions and 5 touchdowns.


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  1. The political left keep trying to bypass the Legislature with constitutional amendments. In addition to the proposed amendment to legalize marijuana, there is a pro-abortion ballot initiative underway.

    Abortion activists are working to gather 900,000 petition signatures to have a pro-abortion constitutional amendment placed on the statewide ballot in 2024.

    Reportedly, the amendment will ban government regulation of abortion in our state constitution. I guess we will say goodbye to parental consent for minors, the 24- hour waiting period and, of course, the 15-week and 6-week restrictions recently passed.

    My understanding is the amendment will allow all abortions to be obtained until viability with a broad loophole which will in effect allow abortion on demand up to birth.

  2. Thanks, @Dave. A voice of reason.

    I understand folks wanting to protect their local environment, especially the areas around the spring.

    But when they’ve allowed a business similar to what’s proposed, on the same corner, to flourish for years and now want to clamp down on a possible competitor it reeks of monopoly to me. Let the local folks run their business, but not a new business with potentially more financial backing using more modern safety protocols.

  3. This Debate over that tract of land at the intersection of Crawfordville Highway and Bloxham Cutoff Road has been going on for a few Years now. Why haven’t the Commissioners tried to change the Zoning in that whole area to protect the Aquifer? ALSO, Change the Zoning for the Land where that Gas Station already is so that if it gets damaged by 25% or more it can not be Rebuilt and must close. You have to protect the Aquifer.

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