The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Wednesday, August 23

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Wednesday, August 23


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Two men are dead in what police are investigating as homicides after a shooting on Dade Street Tuesday night. The two men were found with gunshot wounds at the 1100 block of Dade Street near the Lawrence-Gregory Community Center just before 9:30 p.m., according to the Tallahassee Police Department.

Tuesday’s auction of the old Tallahassee Mall mostly amounts to a reorganization of debt, though the long-term outlook on such commercial spaces remains bleak.  


A Tallahassee man who robbed and killed a Rickards students has been sentenced to life in prison for the 2021 murder of Jalen Jones. Jones was found dead behind the Shell gas station at the corner of Capital Circle and Woodville Highway on January 26, 2021.

The Amazon Fulfillment Center at Mahan and I-10 is now operating. Leon County Commissioners Bill Proctor and Brian Welch said they were both glad to see Amazon open its doors and provide opportunities Leon County residents.

Leon County Schools Superintendent Rocky Hanna said he will be making changes to Cox Stadium after an incident from last Friday night’s game. No shots were fired, but it was rumored that a young attendee had a gun that turned out to be a BB gun. Hanna said they plan to stop people from gathering in groups inside the stadium and increase security personnel.


Former U.S. Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, an immigrant born in Ecuador who served one term in Congress, entered the race Tuesday to challenge Republican U.S. Sen. Rick Scott in 2024.

The Florida Department of Education has asked Duval County Public Schools to turn in training materials that they are using from International Institute for Restorative Practices, a non-profit with financial ties to George Soros.

While in Tampa, Steven Dettelbach, director of the ATF touted a new policy that he hopes will crack down on “ghost guns,” which are firearms made and manufactured at gun owners’ homes. The U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the rule earlier this month after a lower court blocked the regulation in July.


FSU women’s basketball announced their non-conference schedule yesterday ahead of the season that begins later this fall. Their schedule includes teams like Tennessee, UCLA, Florida, Northwestern, and Arkansas.


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  1. Just opened my TRIM notice, nearly had a heart attack!!!
    Our Taxahassee commissars are jacking up the rates BIGTIME!

    Talk about sticker shock, OUCH!

  2. When a child brings a real weapon to high school the FBI doesn’t investigate. The State will give the child a plea for a misdemeanor. How little do you think a gathering charge will be plead to?

  3. When the game is being played, you are to be in the stands watching…not gathering about somewhere else. Good luck with patrolling that.

  4. So 5,000 people gathering in the stadium isn’t a “group”? How many does Rocky think it take to make a “group”?

  5. HOW do you plan to stop people from gathering in groups inside the stadium? What do you consider a Group 5 People, 10 People, 25 People?

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